Until We Meet Again: Glenda becomes bearer of Margaret’s secret and subject of assassination

Until We Meet Again: Glenda becomes bearer of Margaret’s secret and subject of assassination  

Being known for her role as a serial kidnapper, Odessa who is playing a double identity character, with her other name as Margaret succeeded in kidnapping Glenda Manahan, the mother of Calvin.

Glenda a character played by Rita Avila becomes the next victim of Odessa as she falls prey to her plot. Gaining a new role as caterer for Odessa in her upcoming marriage, Glenda’s happiness soon becomes her worse nightmare as she witnessed her own plight descending in the movie.

She becomes victim of assassination as the story of Until We Meet Again unfolds. Glenda who has suffered all forms of abuse from her husband, Francis Manahan who is a psychologist soon finds herself neck-deep in a bizarre situation.

She one day visited Larry’s resort in order to talk to Odessa about the food arrangements but received a surprised news of her life.

The aunt of Odessa, Conching who is determined to end the lies of Odessa visited the resort to reveal the top secret of Margaret, when Margaret informed her about her upcoming wedding with Larry.

Margaret got hold of her aunt who for the past years had been pretending to be cripple. She sent her aunt inside the bathroom to reprimand her for telling her lies about her health condition.

Conching admitted being at the resort to inform Larry that Margaret is the same as Odessa, the lady who is suffering from mental problem and also the kidnapper of his missing child Ana.

Margaret threatens to cut off her tongue if she dared try to reveal her secret. Unknown to her, Glenda who went into the bathroom to ease herself overhears their conversation and took footage of the little secret of Margaret.

Later, Glenda comes across Margaret and the former acts suspiciously but she manages to tell a lie that she is not feeling fine so she would talk to her later.

Little did Glenda know that one of her earring fell, unfortunately, Odessa sees it and traps Glenda. Glenda who had attempted several times to reach Evelyn and Larry to reveal the truth to them finally got Evelyn and when she was about to the secret to Evelyn Odessa snatched the phone from behind and ended the call.

She fought with Glenda and pushed her. Glenda hit her head on Odessa’s car making her become unconscious. Odessa then kidnaps Glenda.

As she is riding Glenda to a hideout, Odessa comes across the police at the checkpoint and threatens Glenda to keep mute otherwise she will kill her. She lied to the police that Glenda was sick so she was rushing her to hospital for immediate medical attention.

Glenda is sent to where Odessa has kept Conching and kept the two as hostages. She left them food and come time to time to check up on them.

Glenda becomes restless and wants to get away as soon as possible, especially learning from Odessa that a search party has been unleashed to find her and her husband Francis had been framed for her kidnap.

In her efforts to break lose from her kidnapper, Glenda one day hits the head of Odessa when she visited. Odessa becomes unconscious and Glenda ran away to Odessa’s car to get her phone which she hid in it.

She is able to reach Calvin and told him that she has been kidnapped. Before she would mention the culprit’s name the line cut and Odessa runs after her after regaining consciousness.

Because she had been tied up for days, she was weak and her legs were hurting her so Odessa caught her and dragged her back to the room.

Soon, Calvin enlists the help of Evelyn and they managed to trace the location where Calvin and Angela distributed posters of his missing mother. Glenda and Conching decide to flee again after their first attempt was unsuccessful. Glenda managed to set herself free. She promised to come back for Conching after she gained help.

Glenda escaped through the window. At that point Odessa had been informed by Larry that Glenda has called Calvin to inform him about her kidnap so they were searching for her at San Teresa.

Odessa gets frightened that her truth would be exposed and rushed to the safe house quickly. She realised that Glenda has escaped and ran after her.

Odessa saw her and tried to drag her back, the two women fought and Glenda overpowered Odessa and ran again. As Odessa caught up with her, she decided to end Glenda’s life since she was given her problems. She shot her and left.

Some fishermen came across Glenda lying helplessly at the shores. They recognised her as the missing woman. Immediately, the family of Glenda were informed.

It seemed Odessa is running out of luck as Glenda never died from Odessa’s bullet. She was rather in a critical condition and fell into coma. Odessa decides to end Glenda’s life at the hospital.

She managed to sneak in to finally end the process for her, unfortunately for Odessa Francis got there and sacked her. Odessa was banned from seeing Glenda since Francis suspected her after a CCTV footage showed her as the last person seen with Glenda before her kidnap. She had lied that Glenda wanted their meeting to remain secret since she was running from the molest of her husband.

Left with no option, Odessa rather went ahead quickly with her wedding plans. Later, Larry found the phone with the video evidence of Conching’s revelation about Odessa. He sent the phone to his room and Angela saw the phone. The phone looked familiar to her and she went to hand it over to Odessa since she had been complaining about her missing phone.

Odessa was happy to get hold of the evidence, she destroyed the phone. Meanwhile, the signs Larry exhibited is wanting to pull out from the wedding since he now gets along with Evelyn.

It was just some few days to the wedding, Conching had already been assassinated while Margaret’s aim is coming to pass. It was all joy for Margaret as she already proclaimed herself winner in the game.

Glenda finally regains consciousness. As she is the bearer of the truth and a surviving witness to Odessa’s secret, she reveals the true identity of Margaret and her kidnapper. She also told Evelyn that Angela was Ana, her missing daughter and Odessa had kidnapped her, caged her and trained her as feral.

How will Evelyn and Larry react to this great revelation? How will Claire take the news of her rival being the biological daughter of her adopted mother?
What will happen to Clair and Calvin? Subscribe for more spoilers.


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