A Mother's Guilt Episode 10 Sonya returns scholarship given to Domeng to Jean

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 10

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 10 Sonya returns scholarship given to Domeng to Jean

Attorney Vega said Paco’s action was unethical, she then gave Paco assignment to get the watch and not include his personal
issue in the case they were handling.

At home, When Jacob, Anna and Jean were gathered on a round table, Jacob said he was sorry for what had happed. Jean then said she could not believe that Paco worked for Gabriel. Anna who lost her trust in Paco could still not bring herself to accept that Paco betrayed her.

“Why is it too hard for people to tell the truth” Anna said.

Paco came home and Domeng called Sonya that Paco was in. Sonya saw her son not looking cheerful and he voiced out that Anna has gotten to know the truth.

Anna slept on her bed brooding over the lies of Paco and she remembered all her happy moments and encounters with him: how they kissed and how she found out about Paco working with Attoney Vega.

The manner Paco said the finger print did not match Gabriel’s own. she could still not believe that Paco had gone against her and the family.

She then went through her phone to watch Jacob and Jean’s encounter with the media and how they accused Gabriel of being the suspect of the crime committed.

Jean tried calling Sonya that evening while thinking about how they have joined forces with her enemies to get Gabriel out but upon sober reflection she cut the call and joined Jacob on bed.

Jacob saw that she was depressed and he asked her not to think about that butJean said she was just concerned about Anna as she was hurt.

Jacob said Paco was not good for Anna and he would not be surprised that he and Gabriel were doing evil things so that at the Supreme Court they would win the case but he insisted that he would not lose confident as the truth would always prevail.

Paco was on his bed thinking about the incident and reviewing the case, Sonya approached him and hugged him. She told him not to worry because with time everything would be fine.

Paco told his mother that he believed at the end of the case when he and his legal friends found more evidence that Gabriel was innocent and the murderer was on the lose Anna would then believe him.

Sonya later prayed for protection for her children. She believed the truth would soon come out and sobbed while watching over Domeng and Paco sleeping.

Anna was trying to get into the bottom of the murder case so she was reading lots of stories about the case on her computer to find the loop holes that would make Paco believed in Gabriel.

Jean then brought her a drink. She thanked her mom and sipped it. Jean told her that she missed Edward and the happy moments they shared together.

Anna also admitted that she really missed him and how he prepared same drink which her mother brought to her. Jean told Anna that she should always remember that she would protect her against anything as that was the work of a mother. She said she loved Anna and Anna said she also loved her so much.

In the morning Anna joined the breakfast table and told her mom about her decision that she would stay in Philippines.

“For good?” Jean anxiously asked.

“Yes” Anna nodded.

“Of course yes that is all I wanted from the start” Jean said in excitement.

Jacob was not enthused he asked Anna whether she knew the pending court incident had dire effect on the family?

Anna indicated that, that was exactly her point to stay there and be with her mother irrespective of what happened.

Jean said it was great she knew Jacob would be in supportive. Jake interjected that he would always support the decision but he did not want Anna to sacrifice to see her mother’s safety that was the reason he was there as a man to protect Jean.

“You don’t have to change your plans and stay here, I can assure you that I am here to protect the family,” Jacob said.

But Anna insisted that she wanted to stay with her mother so Jean asked Jacob to allow Anna to stay with her if she wanted it.

He said he did not want Anna to get involved, as it was dangerous, more reason why they sent her to the state.

Jacob said for her own safety, she had to rethink about her decision. Anna looked at him with disdain eyes, saying she was not a kid anymore and Jacob said he did not say she was a kid.

At work, Jacob asked Katrina how she was able to know Paco And Vega was working together and Katrina said, that was because she knew how to work well.

He then told her to go and tell Jean about her visitor since she was Jean’s secretary.
Jacob told Roman that he loved his wife and was ready to do anything to ensure Gabriel was left behind bars.

Katrina came to Jean’s office to inform her that Sonya was there to see her. She stated that even she told her that Jean was busy and she insisted to wait for her. Jean asked her that he should send her.

Jean told Sonya that she lied to her twice, for being for failing to tell her she was a policy holder when she first met her and Paco’s work with Attorney Vega.

Sonya indicated that she had always talked to Paco to talk to Anna about it before finding out for her to get hurt.

“And he did hurt my Anna,” Jean interjected.

They engaged in confrontation with eachother Sonya then presented to her the scholarship she gave to Domeng and said that was the reason she was there. Jean then cried when Sonya left.

Domeng together with Nessa and one other friend went to deliver the boxes it was established that the items in the boxes were illegal drugs.

Anna was behind her computer, Letty engaged in a chat with her, she told Anna to remain vigilant and watch the issue from all angles.

“What if Paco was saying is true,” Letty asked but Anna said “well according to the evidence they arrested the right guy.” Letty then advised Anna on her decision she took on Paco.

As they were talking, Anna received a text from Paco and she told Letty about it. She then met up with him at a bar.

Paco asked her if he could something for her she interjected that “Don’t waste my time Paco.”

“I never thought you will lie to me!” Anna exclaimed

Paco interjected that he never meant to do that.

“But you did” Anna interjected.

Paco tried to explain to her that the evidence they were gathering suggested the innocence of Gabriel and he cited the finger print evidence. he said he even did the job to help her since he knew how Edward meant to her.

Anna then said she would never believe Paco and she never asked him to help find the real culprit since the culprit was the one who was arrested.

“I don’t want to take away the family justice,” Paco explained with cold voice and promised to bring her the justice she deserved. Anna remembered what a lady who worked for her father told her in Baller but she did not want to accept Paco’s explanation she got upset and walked away.

At the Montecillos mansion, Anna tried to take critical look at what Paco told her she was trying to believe him after she tried joining all the pieces together. Jacob was not happy that she went to meet with Paco.

“Anna don’t you there fall in love with that boy” he worked with Gabriel which indicated his mother intent, Jacob stressed.

Jean said she understood that Anna had a special feelings for Paco but she should not allow that to cover his intent.

Anna said she was being objective as she was considering so many things but Jacob said “too bad he (Paco) is going to lose.”

Anna interjected “but what if Paco was right” Jacob contradicted her and Anna said she she spoke with the caretaker at Baller and she said something concerning someone close to Edward plotting against him.

Jean said that was related to Educare and had nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Jacob called Attorney Balmaceda on phone to speed up their plot against Vega and her legal team and said “we only have one week left to close the deal.”

At home, Sonya talked to Paco and Domeng and she said she had returned the scholarship to Jean although Domeng built his hopes up with it but understood his mom’s decision and they hugged.

In the next day evening, Paco’s legal friends said bye to him after their review meeting, Jacob came with his car and called Paco in.

When Paco went inside the car, Jean warned him to stop harassing his family and said good luck to Paco and told him to get down from his car.

Paco came home with food, Domeng and Sonya were delighted that Paco got them something Sonya brought to the table plates and spoons as they uncealed the food.

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