Until We Meet Again: The role of Claire and how she ends up

Until We Meet Again: The role of Claire and how she ends up knowing Angela is the long lost daughter of Evelyn  

Claire Esguerra is a character played by Kim Rodriguez in Hanggang Makita Kang Muli with its international title “Until We Meet Again.”

She is one of the antagonists who the writer exhibited her role as a person with psychological issues relating to neglect and abandonment. She is a repetitive young character of Odessa Luna, a woman declared medically insane due to a psychological disorder of obsession and isolation.

Claire’s psychological condition was not immediately known to her and the characters evolving around her. Her suspected egregious act or omission stemmed from her parent and her adopted father who deprived her of basic age-appropriate needs and thereby resulted in psychological harm to her. To Claire, she suffered psychological neglect, or abandonment

Spelling out her character, Claire made her grand entry in the series when Evelyn Esguerra Medrano, the estranged wife of Larry Medrano was desperate searching for her missing daughter, Ana.

She came across Claire one night at a moment when Claire was being harassed by some unscrupulous men. Claire was drunk and Evelyn together with her driver and sister helped Claire and sent her to her house. Claire narrated her story of being abandoned and abused by a man who adopted her.

Evelyn realised that Claire was yearning for a mother’s l*ve and was also of her daughter’s age. She believed catering for her would also make someone become compassionate about her missing daughter and do likewise for her.

Once Evelyn learnt about the sad story behind Claire’s life, she thought she could be her long lost Ana since Claire was found by the man who adopted her around the age of three.

The story of Claire reflected that of Ana so Evelyn had a DNA test conducted on her but the result proved her suspicion as wrong. Getting emotionally attached to Claire, Evelyn took full responsibility of Claire and took care of her while the man who adopted her embarked on a business trip outside the country.

Seeing Evelyn as rich and well to do, Claire saw her as an answer to her quest of alleviating from poverty and took advantage of Evelyn’s psychological trauma of loss to fill in the gap by replacing Evelyn’s missing daughter.

Being pampered by luxury, Claire grew bitter and insolent and her obsession of l*ve deepened when Angela, a feral child and Calvin got into the life of Evelyn.

Calvin was Evelyn and Larry’s god son so he entrusted Angela in the care of Evelyn as Calvin kept visiting the feral girl he rescued, Claire add him to her list of people she would obsessed about.

Claire, knowing Calvin liked the feral child and her new mother also was fond of the feral patient, through the fear of neglection, Claire decided to lure Calvin into dating her to take his interest away from the feral girl.

With lies and emotional bullying, Claire succeeded in winning Calvin as a boyfriend but her jealousy still had no boundaries and exhibited it by beating, locking and emotionally torturing Angela with an aim to get her away from Calvin and also Evelyn.

Claire once again succeeded in ripping Angela away from the life of Evelyn. She one day lured Angela with her favourite chocolate to get her out of the mansion.

Angela met an accident on the road which Dr Francis used that to his advantage to be the doctor in charge of Angela. Fortunately or unfortunately, Claire also had an accident when Evelyn was determined to fight for the custody of Angela with Francis.

Feeling so neglected and abandoned, Claire fled from home and fell off from stairs in her attempt to escape from some unscrupulous boys who tried to $e×ually harass her.

The accident deepened her relationship with Calvin and for a year she and Calvin lived happily till Angela made her grand return in the life of Calvin.

Claire became a living replica of Odessa in Angela’s life. Out of obsession, she tried getting Calvin jealous by getting involved with a different guy at a club, leading a misunderstanding and a fight between the other guy and Calvin.

The incident led Calvin to break up with Claire. As Claire saw that Calvin had declared his feelings for Angela and were starting to date, Claire hatched up a plan to make the competition tight for Angela.

She decided not to leave Calvin for Angela. After her plan of making Calvin look down on Angela who was still recovering from her feral state failed, Claire decided to get the parent of Calvin involved.

However, a pregnancy pronouncement saved her from the break up. She managed to make Dr Francis and Glenda believed that Calvin dumped her after getting her pregnant all in the name of Angela, Francis’ patient.

Dr Francis being a friend to the Medranos then compelled Calvin to get betrothed to Claire but an unfortunate incident occured that caused Claire to get miscarriage. Claire had always used the pregnancy as a trump card to glue Calvin to her but her woes began when the expected baby was no more.

Although she blamed Angela, who out of broken heart decided to get medical treatment from Dr John, an American based psychologist in the United States.

Claire took respite from Angela’s absent to straighten her crooked relationship with Calvin. Although Calvin promised his commitment and l*ve to her, however Calvin rescinded on his decision when he came across Angela again after eleven months of being away.

Seeing how refined, pretty and classy Angela had grown to become, Claire’s jealousy grew wilder but the more she tried getting Angela and Calvin’s way, the more her boyfriend find reason to despise her.

She resulted to fight, physical, verbal and emotional abuse. On several occasions, she attacked Angela just to maintain her relationship with Calvin and to make Calvin feel guilty of being unfair to her.

She grew so cynical, Calvin who was going through lots of emotional stress due to her mom’s gun woods had enough of Claire and broke up with her.

Claire who felt betrayed by Calvin since she caught him in an act of k!$$ing Angela drunk her head out. She cursed Angela beneath her breath and promised to always fight her till she wins over Calvin again but least did she know that her long time enemy which she threw her out of Evelyn’s house and fights her was the actual child of Evelyn.

Although many viewers were anxious to know how Claire would respond once she got to know that, the Angela she abused, lied against and tried stealing her mother’s affection and in the end playing the victim was the missing daughter of Evelyn.

However, the series did not make viewers got that guilty feel from Claire since Claire getting to the end of the series packed out of Evelyn’s house.

She had an immense confrontation with Evelyn and described her caretaker as hypocrite only because she did not support her in her fight to win Calvin from Angela.

Claire is a character who would be described as ingrate, a gold-digger, jealous, deceitful, bully, insolent and obsessed. She being a girl yearning for a mother’s affection after suffering from bullying and emotional torture is expected to have obeyed Evelyn and understand Angela more but she turned out to be a reinforcer of an abused which she suffered from friends, her actual parent and her adopted parent while growing up.

Claire became more spiteful and evil than her nemesis when fortune smiled at her to get Evelyn to provide her the luxury she had always wished for her life.

Life gave Claire everything she wished for, including a mother, luxury and l*ve but she could not take care of them and lost all due to her tendency and predisposition of suffering from neglect during childhood days.

Even having it all she felt being neglected, hence her fight for attention.


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