A Mother's Guilt Episode 15 Anna, Paco had their first intimate night together

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 15

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 15 Anna, Paco had their first intimate night together  

Domeng and Unyo went out of the room after Nessa left. Unyo asked Domeng whether he saw that action of Nessa. They engaged in conversation and started laughing. Sonya watched from the window and was happy to see Domeng and Unyo happy.

Roman met with the henchman to inform him to testify at the court in order to implicate Sonya in the issue as a key witness.

Jacob called Diego the police officer and he told him that Gabriel was attacked.

Jean escorted Katrina out from the Montecillos mansion as Katrina went into her car and Jean was opening her gate to get in, Carolina approached her and began fighting with her. She claimed that Jean had her husband, Gabriel molested.

Jean was confused, she did not know where that accusation was coming from. She obviously was innocent but Carolina did not accept it so Jean called Gabriel a criminal and said she did not have time for that criminal.

Once she called Gabriel criminal Carolina dragged her by her hair and fought with her. She pushed Sonya to the ground and beat her mercilessly.

Jacob met Roman on the street to ask him why he did that against Gabriel as there were few days to the court hearing. He was scared that the act of Gabriel could complicate their chances of winning the case.

In her car, Katrina saw how Gabriel’s wife was beating Sonya she came out from her car and joined the fight. She slapped Carolina and fought her. That gave Jean opportunity to rise from the ground.

Jacob pushed Roman and he fell on the ground he had him beaten for not using his brains.

Katrina hit Carolina to the ground and beat her, Carolina reach out for a stone when she was about to hit it on Katrina Jean came the mansion with a pruning shears and she threatened Carolina that she would use it against her.

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Katrina used that disruption to call Jacob. The moment Jacob pulled his gun to threaten Roman not to mess up with him otherwise he would kill him with his bear hands, the call came through and it interrupted Jacob from continuing his fight against Roman.

He took his phone from his pocket and Katrina told him that Jean was being attacked by Carolina in the house. He told her that he would be there soon.

An alarm was blown to signal the attention of night security. Carolina fled, as the security got to the scene with his motorcycle Jean told him that the culprit was running so he should go after her. Carolina hid herself in a bush and watched the security pass. She sat down and cry.

Jacob arrived and Letty came to serve Jean with a drin, Jacob asked Jean what had happened and asked whether she was alright Jean said she was okay.

She said she was thinking about Anna. She pleaded with Letty not to inform Anna about anything. Jacob said that was the reason he did not want Anna to stay in Philippines he was of the view that informing Anna would make her realised how dangerous it was for her to remain there.

Roman met with a woman and gave her a package so the woman would deliver it to Sonya. The woman called Sonya to ask her for her address as she has package with her.

Sonya gladly gave her address and stood outside to wait for the package. A delivery woman arrived on her motor and she came to ask of Sonya Alipio and Sonya said she was the one.

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She made her sign and gave the package to her. As she opened the box she saw Mr Lamoste’s picture, suddenly she left it and the box hit the ground. she looked around and shivered in fear. The woman who was given the task was in a car watching Sonya’s reaction to the surprise. She was there to check whether the gift she delivered had reached Sonya.

Jacob called Roman and he was told that mission accomplished. he stood happily sipping his drink and said once Sonya was implicated in the entire death of Edward Lamoste his family would know the real colour of Sonya.

“My whole family will hate you to the core I can’t wait” Jacob said with a smile.

Anna was still securing means to fish out the name of the person who Educare’s money was being transferred into her name.

“I will get to the bottom of this daddy” Anna said.

Sonya stormed inside with fear and told Asyong about the gift she received. Asyong torn the pictures and told her not to get intimidated. Sonya said she was dead scared about everything.

Asyong told her not to worry, no one knew about the incident and she should just forget about it although someone was threatening her.

Anna came down, she saw Jacob but sneaked her way into the study. As she was going through the documents, she heard that someone had opened the door she hid herself. It was Jean who opened the door and saw Anna in the study. She asked what she was doing there and she said she had something important to tell her.

She showed her the documents, Jean told her that she knew where she was going. She was implying that Jacob was behind the entire misfortune of Educare.

Anna said yes, but Jean told her to stop that as Jake was working with her father and could not do anything to jeaopadise the company.

“Jacob was the finance boss at Educare and this transaction cannot be done without him knowing about it,” Anna said.

Jean went on to ask Anna to stop the accusations as she could not take that from her.

“Mom dad is clearly telling me something, dad is telling you something, dad is telling you and I something,” Anna added .

“Please Anna it’s okay this has to stop,” Jean whined.

Anna insisted that Jacob was hiding something from them because she was informed that Jacob needed those documents so why would he go and demand for those documents.

Jean said she understood that Anna hated her stepfather, Jacob but that should not justify her accusation against him. She insisted that Jacob saved Mr Lamoste’s company and also saved them.

As the ranting was ongoing, Jacob heard and went to take a look at what was going on.

At Sonya’s house, Domeng laid his mistress and said goodnight to Unyo, he went to sleep on the mattress. Sonya came with pillow and another mattress and Domeng took one of the pillows.

Jacob asked what was happening and why Anna was black painting him. He told Anna that he was there so if she had any questions she should ask him.

Jean backed her husband and urged Anna to ask Jacob questions that were eating her up because Jacob was right. She then stood at the side of of her husband. Anna was astonished the manner her mother took the side of Jacob.

“Anna said Yes…yes…yes I will ” she became upset as she was pressured to reveal everything to Jacob.

I found these documents of Educare with a certain name getting the money

“You know anything about it?”

Jacob was surprised! Is his deeds coming out finally?

He requested to see the documents Anna gave them to him. As he saw the transaction receipt.

He remembered how Roman transferred the money and he said “it is done.”
Jacob in furiousness said Yes he knew about it and they were trying to fish out the person and he torned the papers.

Ann insisted that he was the head of Educare finance so he could not say all those transaction was done at the blind side of her eyes.

Jean asked her to stop the madness, Anna in an anguish state said her mom told her to ask questions and here she was asking those questions so she should allow her.

“I will not allow you to talk to Jacob as a criminal….”

“I am very disappointed in you,” Jean told Anna with disappointment look.

Jean told Anna that she was acting that way because of Paco’s influence and Jean told Jacob that they should go.

During dinner there was still tension, Jacob tried talking to Anna against Paco but Anna said he should take Paco’s name out of their issue.

Jean warned Anna not to talk to her uncle like that and Jacob said he is used to Anna’s insolent.

Anna stood and took a step to leave but Jacob held her and insisted that Paco was not best for her. He cared about her and she deserved an affluent man.

She told Jacob that although he has taken her father’s place in the life of her mother but he can’t be her father and if he continued like that she would never and ever respect him. Jacob tried to hit her but Jean caught his hand.

Anna left, as Paco was sleeping Anna called him to meet her.

Jacob also thought of means of concealing the truth he called Roman to tighten things up to cover their back.

Paco and Anna met and had their first intimate night together. Anna told Paco that she hates Jacob because he was poisoning her mother against their relationship.  Paco advised her not to worry, adding that whenever she felt depressed and lonely she should always know that he was there for her.

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