A Soldier’s Heart Episode 7

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 7 Saal discovers why soldiers keeps finding his location, Striker and Isabel begins to bond after saving her

The Islamic rebels got down from Ahmed’s truck and Saal looked grateful to him for his help. Alex called Minda while she was watching the news on the Soldiers mission. Alex assured that he was fine and nothing happened to any of his group members.

He was still recalling the intervention of Yazmin who stopped Abdul Waajid from shooting Isabel.

Elsewhere, Striker told Isabel that it was time for him to leave and the police would be the one to watch over her. He told her to greet her father for him and wished her speedy recovery. Isabel asked him to stop calling her mom and address just by her name since she was not that old.

She commended his braveness and thanked him for saving her. Alex went to meet the senior officers and Victor asked him to track his phone again if there would be signal. Jethro gave Marasigan all the necessary gadgets he would need to track the signal of his phone and he commended his efforts of not making the civilians involved in Abdul Waajid’s case.

He returned with Lourd to find Marasigan asleep. Lourd scolded Alex for sleeping on duty and made him keep the place tidy. As she left, Jethro asked if Alex was interested in Lourd as many officers gave it a shot but didn’t work. Alex said he was not interested in his female superior.

Jethro queried Lourd why she was so harsh on Alex and she described him as a show off but Jethro did not support her claim. While on duty at a check point Striker sat as he was tired of standing and made Abe to also rest. Abe thought seeing the d£ath of his father had made him courageous enough to witness more blood spill but it was not the case.

Striker talked about how terrified he felt seeing blood during their mission and Abe said the next day they would go back to the battle field and they felt that being at the check point was the only way to free themselves from such awful sights.

Elsewhere, the rebels seek help from a certain Muslim who kept them in his house and promised to help them with ammunitions but needed time. Amir arrived and while he was waiting outside he on Alex’s phone and Marasigan was able to detect the signal. Before he could access the actual place he lost the signal.

He spent several days in monitoring but Jethro relieved him since he had not been sleeping for days and had not even stepped out. Alex used that opportunity to call Minda to check on her since Dante and Elmer were not home. Yazmin kept thinking about Alex and opened up to Fatima that the soldier who she stood in between him and Saal was special and different.

She said she could not get him out of her mind as Hakeem would be of his age. Fatima reminded her that Hakeem was long gone so should get over it. Alex reported the three areas he found while tracking his phone and Victor said he had received feedback from those listed areas except one as some of Abdul Waajid’s men were found there.

In their hideout, their helper rushed in to inform the rebel group that the military had discovered their hideout and helped them escape through the backdoor. Saal did not understand why the Soldiers seemed to know their every location and suspected a traitor among them. He pointed his gun at one man and asked him how he managed to escape while all of his group were captured by the soldiers.

The man said he joined the group since he believed in their course. However, something in Amir’s pocket beeped leading Saal to ask him what he had inside his pocket. He was shocked to find out that the phone which he gave direct instruction to Amir to get rid of it was still with him and giving away the signal of their location all those while. That he said made them look like imbecile and he destroyed the phone.

Alex lost the signal and Saal kept scolding Amor. In anguish, he attempted to shoot him but Yazmin intervened. Saal left and Yazmin told the group to take a rest. Victor after a call informed his men that they were commended for their efforts as the military had been able to capture most of Saal’s men. However, their failure was the fact that Abdul Waajid got away.

Victor had a meeting with a superior who once again complemented him for half way success in the mission to capture Abdul Waajid. He gave Victor a leave for him to think of better means to locate Abdul Waajid.

At the Soldiers’ camp, Benjie had a nightmare about an encounter with Abdul Waajid. He tried several times to k!ll him but could not end his life. He woke up an alex asked of his problem and Benjie told him about his nightmare. Alex felt guilty since Benjie’s brother lost his life while protecting him during the ambush and promised they would find justice.

The soldiers played Volleyball and Alex accidentally hit the b*tt of Lourd. He apologised but Lourd hit his stomach making the guys laughed at Alex. After Saal met a soldier to call for his help and did not get , he returned home to inform Yazmin about it. While relaxing, the soldiers cast jokes and laughed at how Striker always texted Isabel.

Elsewhere, Jethro was also worrying Lourd to get over her pains of Noah and find herself a suitor as loneliness would k!ll her. He proposed to give her his doctor friend but she said she did not like and he said there was an IT specialist who was also now a soldier available in the camp but she said there was no way she would fall for a Soldier again after Noah’s d£ath, most especially Marasigan.

That night, Benjie acted like he was about to cry as the person he was texting didn’t reply, Phil told him to stop thinking about a person who did not think of him. The next day, the soldiers were sweeping and Strike decided to entertain them by singing.

He was focused on what he was doing and did not notice when Jethro got there he was punished for misconduct and his punishment was to do a press up five times. He was sent inside and was pleading, unknown to him Jethro only fetched him to meet Isabel who was there to thank him for saving her. Jethro gave him some time off to go out with Isabel for lunch.


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