Mea Culpa How Juris k!lled Bogs

Mea Culpa How Juris k!lled Bogs

Ambrosio Bitangcol popularly known as Bogs is revealed to us as a drug addict who was careless about his law profession as he only studied just to please his family most especially his twin brother, Armand.

After he successfully passed his bar exams with his five other friends, they decided to travel to Baguio to celebrate.

There, a misfortune arose when he gave drugs to his friends. After abusing the drug, Lolita rode the vehicle and they accidentally hit a woman by name Barbara Villanueva, a child kidnapper who works for a bigger syndicate.

The six young lawyers did the unthinkable by burying the woman and discovered that the woman was not alone but had a six month baby with her. The lawyers took home the child and Juris raised her as her own after marrying, Drei.

Five years later, Bogs who had been bothered by the death of the woman they accidentally k!lled had a psychological treatment after he on several occasions attempted to k!ll himself. He joined the missionary and had hopes of becoming a priest.

However, the past gradually manoeuvred its way into their present life. Some mining company found the skulls in Baguio and a forensic test revealed that to be the notorious kidnapper who kidnapped Fina’s daughter Joy from the hospital.

After discovering the truth behind Leyna, Juris and Drei’s adopted daughter, Bogs decided to come clean but his five friends were not ready to ruin their career for a farm worker, Fina. Bogs insisted on it and told his friends he would reveal the truth and demanded Juris to return the child.

This leads to the sudden demise of Bogs. All the five friends denied having a hand in the mysterious d£ath of Bogs. Soon, a man named Dante Gallego confessed into k!lling Bogs but upon investigation, Dante was revealed to be innocent and it turned out that Juris had a deal with the man who was a former worker of Drei to admit to the crime for her to pay off his wife’s hospital bills and children school fees.

The truth of Bogs d£ath gradually unfolded as Juris’ confession opened the skeletons in her cardboard. Juris went to Bogs’ house, hoping to make him change his mind about telling Fina the truth. Bogs had made up his mind to make Juris return Leyna to Fina. Juris got upset and hit him on the head. He collapsed in a pool of blood and Juris fled.


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