The Blood Sisters Highlights Episode 6-10

The Blood Sisters Highlights Episode 6-10 the Almedas learn the secret about Erika

Unable to keep up impersonating her twin sister, Erika begs to swap places with Carrie unfortunately, Andrea overhears their conversation and immediately informs Rosemarie about it.

Samuel on the other hand, becomes confused by Carrie’s erratic changes in her behaviour. Soon, Rosemarie and Debbie get the shock of their lives upon discovering Carrie’s secret.

Meanwhile, Agatha continues to give Adele the cold shoulder despite the latter’s efforts to gain her affection. The Almedas confirm that Erika is Carrie’s twin sister.

Soon after, Erika has an emotional reunion with her real family. Rosemarie, however, remains doubtful of her long-lost granddaughter. Unwilling to welcome Erika to her family, Rosemarie orders Andrea to dig into Erika’s past.

Meanwhile, Agatha becomes suspicious of her own identity. Erika prepares to move into the Almedas’ mansion with Jolo and Bruce. Feeling sorry for their daughter’s difficult childhood, Norman and Deborah resolve to make it up to Erika.

Elsewhere, Ligaya urges Adele to tell Agatha about her sisters. Adele, however, adamantly refuses, fearing that Agatha would choose the Almadas over her. Unknown to them, Agatha is determined to find her fortune in Manila by whatever means possible.

Meanwhile, Fabian shows his grandson, Rainier around Paraiso. Erika, her son, and her friends receive a warm welcome from the Almedas. However, she becomes uncomfortable when Rosemarie probes about her past.

Not long after, Carrie introduces her sister to Samuel. Meanwhile, Adele learns of Agatha’s fervent desire to break free from her. Elsewhere, Fabian challenges Rainier and Juancho to prove their worth to him.

Adele despairs at the thought of eventually losing Agatha. Filled with guilt, Ligaya accepts the blame for what Agatha has become and promises to help Adele make up for her shortcomings.

Unbeknownst to them, Agatha enlists Dante’s help to fulfill her plan to start a new life. A sudden turn of events, however, causes Agatha to grow even more hateful of her mother. Later an unlikely confession shakes Agatha’s world.

Fabian faces a threat when Maria, one of the surrogate mothers, tries to sneak out of Paraiso. He enlists the Bermudezes’ help to prevent a big loss on his business. Desperate to save Maria’s unborn child, Rosemarie compels Debbie to perform a risky operation that would endanger Maria.

This then causes Debbie to become suspicious of Fabian’s business. Meanwhile, Erika learns that the man who is after her is a powerful person. Unbeknownst to her, Juancho and Rainier race against eachother to obtain information about her.

Elsewhere, Agatha finally arrives in Manila. A perplexing enigma leaves Debbie in shock after an unforseen circumstances befell Maria. This then forces Debbie to think deeply about Fabian’s possible involvement in the incident.

Meanwhile, Adele goes to great lengths to find Agatha. Agatha, on the other hand, prepares for her next big step now that her desire to meet her biological family is within her grasps. At the Almedas’ mansion, a pleasant surprise awaits Erika.

With her dreams finally turning into reality, Erika is grateful than ever to her twin sister, Carrie. Blessings continue to pour in for Erika as the Almedas officially welcome her to the family’s medical business.

Though hesitant, Erika gladly accepts the challenges bestowed upon her. Meanwhile, armed with her desire to win back Agatha, Adele finally decides to go to Manila.

Upon learning of Adele’s plan, Agatha immediately devises a scheme to get away from her estranged mother.


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