Until We Meet Again Episode 35

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 35

Until We Meet Again Episode 35 Glenda escapes, will she make it alive? 

As she consented to the lunch date, Elmo and Angela went out to lunch but before they had their meal, Claire called Elmo to ask him if he was with Calvin. Elmo said he was not with him and asked Claire to tell him what was going on.

Claire told him that Calvin received a call from Glenda who informed him that she was kidnapped. They traced the origin of the call and found out where she was being kept so Calvin went to look for her.

After Elmo got off the call, he told Angela what happened and she suggested they go and help Calvin to look for Glenda. Elmo asked her why she wanted to go to Calvin when she had said she wanted to keep her distance from him.

Angela told him that Calvin had always been there for her and helped her times without number so the least she could do was to help him in his moment of difficulty, same a he did for her. They printed out posters with Glenda’s picture and headed out to pass them around San Teresa; the place where Calvin was.

Claire called Calvin to ask him to let the police look for his mother instead but Calvin told her that he had to do something also to look for her. She then told him to go get her so that she could help him in the search for Glenda.

Calvin said they would waste time so he had to do it on his own. Claire suspected that Calvin was with Angela, hence his action but Calvin said he did not have time for her jealousy.

Helen and Evelyn wanted to join the search for Glenda but Helen said they needed a man to go with them, claiming it was dangerous. She suggested that they ask Larry to go with them.

Meanwhile, Larry had been thinking about Evelyn and wanted to have an excuse to see her so he called to ask if there were any updates about their daughter. Evelyn told him that they had a lead on Glenda and she wanted to ask for his help to search for her.

Larry quickly agreed and they scheduled to meet in an hour at a restaurant. Unfortunately,
Odessa was eavesdropping and heard the conversation. She then hatched up a strategy to ruin the date. She borrowed Larry’s phone after he ended the call so that she could get a number that she lost.

When Larry left the phone with her, she texted Evelyn and told her that she should rather meet within 30 minutes and Evelyn agreed. Little did she know that it was her rival who changed the time.

Francis on the other hand, had been wondering about Glenda’s whereabouts and since he knew that he didn’t do anything, he decided to follow Margaret as she was the last person who saw his wife. He grew suspicious of Margaret and wanted to unravel where Glenda has hidden herself.

When Evelyn arrived at the restaurant, Margaret was there instead of Larry. She told Evelyn to stop hanging around her fiance and even called her a mistress. She threw a plate of food at Evelyn who retaliated by splashing a glass of water on Margaret.

Odessa went to attack her but Helen got in the middle and told Odessa that she was the one who started the fight and they would not sit back and let her harass them. The two of them left the restaurant and Odessa was fuming.

As Odessa headed back to the resort, she saw Francis following her. She went to tell Larry that Francis had been tailings her and was scared of him so Larry went to warn Francis to stay away from her.

Larry called Evelyn to ask if she was still at the restaurant but Helen snatched the phone from her and told Larry what Margaret did to Evelyn. Larry scolded Margaret but she asked him why he had been seeing Evelyn.

He told her that they wanted to look for Glenda so there was no need for her to be jealous. Larry explained that Margaret had called Calvin to inform him that she has been kidnapped and had to support with the search.

The manner which Margaret was behaving made Larry told her that he was starting to rethink the decision of marrying her. Margaret was shocked especially with the news that Glenda had called Calvin. She was scared that her secret would soon be told so she rushed to the safe house to stop her from revealing the truth.

As Elmo and Angela were on their way to San Teresa, their car broke down. Angela left Elmo to have it fixed and took a jeepney to San Teresa.

Calvin got stranded on the road since there was an accident and he decided to take a Jeepney using another route. Angela saw him and the two of them went together to San Teresa.

However, Glenda who had been struggling all these while was able to cut off the ropes that Margaret used to bind her arms and legs. She decided to run away once she had the opportunity and promised Aunt Conching that she would get help and return for her.

She then smashed the glass window (levers) and jumped through it, leaving Conching behind.


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