Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 29-33

Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 29-33 Bobby threatens Audrey to reveal their secret affair to Troy, Attorney Dizon finally gets hold on a witness who could help in Rica’s case

As the Ramones are worried for Raven, Rica’s phonecall to Troy eases the tension. Rica sheds tears in a washroom reflecting on Raven’s outburst and claims of her not having a good family due to Rica.

Troy comes for Raven and did not leave without expressing his gratitude to Kyle, Axel and Rica. Audrey blames herself for Raven’s alcohol addiction.

Elsewhere, Rica realises Troy is only human and begins to reshape her thoughts and behaviour towards her biological father. As Bea is expressing shock in the kind of lifestyle Raven is living behind her social media life, Rica advises her to stop thinking that Raven doesn’t have a problem.

She also warns Bea and Nico against informing third parties about Raven’s alcohol addiction. Due to the problems his family is facing concerning the raising of Raven, Troy makes amendment in order to live as one with his wife and daughter.

Raven is advised to be sent to a rehab for treatment. She apologises for her act and how her action might dent the mayor’s reputation. Troy care less about the public opinion, he wants Raven to gets well even at the expense of his reputation as the Mayor of Sidero.

While packing her things for the rehab, Raven reveals to Audrey how Rica saved and supported her through her ordeal and even changed her clothes when she puffed. Raven regrets for always acting mean towards her half sister.

Meanwhile, Axel finds himself falling in l0ve with Rica while Rica chisels her relationship with Kyle and also thanked him for his support.

Raven is admitted at the rehab centre to receive treatment for her AUT illness. As Troy tells Attorney Dizon his reason for his hesitation in getting his marriage annulled, Audrey wastes no time to apologise to the Sicats and demands them not to reveal her daughter’s situation to anyone. She as well thanked Kakay for Rica’s help in keeping Raven safe.

Soon, Troy visits Rica at BA to present a gift to her. After refusing to accept, the words of Troy touches her heart and she finally accepts his necklace trust fund gift.

Rica returns home to discover that Audrey came there to thank her and also to ask them to keep her daughter’s condition at bay. Rica then tells her family that Troy also passed by her office to equally thank her.

Realising the tension the rumours of the visit of Audrey has created, Rica fails to tell her family about the trust fund and the necklace her biological father gave to her. At night, she feels unease not to have come clean to her parents.

Elsewhere, Troy stumbles on his wife and witnesses how Alberto was blaming her for Raven’s situation. Troy defends his wife and when his adopted father wants them to send Raven away before ruining the reputation of the family, Troy and his wife team up against Alberto.

They vehemently refuse to send Raven to abroad just because their reputation is at stake and walk out on Alberto. Jigs is impressed by what he witnessed for the first time between Audrey and Troy. He finds it amusing how his grandfather just disposes a person when the person becomes no use to him.

However, Bobby is upset that his brother and Audrey are now getting along and have an outburst. The next day, Bea finds the necklace of Rica when she is searching through Rica’s things to find a dress of her senior sister to wear.

In her borrowed necklace, Raven finds herself so glamorous and catches the attention of Brax but Pogs ruins her moment with her crush. Kyle, on the other hand, tries hard to eat back his words of keeping things professional with Rica. He tries to reconnect with Rica but doesn’t know the right approach to get close to her.

At home, Kakay discovers the truth which Rica is keeping and confronts her for the chain on Bea’s neck. Rica defends herself as she explains why she accepted the 24million funds and the necklace from Troy, since her mother lied to her for claiming Troy abandoned her. Kakay accepts her fault for raising Rica to despise her biological father.

However, she finds no regret in keeping her away from Troy in order for her not to be the second priority of Troy. Meanwhile, Bobby threatens to expose Audrey if she ditches him to reconcile with Troy.

Audrey fails to give in to Bobby’s demands since she is hellbent on saving her marriage. Already, Raven’s doctor has informed her and Troy to provide conducive environment for Raven once she returns home. Hence, Audrey is using the opportunity to straighten things in her marriage.

Due to his jealousy of losing Audrey to his brother, Bobby makes a decision that risks the life of the Sicats. Fortunately, Audrey arrives at the house of the Sicats to rescue Bea, Nico and Pogs from a fire set up by a mental retarded person sent by Bobby to go after the Sicats.

Hearing of the incident at home, Rica races from work and gets a help from an unlikely ally only to discover that her siblings are in the hands of the Ramones. She is stunned to find out that Kyle is the one who helped her out.

Bea takes pictures of herself in the big house of the Ramones and even takes pictures of the food she is served at the Mayor’s mansion. Soon, Rica arrives at the mayor’s residence for her siblings but has to have a private talk with Troy to return the trust fund and the necklace.

Troy begs her to keep it, unfortunately, Dan arrives there to fight the mayor for trying to manipulate Rica with money. The intervention of the guards puts the fight at bay. After taking pictures of the skirt that Audrey gave to her to wear, Bea arrives home feeling so happy to wear Raven’s skirt.

Karla warns her to get rid off the skirt, however, Dan wastes no time to confront his wife for keeping secrets from him once more. Meanwhile, Rica takes comfort in the arms of her boss, Kyle.

Elsewhere, Axel fights his feelings for Rica, after Nicole’s presence still can’t keep his mind from the junior architect. Chino learns from Nicole how Axel is grow cold toward her.

Fast forward, Dan packs out from their house with his kids. Bea is not happy that they have to change their residence, thinking the new place will not be a conducive environment. In their new house, Dan puts Bea in her place for the tantrums.

Attorney Dizon finally finds a crucial person who will help in the case of Rica and convinces him to be an ally. She promised to secure him from Alberto. With the help of this new witness, the court schedules the next hearing of the case.

Kakay tries to patch things up with Dan, yet, the jealous husband believes Troy is behind the fire that gutted their former house. Karla jumps into the mayor’s defense since he can’t give Rica money and also unleashes his henchman on them the next day.

Elsewhere, Rica meets Ella again and strengthens her to keep fighting against her cancer and should not give up. As Ella thinks of getting Rica’s contact and her name the next time she meets her, Archie tries hard to keep Rica’s court case under wraps and enlists Ella’s mother’s help to refrain Ella from using her phone.

He scared his cover of helping Jigs to be set free from Rica’s charges against him will be blown. Rica on the other hand prepares for the hearing and kakay wants Dan to patch things up for them to support Rica for the case.


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