Until We Meet Again Episode 30

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 30

Until We Meet Again Episode 30 Claire fights Angela for being a threat to her relationship 

After Maila made fun of her, Angela told her that it was not good to make fun of people due to their weaknesses. She warned her that if there was no one to stop her from harassing others, then she would be the first person to put a stop to her misbehaviour.

One of the workers came to the room and greeted Angela. He asked if Maila was bothering her and Angela said she had learnt to defend herself.

Later, Angela witnessed Maila being harassed by a man who was demanding her to give him the money she earned from her work. Maila refused to let him have the money since she reserved the money to buy medicines for her mother.

Angela jumped her colleague’s defense, she warned the man to leave Maila alone but he refused, saying he would do as he pleased since Maila was his daughter.

Angela reminded the man that his act was against the law and they could sue him irrespective of who he was. The man felt threatened and left Maila alone. Maila was grateful to Angela for defending her.

Angela visited Evelyn to patch things up. She wanted to make sure that there were no problem between them and also to know if Evelyn knew anything about her past. Evelyn did not know much so she asked Angela to talk to Francis instead since he was her doctor for longer.

Aunt Conching was glad that Margaret had helped Angela in her recovery process and was aso back together with her father. Margaret was glad that they no longer fought over Angela but she said she would not give up until she was married to Larry.

Angela and Larry visited Francis. During the visit, they also talked about Angela’s past and Francis said Angela had mentioned something about a fire to him. Larry said they would start looking around for Angela’s family at the place where Calvin had found her.

Calvin had no time to spend with Claire since he had a lot of deadlines to meet and he constantly cancelled their dates. Claire attributed his change in behaviour to Angela’s return; which Calvin denied.

Claire went to see Angela at Larry’s house and told her to keep away from Calvin. Angela said she had nothing to do with Calvin and told Claire to leave if that was all she wanted to say.

Claire caught her arm but Angela pointed at her and told her not to touch her. Claire told Angela that she was to be blamed for her miscarriage and Angela said she was sorry about what happened to the baby.

Claire said she did not need Angela’s sympathy and continued to warn her so as to stay away from Calvin. Larry arrived at home and Angela said Claire was just leaving so she left.

Calvin was sad that Angela did not want to talk to him so he tried to speak to her when they bumped into each other at work. He asked for a few minutes but Angela did not want to associate herself with him since it only caused her problems meanwhile she wanted to live in peace.

She walked past Calvin but he hugged her from behind and Angela was left struggling to get away from his hold. Claire had just pulled up at the resort where Calvin and Angela worked she saw Calvin hugging Angela.

In anguish, she went to attack Angela and asked that she keep her hands away from her boyfriend. Angela slapped Claire back and told her that Calvin was the one who had hugged her.

Calvin stopped them from fighting and went with Claire where he tried to explain that nothing was going on with Angela but Claire accused him of cheating on her.

Margaret watched the fight from her office and was thoroughly entertained by it until Larry arrived and said she was about to go down to stop it. Angela joined them and told them about what happened with Claire.

Margaret accused Evelyn of spoiling Claire. She called her to teach her daughter how to behave since she was always harassing Angela.Claire had lied to Evelyn that Angela had attacked her but Odessa told Evelyn that it was Claire who first attacked Angela.

Larry scolded Calvin for what happened and he asked him to talk to Claire so that she would no longer attack Angela.

Maila and Angela started to get along after the incident with her father and she asked Angela why she had a problem with Calvin when they used to be so close before.

Angela said Calvin only toyed with her feelings and she no longer wanted anything to do with him. Elmo went to see Calvin at the office and he told him about how bad things were with Angela.

Angela went into the office, when she saw Elmo and Calvin, she ignored Calvin and greeted Elmo with so much joy while they shared a hug. She thanked Elmo for treating her well. Elmo could hardly get over how stunning Angela was looking. Calvin watched the two of them in dismay.

Calvin later went to see Claire and assured her that nothing was going on with Angela so there was no need for her to keep attacking her. Evelyn was also upset and she agreed with Calvin that Claire should not fight with Angela.

Claire did not heed the warning and as soon as she got the chance, she went back to the resort. Charm refused to go with her so she went by herself. When she arrived, the security ran to meet to stop her from entering.

She said she was no stranger and was there to see Calvin, her boyfriend but the security told her that she was banned from entering the resort.

Claire thought it was Angela who had her banned so when she saw Angela passing she quickly ran to attack her. The security tried holding her from her action. As Angela faced her off Margaret, Larry and Calvin came outside to find Claire causing trouble.

She hugged Calvin and told her that Angela had her banned from entering the premise but Margaret asked Angela to go inside.

As Claire was accusing Angela for putting a restriction on her at the resort, Margaret revealed to her that she was the one who had her banned since she was always causing trouble and sacked her.

Larry was happy with Margaret’s move of banning Claire. Calvin did not oppose it either. Claire in anguish got into her car and drove off.

Even when Calvin tried stopping her to make it up to her.


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