Until We Meet Again Episode 12

Until We Meet Again Episode 12 Claire, Calvin share first k!ss, while Francis succeeds in his plot to get Angela

Bernard in the hospital searching for Angela with her photo realised the ward which Angela was and called Francis to inform him about it. Due to the new environment she found herself in, Angela became restless and kept barking at the nurses who were treating her.

They tied her to the bed, later Evelyn, Calvin and Glenda got to the hospital and Angela seeing familiar face became sober and stopped the barking, calling Evelyn Mama.

Calvin introduced Glenda to Angela as his mother and Angela called her mama. Francis got to the hospital and Bernard presented to him a piece of paper indicating Angela’s ward.

They got to the room and met Evelyn together with Glenda and Calvin. Francis insisted on gaining the feral child at all cost. Evelyn promised to continue taking care of Angela and told her that she would take her home with her once she was discharged.

Meanwhile, the doctor at the hospital which Angela was admitted was speaking with the social worker to give Angela to Francis since he was having a very appealing resume as psychiatrist and Angela would be better off with him.

The social worker insisted on her decision to return the feral child to Evelyn since the girl was familiar with Evelyn. The doctor insisted that Angela needed special psychologist to treat her rather than being in a comfortable environment.

To him, Angela would adopt to the new changes since Francis had what it takes to help the girl. Francis barged in and was quick to add that he was more qualified practitioner and would treat the feral child.

The social worker insisted that Angela seemed okay in the care of Evelyn since she had shown much progress under her care, besides Angela was comfortable with her.

Francis objected, saying if Angela was comfortable she would not have escaped from the house for her to be hit by a moving vehicle. He believed Angela did not want to with Evelyn, adding that Angela was not safe with Evelyn since she couldn’t take care of Angela for her to run away from the house.

Glenda also tried to convince Calvin and Evelyn to give Angela to Francis. She was hopeful that Francis would cure Angela as he was professional and could down play his ability as a psychologist.

Evelyn felt like she had no choice to give up Angela but Calvin was afraid that his father would only study the feral child’s case for his psychological practice and would treat Angela as inhumane.

Claire was in the house with her friend talking about what she did to Angela and how she ended up in the hospital. Evelyn, Calvin and Angela got to the house and Angela kept barking at Claire as she was trying to signal Evelyn that Claire was the reason behind her accident for throwing her out of the house during the previous night but no one seemed to understand her except Claire.

Claire’s friend was afraid that Angela would expose Claire one day. Calvin and Evelyn sent Angela to her room. Evelyn slept next to Angela to put her to sleep.

Calvin left them and came to meet Claire in the living room. Claire asked how Angela was, Calvin said sorry to her for Angela barking at her. Claire asked for outing, although Calvin did not want to go but decided to go with her when Claire insisted.

Calvin sent Claire to a place where he normally goes when he wants to get rid of his problems. At the place Claire brought Calvin’s ex-girl’s issue. Calvin became emotional when talking about Angela so Claire tried consoling him.

Calvin felt relieved and got intimate with Claire, they shared their first k!ss. Meanwhile, Larry showed Odessa plan of the project he was working on. Odessa wanted him to talk about the future with her since she confessed that she liked Larry a lot and Larry also said he liked her a lot too. They k!ssed and left the place they were.

The next day, Evelyn taught Angela how to pronounce certain words. Angela was able to pronounce “Happy” when Evelyn showed the card to her.

Soon, Francis together with some authorities at the social welfare came to forcefully take Angela from Evelyn. Evelyn was unwilling to give Angela up but she was told to comply since the arrangement was to take care of Angela temporarily.

Angela barked at them and tried to resist but Francis had her sedated and was sent away. Francis then said sorry to Evelyn but Evelyn kept crying for losing Angela. Claire tried comforting her.

Ana woke up and found herself in a different environment, she cried calling out Mama, she tried to escape where she had been confined in but the place was locked.

Francis and Bernard watched Angela’s action on a laptop as they installed a CCTV camera in her room. Seeing how desperate Angela was to be reunited with Evelyn, Francis suggested to talk to Angela so that she could come to terms with them.

Evelyn tried to speak to the authorities and get them to return Angela to her but the social workers told her that Angela had only been assigned to her temporarily until they found a doctor who could take care of her. They asked that Evelyn understand the situation and let things go.

When Calvin learnt that his father had taken Angela away, he tried to talk to him so that he could return Angela to Evelyn but Francis asked if he knew more about medicine than he did. Calvin said he did not know much so Francis asked him not to meddle.

Evelyn refused to let the situation with Angela stay as it was so she tried to look for a way to get her back. Claire got upset since Evelyn had not been paying attention to her. They argued and Claire ran away from home.

Evelyn tried going after her but Claire got into a taxi the moment she walked outside the gate. Helen arrived to pick up Evelyn but she asked her to follow Claire.

Since Calvin could not get Francis to return Angela, he pleaded with his father to allow him to visit Angela. Francis refused to tell him where Angela was being kept so Calvin decided to follow his father there.

Calvin saw Angela bound on a chair struggling to get free but he could not go in to help her since Bernard was inside. He had to hide when Francis arrived and then he saw Angela got electrocuted by Francis.

Angela could not stop screaming so Calvin who cried for the pains they were infecting on Angela eventually revealed himself and asked his father to let him see Angela.

Francis went out of the room to make Calvin leave but Calvin absolutely refused to leave before he saw Angela. Angela did not recognise him and before he could do anything, Francis and Bernard made him leave the room.

After Calvin was gone, Bernard was worried that Calvin might report them after seeing what they had done to Angela but Francis assured to handle it.

Calvin waited outside the hospital so that he could help Angela get out of there. Claire called him saying she was upset and had run away from home but Calvin did not pay attention to her.

When the opportunity arrived, he went inside the hospital and to Angela’s room disguised as a nurse and tried to call Angela. Francis however walked in and the two watched each other.


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