A Mother's Guilt Episode 29 Julie slaughtered in prison 

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 29

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 29 Julie slaughtered in prison

“I have always known… I have always known uncle that you are not the person you are claiming to be. You wanted to take my dad’s position but I will bring you down.”

Anna asked Jean to promise her that she would not miss any of her therapy.

Jacob got home and he said he had a meeting with the Chinese investors. Anna then said goodnight to Jean and Jacob as well and left.

She went behind the door to spy on Jacob and Jean as he ki$$ed Jean:

“I have always known… I have always known uncle that you are not the person you are claiming to be. You wanted to take my dad’s position but I will bring you down,” Anna thought and banged the door.

Asyong was sitting outside and Paco joined him. Paco pulled a chair and sat close to him.  Paco asked him to tell him about the exact thing that happened to Mr Lamoste and he said he haerd Mr Lamoste saying “shoot me shoot me.”

In the next morning Julia woke up to see blood stains on herself she screamed and was scared that she had been stabbed.

Asyong was sitting outside and Paco joined him. Paco pulled a chair and sat close to him.  Paco asked him to tell him about the exact thing that happened to Mr Lamoste and he said he haerd Mr Lamoste saying “shoot me shoot me.”

In the next morning Julie woke up to see blood stains on herself she screamed and was scared that she had been stabbed.

As she was screaming Sonya rashed there to check what was happening. She calmed Julie down. She then sniffed and realised it was not human blood so she told Julie that they wanted to scare her.

Jean and Jacob went to eat at Anna’s restaurant. Archie came to serve food and said he was the waiter of the day.

Jean complemented Anna for the taste of the food, saying it was delicious and said she did not say that because Anna was her daughter.

Anna was so happy and said “thank you”. Jacob said unfortunately he and Roman had a business meeting so they had to leave.

“Our investors want to see our past project.”

When he was leaving he texted Katrina to meet him that night for them to have Dinner.

Jacob was talking to his investors in a car and Julie called Jacob. Because he was with the Chinese investors he talked in a low tone for them not to hear of his shoddy dealings. As Julie was talking Sonya saw her, She hid herself to spy on Julie. When Julie returned the phone to the owner Sonya went for the phone. She borrowed the phone to make a call.

It was a plan by Sonya to know the exact person who Julie was talking to. When She called Jacob answered. Realising his voice Sonya kept mentioning his name “Jacob-Jacob-Jacob.”

Jacob realised it was not Julie but someone else so he did not respond and hanged up.

After the meeting with the Chinese investors, Roman escorted Jacob home and he asked whether he was okay. Jacob said he was fine and he asked him about the person who called. Jacob answered that it was Julie but he had settled everything with her so Roman should not worry.

“If you need anything, desert, appetisers call our waitress.” Anna’s restaurant was booming even when she recently opened it. Business was going as she expected and was satisfied how fast people have accepted her dishes.

She texted Paco that she was still searching for evidence against Mr Montecillos. At that time Paco was at the law firm, Georgette asked him who the person he was chatting with was and he said Anna.

Archie also appeared in the scene and held Anna from her back. She saw Anna was with her phone busy typing and he also inquired fom Anna who the person she was texting was and she said Paco.

Archie had that suspicious look on his face. He then asked why Anna was texting him. He wanted to know whether there was a problem. She asked Archie whether he remember the last time he picked her from the house of Paco and he said yes. She said there was a pending investigation she was doing together with Paco.

Joe Joe visited Sonya so she gave him the number she retrieved from the phone to plead with Joe Joe to investigate. She told him that she called the number and the person who received it was Jacob. Joe Joe took the number and he said he would investigate it.

As Unyo was roasting the khebab, Nessa came around and Domeng and Domeng ran after her.

Meanwhile, Katrina was so excited after receiving Jacob’s text. she felt like the happiest woman in the world. She never thought a day would come that Jacob would call her for a time together especially after how bad their last encounter went.

She wore her best of dress, happily waiting for the man she had been fantasising about. She heard her door belling and she ran to open as she did not want Jacob to wait even a second.

As she opened the door it was Marjorie, the henchwoman, she threatened Katrina. She showed the family pictures of Katrina that if she did not oblige worse thing would happen to them. She then took Katrina’s phone and deleted all the evidences of Editha Foundation and Educare. After that she gave her money to shut her mouth.

