The Blood Sisters Episode 66

The Blood Sisters Episode 66

The Blood Sisters Episode 66 Carrie regains consciousness

Agatha told Rocco that she had his money. Rocco refused to believe her and thought she was bluffing so that he would not have to kill her.

Agatha told Rocco that she took it from the white van but still Rocco would not believe her. Agatha therefore said that she left about a million in her car and Rocco sent Juancho to go and see if it was true. Juancho came back with the money and Agatha was able to prove that she was not lying.

Rocco demanded to know where the money was but Agatha refused to tell him. Rocco ordered Juancho to do whatever it took to make Agatha tell them where she hid the money.

Marciano had Agatha’s clothes tested for gunpowder and he was able to prove that she had shot a gun on the day that Carrie was shot. Erika however denied it and said that Agatha did not do it.

She said that she had spoken to Agatha before Rocco took her and she had denied everything. Tonyo and Samuel told her that Agatha could have lied to her but Erika said it made no sense for Agatha to admit to her crimes and deny others.

Erika trusts Agatha

She also believed in Agatha’s sincerity during their conversation.
Debbie went to see Rosemarie in prison and told her that Rocco got Agatha. Rosemarie was glad she was not there because she preferred staying in jail than going back to Rocco.

Debbie also told Rosemarie that she would not be able to pay for her lawyer since they did not have any money. All of Rosemarie’s assets had been seized and they did not have any money.

Rosemarie said she understood and would be fine with a state appointed lawyer. Norman joined them and decided to pay for Rosemarie’s lawyer saying that she needed a good lawyer to defend her.

Rosemarie was surprised that Norman was offering to help her after the way he had always treated him.

Rosemarie thanks Norman for his help

Norman said they were family and it was his duty to take care of him. Rosemarie was grateful and apologised to Norman for everything.

Later, Debbie asked Rosemarie if she had asked Andrea to withdraw a million from the bank. Rosemarie said she never did such a thing.

Debbie also asked about the staff salaries and Rosemarie said she left the money to Andrea. They were both confused because Andrea denied having received the money.

Rosemarie also told Debbie what Agatha said, that Andrea was the one who pushed her down the stairs.

Andrea went home furious since she was not able to get any money from Rosemarie’s account. She instead decided to steal their jewelry and was heading out when Debbie arrived.

She said she was going out for a trip with her friends but Debbie asked to check her bag. Debbie found her jewelry in Andrea’s bag and asked her why she was stealing from her own family.

Andrea lashed out and asked Debbie if they had ever considered her part of the family. She said that she was treated more like an employee and had therefore paid back whatever debt she owed them for raising her.

She also admitted that she pushed Rosemarie but she was only angry because Rosemarie refused to help her during the only time that she asked helped from them.

Andrea admitted

Debbie took Andrea to visit Rosemarir and decide if they were going to file charges against her. Rosemarie however decided to forgive Andrea and admitted to not having treated her well.

She said it would not be okay for her to seek forgiveness while she refused to forgive others. She therefore told Andrea to go and take care of her mother.

Samuel and Vida went to pay Rosemarie a visit in prison to ask her about Manuel’s death. Vida insisted on finding out the truth so Rosemarie eventually told them that they had to take care of Manuel because he knew too much about Paraiso.

Fabian said he would take care of it but she never wanted to find out what he did to Manuel.

The Solomons saw the news of Agatha’s break out from prison and Greg was furious that Rocco strapped explosives around Ginny.

They called him and asked him to go and meet with him. Greg confronted Rocco but he gloated about his plan and how he was able to get Agatha from the NBI.

He therefore said it was an effective plan and he would use it again to save his sister. He had brought Ginny with him and asked for Sahara in return. Greg was forced to give her back while Rocco left them with Ginny.

Rocco uses Ginny to get Sahara

Greg told Fabian that he would be leaving with Ginny because he did not want her to grow up in such an environment and she had already suffered enough.

After Rocco got Sahara, he now had to get his money back from Agatha. Since she refused to tell them where she hid it, Rocco decided to get some help.

Carrie finally woke up from her coma and everyone was glad to see her recover. She asked about Agatha and Erika told her what happened when she was asleep.

They asked if Agatha was the one who shot her but Carrie said the one who shot her was a man.

Erika got a call from Rocco and he said that he wanted his money back in exchange for Agatha. He threatened to bring her back in a polybag if he did not get his 800 million.

Erika and her entire family hence took off to look for the money at Adele’s house and Agatha’s town house but they were not able to find it.

Rocco demands Erika to give him his money

Fabian asked to meet with Rocco and he expressed his admiration in the way Rocco worked. He said that they should work together to become powerful and successful but Rocco asked if Greg would agree.

Fabian said Greg left with Ginny and it would only be the two of them. Rocco therefore shook hands with him as a sign of agreement.


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