Viral Scandal Episode 50

Viral Scandal Episode 50 Jigs k!lls Archie over his betrayal, Rica confesses her l0ve to Kyle

At School, Bea saw Pogs when he was leaving and  pleaded with him to forgive her for what she said. Pogs said she should be apologising to Brax instead not him. While at work Rica kept thinking about what Kyle said earlier and she wondered what he meant by as long as it was okay with him.

She then received a surprise call from Ella and wondered how she got her number. Ella said she took it from a friend at the hospital and asked for forgiveness for what her boyfriend, Archie did to her. Rica told Ella that she was not mad at her since she was not the one who leaked it.

Ella said she only accepted Archie back after he handed all the documents that would help her case even when he was terrified. She confessed to l0ve Archie so much, she knew Archie was a good person irrespective of what he did and now he was mending his ways to become a better person.

Jigs sent Archie to an abandoned building to confront him for betraying their friendship. Archie said he only befriended him just to join his group to find all the necessary evidence against him to expose him. He branded Jigs as trash and was a cruel politician who his family bribe anyone to shield their crimes.

Jigs beat him till he lost his strength and fell. Liam told him that he was chickening up all due to a woman. Archie called them pathetic for violating different women. He told them that they would never get a l0ve due to their cruelty. This provoked the friends to lynch him.

Ella narrated that she was broken after what Jigs did to her and was messed up that she believed triggered her sickness and she gave up on l0ve. She pushed Archie away but Archie returned to rekindle that l0ve in her heart. She told Rica that whatever she was feeling at the moment was not real.

“How can I l0ve someone else if I have a lot of baggage to deal with,” Rica opined.

“There’s Jigs, the case and the trauma of what happened to me.”

“Is this really the right time for all that?”

“Do you really think there is a right time or a right season or perfect situation for you to fall in l0ve? Ella queried.

“I think it just happened on its own time and unexpectedly.”

“If it comes right at the midst of a problem or chaos wouldn’t that be better?”

“Because it means that you don’t have to be alone in this world and when you feel like giving up, someone will just hold your hand and it doesn’t matter if you feel empty or not because you simply know somebody is out there for you.”

“Someone who l0ves you if you’re broken or empty!”

Ella advised Rica not to give up on l0ve. She knew what happened to them had a huge toll on their personal lives but that should not take away her chance to l0ve. She should not be afraid to l0ve since they knew not what tomorrow might bring. She should live her life and l0ve to make Jigs and all those vile men to know she was not defeated.

Seeing Archie so weak and frail, Liam and Dominic stopped Jigs from beating Archie, yet Jigs would not listen to their plea. Jigs kept hitting and kicking Archie till he d!ed. Rica kept reflecting on what Ella told her and watched Kyle from the window. Having the urge to make him know what she actually felt.

Axel and Chino saw Rica watching Kyle and Axel knew Rica only had feelings for Kyle.
He turned back since felt defeated, making Chino wondering why Axel turned back so he followed him.

Rica noticed Kyle was going out. She tried talking to him but Kyle said he had a meeting and wiped Rica’s tears, saying he meant what he said that he was happy for her and Axel. As he left, Rica cried. Dan offered to go with Kakay to see Olivia. After k!lling Axel, Jigs went to throw his corpse into a bush and rushed home.

He wasn’t lucky, a servant from the house bumped into him and saw blood stains on his shirt. Troy agreed with Dan that his father was using dirty means and wanted to use blackmail too. However, Attorney Dizon refused to be his ally in that. Rica went home and wondered what Axel might have told Kyle and sent him a text.

Kyle went to the rooftop and received a call from Consuelo and he told her that he earlier thought there was some connection between him and Rica but it was not the case, she was now with Axel. Kyle told his mother that Axel and him were avoiding each other at the moment and his mother invited him to Manila.

People saw Archie’s body and called the police. People took video of it spread it online. Rica was disappointed to know that Olivia has backed out from her case and her mother told her to follow her and Dan to Olivia’s place. The moment Rica thought the case was making progress something bad had to happen.

Rica saw the viral video of Archie when she went into her room and called Ella to inform her about the painful news. Ella was in denial and told Rica that they planned to leave the next day to restart their lives and saw the news as untrue as she wept bitterly.

At the Ramones mansion, Audrey told Troy about her preparedness to support him in his unity with the Sicats and wanted them to have a family dinner. Raven saw the viral video and Audrey wondered who did that against Archie. She pointed her hand on Troy since Archie was the one who leaked the video.

Troy revealed that Archie was helping them on Rica’s case so he was positive that his father and Bobby were behind it. Audrey could only imagine what would happen to them after what Alberto and Bobby did to Archie.

This had a negative toll on Rica since the deàth of Archie would terrify all those who might help them since they would fear to end up like Archie. Rica recalled all the words of Ella and saw a message that Kyle would be leaving for a few days so she would be attending the meetings.

Rica cried and ran to the rooftop in search of Kyle. She screamed out his name and was devastated when she did not see him. When she was leaving in tears and frustration, she heard Kyle calling her. Kyle got closer to her and saw her crying and asked her what was wrong with her.

Rica told him that she was able to be on her feet due to him with his encouragement and words. She could no longer let go of something that she should have embraced and now she would not fear anymore to admit that she had something special in her heart for him and he was the one that she l0ved.

Kyle looked surprise since he thought Rica was with Axel instead. Rica explained that she never had anything or feelings for Axel only him that she had something for and was scared not to have voiced it out should something happened to any of them.

“I l0ve you Kyle, I l0ve you so much Kyle.”

“I l0ve you too Rica,” Kyle smiled and was so happy.

“I never knew I will hear you saying those words.”

They hugged to embrace their l0ve for each other.


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