A Mother's Guilt Episode 12

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 12

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 12 Vega’s team locate the buyer of Lamoste’s watch

Nessa, Domeng and Unyo promised not to get involved in anything that could cause a scandal.

Anna went to her mother’s room and asked her mother to spend the night with her since it was her last night in Philippines.

Paco was having sleepless night so Sonya told him she knew he was thinking about Anna. Sonya comforted him and told him to carry on with his life and if destiny was meant for them to be joined together they would be together. They hugged and Domeng joined them.

The next day Anna was leaving for New York so she hugged Letty and Jean, they cried for the seperation. Jean said it was hard for her to say goodbye to Anna but Anna said: “this is not goodbye by next year I will be here.”

“I know but I’m gonna miss u so much,” Jean added. Anna insisted that she would be back. Jean asked if she took her passport and everything and she said yes she had her everything intact.

“I will miss you so much,” Jean cried
“I love you…” Jean added.
“I love you to mom,” Anna hugged her mother.

“Have a safe flight,” Jean said as Anna’s car arrived.

Anna hugged everyone again.

Paco informed the team that the police found a button at the crime scene, Vega gave order and asked what Alipio was still sitting there doing. Paco had earlier been told to always stay in the office to arrange documents so once Attorney Vega gave the order he thought he was not part. He was surprised to hear Attorney Vega asking why she was sitting without following his colleagues so he asked whether he could now work outside.

Attorney Vega said unless he wanted to stay and arrange files. As Paco was about to leave he said in soliloquy that he was doing this for Anna.

Sonya after getting money from Paco to enroll Domeng in school searched for admission together with Nessa’s mother. As they were trying to get admission for Domeng she realised that Domeng’s tuition had been paid through scholarship from New Hope Foundation.

Paco and the team began a search for the watch but every where they asked the people said they have not come across such a watch.

At a different shop, the woman who saw the watch returned to the seller who has Mr Lamoste’s watch came to buy the watch. Initially the seller did not want to sell the watch but the offer was good so he finally sold it.

As Anna was leaving, she started taking trip down the memory lane. She then opened the side zip of the bag which her dad’s portrait were in and Anna saw certain papers meanwhile it was left with 20 minutes for her to reach her destination. She could not figure out what the paper was for but it was a withdrawal slip.

She then remembered her father’s housekeeper at Baller, telling her that Edward always fight someone on phone for backstabbing him she then concluded that the papers could help  seek justice for her father.

Anna then remembered telling her dad when she visited his grave with Jean to say goodbye, she said that if he did not want her to leave he should show her a sign. So she deemed the withdrawal slip was a sign for her to return to the house.

Sonya and Domeng were surprised to realise that Jean had given the scholarship to Domeng after she returned it.

As Paco and his legal team collegues were standing, did not know the kind of shop they should go anymore Someone came there and the person showed him a shop which the boss had that particular watch, but he said his boss was not selling the watch.

Asyong visited Sonya and she informed him that Domeng has gained admission and she told him that Jean covered the funding through scholarship and they were happy that Domeng’s dreams would be accomplished.

Domeng then gave the tuition fee which Paco gave him to fund Unyo’s school fees for him to also go back to school.

Paco arrived to the seller’s office together with his colleagues, Paco realised the watch had been sold.

Jean received text from Sonya thanking her for her support, Jean was happy that she had helped them.

Roman called Jacob to inform him that they were able to get the watch. Jacob has that satisfactory smile on his face. Finally they had taken the lead which would make Attorney Vega’s job tedious and baseless.

Letty ran to the house screaming Jean’s name, so Jean descended down from the stairs thinking something bad had happened.
Jacob after hearing the noise hanged up his call to go and check what was happening.

Behold, it was Anna who had returned home. They all had that trouble look on their faces, didn’t know why Anna had returned. Jake anxiously asked “Anna did you miss your flight?”

“NO! I have finally decided to stay in Philippines,” Anna said as she took glimpse of everyone.

Jean was so happy but she could not believe that finally Anna has decided to stay.

She asked her why she changed her decision and she said dad had something to do with the decision “I asked for a sign and it happened. Mom I want to be there with you.”

Once Attorney Vega learnt that the watch had been sold and the seller could not trace the buyer she exclaimed: “We failed again so we should move on.”

Later, Anna showed the papers to Letty as she was updating her on the actual sign that made her return.

Sonya went to pray to God, thanking him for helping her secured brighter future for Domeng.

Jacob went to the grave yard to visit Edward holding the watch. He said no one would find out that he killed him and the person who would attempt it would die as Edward did. He said he has taken everything away from Edward and would always be double steps ahead of his foes.

Flashback Jake received a call from Roman talking about how he successfully transferred Edward’s money into the designated account.

In the morning,Paco was leaving to the firm and Sonya asked him to have breakfast with them, she and Domeng before leaving. Paco was in a hurry to leave but he sipped his tea in a hurry. Sonya asked how far the legal work was going and he said they got Mr Lee, the seller who had the watch to sketch the woman who sold the watch to him.

Flashback: Mr Lee went to Attorney Vega’s office and she asked him who gave him that watch in 2004. So they brought a sketch artist to draw the person who brought that watch, Paco told his family. He then left.

Sonya was dumbfounded by the news… she did not know what to do, whether to voice out the truth to Paco or not. She stood from the chair and left as Domeng was talking to her. Sonya was so worried. She left Domeng on the breakfast table went to where she prays and prayed trying to get incite on what to do.

As Paco got to the street Anna was inside a car arriving, she arrived and Paco was surprised to see her.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 12

He exclaimed and ran to hug her, she said she decided to stay.

“May be I was destined to be here,” Anna said.

Sonya was also following Paco calling out his name, she wanted to confess but as she saw Paco and Anna hugging eachother and were happy on the street she stayed back to watch them.

Domeng who did not understand why his mother abandoned him on the breakfast table also ran after her. She came to meet Sonya hiding next to a car watching Paco and Anna in amazement.

Domeng began teasing his mom saying she was feeling jealous that Paco and Anna were hugging eachother. Sonya told him that they should leave before Paco and Anna see them.

Anna and Paco then went to buy a drink and as they were enjoying the moment, Anna told her driver to give her the box.

She gave the box that the papers were in to Paco, to help him in his investigation.

Jean told Letty that she was so happy that Anna had finally made a decision to stay. She said she would establish a restaurant for her in Philippines.

Sonya was called as Asyong was seriously sick, she rushed to his house and sent him to hospital, saying the cough could get out of hand.

Anna insisted that Paco should have a look at the papers and help her to find the person whose name was not part of Educare but got access to her father’s resources.

Jacob told Roman that if the watch ended up with Mr Lee then it meant that someone went to sell it to him and they had to find that person.

He was also of the view that someone saw the henchman if the person was able to get the watch and sell it to Mr Lee but Roman said the guy knew his job. He said he did a clean job and doubted if someone saw him.

Yet Jacob was not convinced so he ordered Roman to find the guy and query him more on that otherwise all their efforts would go down to drain.

Paco asked Anna to court him again but she did not give a definite answer. At home, Paco told Samboy and Domeng about it and he concluded that if Anna returns to see him then it meant that she wanted to be his girlfriend.

Samboy asked What if that never happened? Paco said it would because if she was supposed to be away from her she would never had returned.

Anna gist Letty about everything and she advised Anna to accept Paco with no excuses. She said Paco was a sincere man and it was drawn all over his face that he loved Anna. Letty encouraged Anna to accept Paco before someone snatched him from her hand.

Anna went to her mother and asked Jean to tell her more about Educare and how things ended up that way.

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