Until We Meet Again Episode 11

Until We Meet Again Episode 11 Angela gets hit by a car after Claire throws her out of the house  

Claire told Evelyn that she did not know why Angela had been locked up in the pantry adding that she might have locked herself in there.

Evelyn allowed the issue to slide and asked her to go and eat. Angela kept barking at Claire but she calmed down when Calvin greeted her.

As they were eating, Claire showed Calvin how she liked to eat her fries. She dipped them in ice cream and then ate them, saying she liked the contrasting tastes. When Calvin tried it, he liked it too.

After dinner, Calvin went home and his father asked him about Angela. Calvin told him that she was feral and he was the one who found her. Francis asked why Calvin did not bring the girl to him instead of taking her to Evelyn and Calvin said it was because she was a girl and he thought Evelyn was better suited to take care of her.

His father pointed out that he had named the girl Angela like his dead ex adding that Calvin should take care that the feral child would not end up dead too.

Francis had learnt from Bernard; his assistant about Angela and got very interested in the case. He promised to do everything possible to take her away from Evelyn since he was a more qualified doctor than Evelyn.

The following morning, he went to visit Evelyn and got a chance to meet Angela. Angela was uncomfortable around him and kept barking at him. Francis told Evelyn to hand Angela over to him so that he could treat her as he believed he was more qualified and has better experience in curing Angela.

Evelyn told him that Angela had shown great improvement ever since she took her in and she would not hand her over. Francis kept referring to Angela as the feral child and Evelyn told him that she had a name. Francis told Evelyn that if she would not give Angela to him willingly, then he would go to the authorities and make sure that she was taken away from her.

When Francis left Evelyn’s house, he went to meet Bernard for them to plan on how they could take Angela away. Bernard already found out that Evelyn was only allowed to take care of Angela since there was no qualified doctor who would treat her.

Francis told Bernard to find the social worker in charge of Angela’s case and convince her to let him treat her.

Calvin went to Evelyn’s house to visit Claire and Angela. He brought Claire fries and ice cream and asked her to go hiking with him and his friends. Claire wanted to refuse since she was not much of a hiker and had only been lying to him but Calvin said they could make it a hike date! Claire agreed to go right away.

Angela joined them and Calvin walked over to her to give her a present. He had brought chocolates for her and unwrapped them for her. Claire watched them and got mad when she saw Calvin patting Angela. Angela was really happy when she ate the chocolate and even smiled at Calvin.

As Angela was eating the rest of the chocolates outside, Claire went to harass her as she usually do. She took the chocolate bar away and stamped on it with her feet then yanked Angela’s head and made her eat the chocolate. She told Angela to keep away from Calvin.

Evelyn talked to Calvin and told him that her father had gone to see him and threatened to take Angela away. They promised each other not to let that happen.

Francis and Bernard met up with the social worker and told her that they were better qualified to take care of Angela, unlike Evelyn who had not been practicing medicine for couple of years.

The social worker went to see Evelyn and checked on Angela’s progress. Evelyn had nothing but nice things to say about Angela, adding that she was not violent and had improved a lot ever since she took her in.

Unfortunately, the social worker spoke with Claire concerning Angela, she said she was afraid of Angela. She even recalled an instant where Angela had bitten Evelyn and hoped that Angela would no longer stay with them.

Evelyn was upset with Claire for mentioning the bite incident and Claire lashed out. She complained saying ever since Evelyn took Angela in, all her attention had gone to her.

Calvin confronted his father when he got home and told him not to take Angela away from Evelyn. Francis took offence, asking whether Calvin thought Evelyn was better than him. Calvin told him that he only wanted to study Angela instead of making her better and would not take care of her like Evelyn did.

He doubted his father’s ability since he always treated him badly even as his son and thought he would do worse to Angela. Francis punched him. Glenda intervened and asked them not to fight.

At Evelyn’s place, Claire lured Angela out of the house with chocolates then locked her out of their gate. Angela ran around the estate and got hit by a moving car. The guards saw the accident and asked the driver to take her to the hospital.

In the morning, Evelyn could not find Angela in the house. Calvin and Glenda went to see her but she told them Angela was missing. Francis called Glenda to ask where she was and Glenda told him she was at Evelyn’s house.

She then revealed the unfortunate news to Francis. Francis hang up immediately and called Bernard to tell him that Angela was missing, adding that it was their chance to get hold of Angela. He told Bernard to look for Angela at the nearest police stations and hospitals.

Evelyn and Calvin also learnt from the guards that the girl walking on all fours had been hit by a car and the driver took her to the hospital. They rushed to hospitals around in search of her.


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