Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 484

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 484 Skull k!lls two innocent men, Cardo is discharged

Teddy joined Virgie to inform her that he spoke to Alyana and Cardo has recovered. He was no longer in critical condition. Virgie feared that Sky might storm the hospital to finish Cardo off. Teddy said the police has secured the health facility so there was no call for alarm.

Virgie said that would only happen if Skull was arrested and Cardo resigned from his post. At the hospital, Flora was glad that Cardo has regained consciousness. The family showed him what the kids dew for him. Diana also told him that Oscar was happy that he was no longer in critical state.

Skull woke up at the cemetery and showed the blood of Cardo on his hands as a prove to his brother that he k!lled Cardo. The allies of Jacob were a bit worried about Hipolito’s presence at their hideout. They were scared Hipolito would snitch on them but Jacob insisted that Hipolito wouldn’t dare because he needed their help.

Skull wanted to see the family of Dalisay crying in pains over the demise of Cardo at his funeral. He wanted the task force to weep for losing Cardo just like how he grieved when his twin brother David died. Skull then ståbbëd the security at the cemetery, thinking he would eat him out.

Cardo was worried about his family’s safety and could not wait to get back to make Skull pay since being on the loose meant that his family’s life was in danger. Delfin advised him to leave the work for the task force while he concentrates on his recovery till he gets on his feet to help in the investigation. Cardo felt sad that he could not fulfil his promise to the president.

He said he had failed the president but Delfin advised him not to entertain that thought. Skull dag a grave to bury the man he k!lled. He then changed his dress into the attire of the deceased. Gina, though felt sorry for Cardo’s situation, she celebrated with her allies.

Major Romero praised the will of Cardo. She and Basco met General Dela Cruz to tell them about their commitment in fishing out the hideout of Dante to make him pay. Domeng was with Cardo when the latter vowed to get Skull wherever he was hiding to make him pay for all the tragic things he has made his comrades endure.

Amir was hellbent on finding Skull but Basco ordered him to wait since they have not gotten any new lead on his whereabouts. Alex got there to inform Basco that they would have to visit Cardo first thing in the morning before going to the funeral of the two fallen comrades.

Lily pretended to show concern and happy that Cardo’s condition was improving each day. She told Oscar to count on her for any help. Oscar vowed to capture Skull and bring him to book. She requested to come to the palace later to discuss something important with him but Oscar said she could say it right over the phone.

Lily said she wanted it to be a face-to-face talk. Diana who was listening to the conversation was pissed off. Lazaro was also listening and after Lily hanged up she expressed her disappointment in Cardo recovering. She saw Cardo as a nuisance to her plans and wanted him out of the picture. Lazaro wanted to help make her wish come to pass but Lily yelled at him to concentrate on finding Hipolito.

The police visited Cardo at the hospital and was told to recover soon. Major Romero could not wait for him to return to work. Cardo promised to return soon. Cedric got another ally who could help their illegal business and asked Lazaro if he would want to speak with the person at the casino.

The allies of Jacob saw Uncle Red, Hipolito as sly as he had been able to slip from the hands of the police. Jacob assured that he was safe with them and no officer would hear anything about him. Uncle Red thanked Jacob for the gün he gave him. Jacob’s allies were surprised to hear that and Jacob intervened, saying he was supplying everyone with güns so Hipolito should ask him anything he needed.

Uncle Red requested for a car and this led to a misunderstanding between Jacob and his allies. Jacob reminded his goons that he created the illegal business and tagged them along so everyone would listen to him.

At the funeral of two female cops, General Dela Cruz apologised to the family members of the deceased and assured that the rest of the police force who could not make it to the funeral were still on the mission to find Skull to bring him to book. The families of the deceaseds were glad as they wanted justice.

Elsewhere, Skull stumbled on a certain place where the news was being aired. He listened to it as his name was mentioned that he was a wanted man. He partially disguised himself for him not to be noticed.

Amir’s gang were boasting that if Skull’s case was in their hands, they would have nabbed Skull to save  Catherine and Isabel from that tragic death.

They were sad that the two women couldn’t defend themselves and their hatred for Skull increased. Lazaro plotted with Cedric to rip off Renato’s chance of rising up again. Meanwhile, Diana reminded the President that Skull was not the only one that they should think about, Renato and other enemies were also there.

Skull met a familiar person to seek his help. Teddy was working on a story but needed little more information to make the story a bit detailed. Virgie explained how dangerous it was with his articles because once Skull discovered he was the brain behind the articles against him, she was afraid that he would turn his eyes on him.

The man failed to help Skull. He did not want to get involved in Skull’s mess for the police to catch him too. Skull felt betrayed since he has helped the man before. For old times sake, he thought the man could be of help but since he refused to render any help to him, he ståbbëd him to deàth.

Oscar had meeting with the police and other security agents. He opened up that crime rate has increased in the country. Delfin knew that what was going on in the country would sway the public trust in the Hidalgo’s administration. Diana saw that the only advantage the government had was that the majority was in their favour but she queried for how long the people still have confident in the president.

The police said it was the reason they were working hand in hand with other PNP officers in the force to swiftly capture Skull. Jacob brought his private army to meet Uncle Red and Hipolito almost got into a bloody fight with one of Jacob’s allies. Cardo was sent home by Alyana and the family in happiness came to greet him in his room.

Cardo thanked the kids for the card they made for him. Bubbles and Wally also appeared to ask how he was doing. Cardo assured he would be back on his feet soon to return to work. Alyana advised everyone to do their quota to help Cardo recover quickly.


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