Until We Meet Again Finale Summary

Until We Meet Again Finale Summary How Odessa died for the Medranos to live happily 

The long time feud between Odessa and Evelyn reached its peak when Odessa, who is consumed with anger out of desperation pointed a gun at Evelyn and her family to end it all.

Angela ran away due to fear and is later caught by Odessa who sent her to the Luna family cemetery to add on to the Medranos plight.

Evelyn received a shocking call from Odessa who told her to rescue her long lost but found daughter from her. She sent the location and warned her not involve the police.

Evelyn later told Larry about it but lied to him about the location. Larry who planned an ambush failed in his attempts to catch Odessa.

He later discovered that his estranged wife had been trapped along with his daughter. Odessa planned to end the life of her hostages by pouring gasoline on them. She lighted a fire to burn them but Calvin came to save the day.

Already, Odessa had called Larry to the location and warned him not to outsmart her by informing the police. As they were fleeing things got messy and Odessa planned to shoot Angela so Evelyn took the bullet on her daughter’s behalf.

Watching her evil deeds and seeing police after her, Odessa took to her heels and bumped into an abandoned dog which became restless seeing Odessa rushing to it. It attacked Odessa and bit her, hurt by the dog’s bite yet she was not ready to back down. She kept running from the police and the police shot her leg to catch her.

She was then arrested and still fought the police to get her released. Her attitude in prison got the other inmates to despise her.

Evelyn on the other hand was operated on and almost lost her life but Conching stopped her from the journey to the celestial world.

Evelyn then woke up from coma with Angela so happy to be reunited with her family despite the challenges. Odessa on the other hand developed body itching and could not walk.

The inmates made the guards change her cell due to her peculiar nature. Odessa had rabies from the bite. She succumbed to the ailments and howled like a dog yet no one came to her aid.

Her dead body was later taken out of the cell when the health team came in to check her. Calvin engaged Ana with a ring after Elmo gave up on Ana’s l*ve.

Glenda was fully recovered and her family together with Elmo throw a welcome party for the Medranos and they lived happily ever after.


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