In prison, Sonya who still wanted Julie to expose the person whose action led Educare to go on bankrupt confronted Julie that her boss was Jacob. Sonya indicated that she has always suspected her of working for Jacob and as a bank manager she illegally launder money.

She forced Julie to voice out the truth but Julie was not prepared to expose her boss.

Paco saw that Georgette looked pale when he informed her that he was talking to Anna. He told her that Ann was just trying to help him find evidence against Jacob.

“Paco I am strong independent woman” Paco also repeated with her and they laughed. They planned to have a date that night.

At night in prison, when Julie saw everyone sleeping she woke up, as she was stepping out Sonya woke up and saw her going out so she followed her.

Anna and Archie came out of the restaurant. Anna said it was a busy day and acting like she was tired. Archie surprised Anna with a bracelet.

Flashback: Anna remembered the day Paco gave her a bracelet (wooden bracelet).

Sonya could not locate where Julie went. She mentioned Julie’s name, searching for her as she was calling and searching she bumped into something. She turned to check what it was and was surprised to see Julie hangging up with rope tied to her neck.

Sonya screamed for the guards, they came to untie Julie, unfortunately Julie was dead.

After the death of Julie. Jacob was seen in the night going to his dark room saying now one was gone. He removed Julie’s picture from the wall and pasted others. He said Letty had to be eliminated but before he comes to Letty he had to get rid of Katrina first.

Katrina was running out of her house as she packed her things in the trunk of her car she was abducted.

When she regained consciousness she was held hostage in a certain room. She began untying herself.

Paco visited Sonya and she informed him about her discovery about Jacob being the boss of Julie so Paco called the number but it was off. Sonya said she called earlier and it was Jacob but when he realised he was not talking to Julie he did not utter any word again.

Paco called Anna to meet her but she said she could not make it and she wanted to do her investigation alone.

Katrina was looking for a way out of the room. She saw the shadow of Marjorie. She took a gun thinking there was bullet inside to scare Marjorie to free her. Marjorie was not willing to allow herself to be intimidated by Katrina.

Katrina pulled the trigger but there was no bullet inside the gun. Marjorie began to laugh at her. She asked her whether she thought she would do that mistake to leave behind a gun with bullet inside? She slapped Katrina for going off board to threaten her.

Georgette waited for Paco all night at the restaurant. They had an agreement earlier for a date. A waiter came to ask if he could serve her and she said she was still waiting for her companion.

Sonya was gathering the things of Julie and she found a contact book under the pillow. She opened the book and saw many account numbers and contacts. She felt sorry that Julie had to die in that manner without revealing the truth to her.

Letty came out to sweep after Unyo and Domeng fineshed selling. Domeng did not want to allow her to sweep but she kept insisting.

When everyone went inside, leaving Letty alone to sweep. Somebody tapped the shoulder of Letty when she turned she felt scared to see the face of Jacob.

She wondered what he came there for, Jacob begged her and said he was not at the right frame of mind when he sacked her from the house. He admitted that Letty has been good to them while serving them. He tried convincing Letty but Letty knew him as a dangerous person who was subtle and cunning more than a serpent so she could not be wooed.

“Take this your separation pay, you have been loyal to my family. I know Edward would like it that way.” Jacob gave Letty an envelope in order to make up with her.

Suddenly Paco came out and warned Mr Montecillos to stop pestering Letty otherwise he would call the cops.

“I am just saying hello to an old friend so there’s no need for commotion.” Jacob then left.

Being stood up at the restaurant, Paco called Georgette and he pleaded with Georgette for his bad manners. Georgette said she received all his text messages. Paco said he had an emergency that was why he rushed to the house.

He informed Georgette that he was in the house to protect his family as Jacob was there. Georgette said if Jacob could not keep off from his family and Letty…
“We will file a temporary protection order.” Paco agreed and kept on apologising, saying he would make it up to her next time.

“Paco don’t worry what is important now is the safety of Letty.”

In the next morning, Jean was having her therapy she could now stand. Jean told Jacob that he should take the walker for her to walk alone. She was so excited that she could stand and take steps alone.

Jean thanked Jacob, saying she could not have done it if it wasn’t for his help.

Anna stood aloof to watch them.
“I have made that mistake once but this time around I can see through all of your lies.”

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