Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 11

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 11 Potpot and Vida in loggerhead 

Jaime and Tessa left the restaurant. After Asya confirmed that they were gone, he told Caloy and Marga that he found the ring they were looking for. They continued to drink and when they went home, Asya was really drunk.

When he went to rest, Marga thanked Caloy for taking them out and said she enjoyed herself. Caloy said he also had fun and hugged Marga.

They suddenly heard Asya puking so Marga went to take care of him while Caloy left. When Caloy got home, he texted Marga to check on how Asya was doing and they wished each other a good night.

On the way home, Tessa got a call from the inspector, who was in charge of looking for her son. He said they had to report something and Tessa agreed to see them the next day. She asked Jaime if it was okay and he said it was fine.

In the morning, Tessa prepared breakfast for Jaime and Rafa. They talked about the plans to push back the project, which Jaime was not happy about. Tessa said it was fine since they were still looking for designers.

Rafa asked Tessa about her schedule and she told him about the news of her missing son. Rafa reluctantly smiled and said he hoped it was good news. Jaime said he cancelled his schedule to go with her.

After breakfast, Jaime followed Rafa to his room to scold him for pushing back the launch after they had already paid for the venue. Rafa said it was only a small amount but Jaime reminded him that his job was to help the company cut cost and not waste money.

Rafa apologised and said it would not happen again. When Jaime left, he was upset since he seemed not to do anything right.

Potpot got up first and took his time in the bathroom. He was on the phone with his family and told them that he was going to a job interview. His parents were worried about him and asked that he take it easy.

Potpot said it was fine since it was good to have some extra money. He was distracted and accidentally dropped Vida’s toothbrush in the toilet.

Vida was furious when she went to the bathroom and found her toothbrush in the toilet. She took Potpot’s toothbrush and threw it outside. Potpot was on his way out and the toothbrush hit him.

He got startled and dropped his phone. The phone died and he didn’t have the directions to get to his interview. He arrived 2 hours late and the employer refused to listen to his explanation. He said he wouldn’t hire him.

Vida managed to get to her interview at House of Teri. She ran into Rafa on the way and shouted at him for almost hitting her with his motorcycle. Inside, she was shocked to find out that Rafa was Teri’s son.

At the interview, she said she would correct his boss if he was wrong since no one was perfect. She also apologised for being rude to him. She left thinking that he wouldn’t hire her.

Potpot could not call his parents since his phone was off. His friends at the station gave him some money. When he went to his repair job, a girl who had taken a video of him said it became popular online and someone offered him a job.

Potpot saw a note from Vida when he arrived at the boarding house about the toothbrush. He waited for her to come back and asked that they talk. He said he didn’t drop her toothbrush purposely but she was the one who hit him and made him drop his phone.

He asked Vida to replace it but she refused and said she didn’t owe him anything.
Caloy went to see Marga at work to give her a new phone. Marga said it was not necessary but Caloy said he wanted to do what he had promised.

He asked Marga if things were fine at work and she said everything was okay. Marga was however having a difficult time with her business since the Luiz family were blocking all her efforts.

Her plan was to get a famous model, Ximena Vergara as a talent for her agency. Tessa’s company was also looking to hire the same model as an endorser for House of Teri.

Caloy’s Aunt bought a magazine with Tessa on the cover and showed it to Caloy. Everyone was amazed to see how well she was doing. They asked Caloy if he still loved her, hence why he did not pursue Marga.

Caloy said everything between him and Tessa was over. Rafa’s staff advised him to hire Vida since she was not looking to impress him. Vida got the call in the morning and reported for her first day. She ran into Rafa and he poured a cup of coffee at her.

Vida called him stupid but immediately apologised when she realised it was Rafa. They went inside glaring at each other.
Jaime called Tessa out of a meeting to tell her that the police found the family who adopted her son.

He said he was already in Manila and Tessa said she wanted to see him. Jaime believed it was better to approach the people who adopted him since it would not be easy to find him in Manila.

Tessa therefore said she wanted to meet the family who adopted her child and Jaime agreed. Seeing her husband supporting her in her decision she hugged him.


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