Until We Meet Again Episode 32

Until We Meet Again Episode 32 Glenda finds out about Margaret’s dirty secret

Margaret went back to ask Conching if she had seen her phone. Her aunt sat back in her wheel chair and said she had not seen it. Margaret decided to leave after failing to find it and asked her aunt to keep it for her if she found it. She went to have dinner with Angela and Larry.

Evelyn tried to call the number back but there was no answer. The following morning, she got into her car and went to look for her daughter in San Felipe like the person on the phone had said.

Margaret met with her wedding planner and since she was fussy about the dress, she made the lady look for more designs that would appeal to her. She also insisted on having Glenda as her caterer since she wanted to rub it on Evelyn’s face that she was marrying Larry. She even considered inviting Evelyn to her wedding.

Angela also wanted to look for her family so Maila advised her to ask Calvin since he was the one who found her. Angela said she did not want anything to do with him and had someone better in mind. She therefore asked Elmo for his help.

Elmo sent her to the place where he and Calvin found her. When they were on the road, Angela asked Elmo to stop the car, she walked out. Angela was looking around and was not paying much attention when a motorcycle rode by.

Elmo pulled her out of the way and Angela remembered being hit by a motorcycle on during the time that she ran away from Odessa’s house.

They went to the presaint to ask the policeman if there was anyone who had ever gone looking for her during the time that she went missing. The officer was surprised to learn that Angela was the same person who had terrorised them three years ago.

He however added that no one had ever asked about her and they had pretty much forgotten about the incident. Helen tried stopping Evelyn from looking for her daughter but she did not listen. Helen therefore called Larry to tell him what Evelyn was up to.

Larry followed Evelyn to San Felipe and the two of them continued their search for their daughter. The police told them that there was a girl who had been found in the area around three years ago but they did not know where she came from since she could not speak. The girl fit the description that they gave so they both went to see her.

Angela and Elmo left since there was no more hope for her to find her family. They went to church first and Angela prayed so that she could be able to find her family.

Later, they went back to Manila and Calvin saw them. Angela ignored him and thanked Elmo for his help and then left. Calvin commented that the two of them seemed to be getting along fine and Elmo told him that he hoped there was no problem with that.

Odessa was supposed to have a trip out of town with her designer so she packed some few things and left. Her aunt took the chance to visit Larry at the resort. Unfortunately, he was not there so she decided to wait for him.

Glenda also had a meeting with Margaret but she was not there. She was however told that her trip got cancelled so she waited for Margaret so that they could talk about what she wanted for her wedding.

When Margaret got back, she was surprised to see her aunt walking around the resort. She thought that her aunt was paralysed but she had actually lied about being able to walk again.

She dragged her in the washrooms and demanded to know what she was doing there. Aunt Conching told her that she could not let her keep deceiving Larry since she was Odessa and not Margaret.

Glenda was in the washroom and she hid herself as she recorded the entire scene on her phone. Odessa told her aunt that she would kill her if Larry ever learnt the truth.

Margaret then took her aunt home and almost shot her so her aunt asked her to do it. Margaret laughed and said she would not do it so that her aunt would be able to see her happy with Larry.

Glenda tried to call Larry and Evelyn but both of them did not answer her calls. She met up with Margaret to talk about the catering but she was super nervous after she found out that Margaret was Odessa.

Margaret asked her if she was fine and she said she was not feeling well and needed some rest.

Margaret noticed that Glenda was missing an earring and when she went to the washroom, she found the missing pair. She therefore realised that Margaret heard everything.


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