Two Wives Episode 31

Two Wives Episode 31 Yvonne loses hope in gaining the løve of Albert, Janine gets a new job as a condominium seller

At Bind Insurance Agency, Yvonne was working when colleagues advised her to take a break like Sir Albert who was on vacation with Lady in Red, Daisy. Yvonne explained that she wanted to finish all her works in order for her not to return during the Christmas celebration.

She, later, went to the salon for Shakira to beautify her. She received a call from Albert. Albert came for her from the house and Yvonne was exquisitely dressed. Everyone commended her looks and Marcus said she was looking more beautiful than Aunt Janine.

Albert led her to the official occasion and he told her about some great business men that Yvonne could pitch to them. She was introduced to one and the person told her that she was a great person who Albert trained her well and wished to see her the following year as a leader not as an agent and Yvonne accepted the challenge.

Yvonne who has been thinking about those events at work finally received a call from Albert. Albert wished her a happy new year. He said he was spending the new year in Baguio. After hanging up on him, she told herself that she was not the right person for Albert. She thought of how Albert sent her home after the office event.

She recalled telling Shakira and Mimi that all men were the same when they spoke highly of Albert as an intelligent, hardworking and handsome guy. In the house, Sonia visited and Marcus told her that his mother and father were okay now. He explained that he witnessed Yvonne sleeping next to Victor and also hugging.

Sonia then told Carmen that they should support their children to be together. However, Carmen was rather thinking about Janine and knew there was a reason the two got married and they have to respect that. As Yvonne closed from work, she bumped into Victor. He was at Yvonne’s work place to present to her a flower. She refused to take it and claimed not to like flowers.

Later in the house, Victor took the gift box that Janine gave to him and watched the picture of him, Janine and Audrey. He began to have memories of his new family at the flower farm. Suddenly, he began to experience some headaches and stepped out in pain.

Janine read the book of a Princess to Audrey before going to bed and the girl became sad since her father called her Princess. Janine told her not to look sad because her father was not the only person who called her Princess, she did too. She reminded her that they said she would not be sad again so that when she finally meets her father, she would look beautiful.

Yvonne refused to lay next to Victor and went to sleep next to Marcus but the boy pushed her away, demanding her to sleep next to Victor. Yvonne was compelled to be out of Marcus’ room but went to sleep with Carmen rather.

Gary was impatient while waiting for his wife. His mother told him she went out. They heard voices and Daria said it might be her. He went out to witness his wife hugging a man and he became furious. He went straight to his room to wait for his wife. When Doris got in, he asked her who the guy was.

Doris said his name was Richard, a friend and he questioned her about the father of the child she was carrying. Doris got upset and hit him with a bag for insinuating that she was cheating. She made it clear that she was not like her brother. Gary apologised and his wife began to cry as she told him that she confirmed from the doctor that she was not pregnant and it was a false alarm.

Gary celebrated and Doris wondered why he was happy. Gary thanked God for the news and told his wife that it meant that she was faithful to him because he was actually upset seeing her with another man. He thought he was the father of her child and he confessed that he was impotent, thus could not give birth.

Daria overheard the conversation and felt sad that she wouldn’t be a grandma so Sonia promised to share her grandchild with her. Daria said she wanted to share only Marcus and not the children of Janine because she did not like her. Marlon asked Yvonne the reason she slept next to Carmen. Carmen defended Yvonne when Marcus said he already told his mother to sleep next to Victor.

Marcus then compelled his mother to serve Victor breakfast at his shop. Yvonne later thought about Albert talking about one great lōve. He asked whether Victor was her one great lōve. Victor met with Gary and Louie, he asked them who Janine and Audrey were and they said Janine was Yvonne’s friend and Audrey was her daughter who was used to calling Victor father.

Janine, on the other hand, met her friend who was the head of a company to get a job as a condominium seller. Her friend asked her about her husband and she said her husband was in Singapore and his name was Victor Guevarra. Her friend couldn’t wait to meet him.

Yvonne was with her friends and they asked her about her plans with Victor. Mimi said Victor could recall his memories within three months time or not. They asked about Albert and Yvonne said they should forget about Albert. He now has a girlfriend named Daisy. Mimi could not believe that Albert could do that. He was too good to be true.

Shakira said upon all the flowers, he picked the one without a scent. Yvonne received a call from Janine to ask for permission to meet her husband. At home, Marlon lit the firecrackers with the belief that he was driving away all the evil forces around them.

He indicated that his sister Yvonne passed through a series of misfortunes that year and they needed more crackers for good fortune in 2015. The sound of the firecrackers made Victor begin to have memories of Janine in the flower farm. He opened his eyes to see Janine and he mentioned her name.

Believing he could remember him now. Surprisingly, Victor asked what she was doing there since Yvonne was still not home. He then saw Yvonne approaching and told her that her friend Janine was there and they should invite her in.

Janine joined them for dinner and the food Carmen cooked was Victor’s favourite which Yvonne used to cook for her. Marcus was getting bored when she was acting like she was Yvonne’s friend. He walked out when Janine told Victor about their business they had to sit and plan for it without seeking Yvonne’s opinion.

Shakira had a flat tyre and some kids were playing with firecrackers and scared Shakira. Shakira told them to help her with her flat tyre. The kids had a fight with Mimi and Marlon came to separate the fight and Mimi fell. He removed his top to fix the tyre for them.

Mimi was crushing on him for his body and she invited him out for dinner. They also asked him why he was out and he said Janine was in the house so he got so upset and left. Shakira termed Janine as shameless. As he was joining them in the car, Janine was also leaving so Victor decided to go and search for a cab for her.

Janine while alone with Yvonne thanked her for playing along that they were friends and termed everything as awkward. Yvonne was surprised to hear her say it was awkward since she was a good actress. Janine said it wasn’t easy for her but that was the only way to be closer to her husband as they agreed upon.

Yvonne reminded her that they were no longer friends because their agreement was to act like friends in front of Victor and not when he was not there. Victor came with a car and Janine left.


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