All Of Me Episode 28

All Of Me Episode 28 Maria saves Ivan, Isa makes life hell for Ivan over his negligence

As the kids were wondering whether Ivan was dead or alive, Maria, a kind hearted woman arrived at the scene and quickly went to Ivan’s aid. In the city, Princess and Lena kept crying over Ivan. Bebeng got to her daughter’s room, to provide a shoulder for her to cry on. She told Lena that while she and Manuel were at the police station, Henry called Ivan’s phone and Princess received the call to inform Henry about Ivan going missing.

Soon, Henry arrived in Figueras’ mansion to fight the security for not allowing him to enter. Manuel who did not know whether to brood over his missing son or his days on earth, heard the commotion and rushed out. Henry blamed Manuel and scolded him for negligence. He believed Manuel had not provided the best security for the boy.

Henry insisted that he should have gone with his son. Manuel made it clear that Ivan was his biological son and what had happened hurt him more than how Henry was feeling. Princess told Ringgo to inform Nonoy about the scene Henry was causing while she rushed to inform Lena. Lena stormed the scene to push Henry away from Manuel saying the boy is their son and what had happened was rather Henry’s fault.

Manuel decided to make Henry join the search for the boy so he had a private talk with him, that, instead of blaming eachother, he should join the search for the boy. Lena was not happy about it and cautioned her husband against his friend. He told him Henry should not be trusted. Manuel indicated that he knew how Henry l0ved the boy so they should involve him.

At the country side, Maria sent Ivan home and took care of him till he woke up. The woman introduced herself to the boy and Ivan also mentioned his name. His face was not familiar to her so he queried Ivan about where he came from. Isa, a granddaughter of Maria did not like the presence of Ivan. Ivan was giving a food to eat. Isa joined her siblings in watering the flowers. A boy asked of Ivan and she said her grandmother was taken care of him. Ivan watched the pictures of Maria and her grandchildren and recalled his once happy family.

At the Figueras mansion, Manuel also watched the pictures of Ivan. He received a call from Henry who asked of development and he told him no news yet. Henry proposed they see a spiritualist to determine where the kid could be. Henry after the call looked cheerful for what had happened to Manuel. He wanted to use the opportunity to prove himself as hero to earn Lena’s trust.

In Maria’s house, Maria checked the amount of money she was left with. She did not have enough. She told Isa to call Ivan in. Ivan was sitting outside, remembering her mother and how he discovered Henry was not his father but Manuel. Isa arrived to inform him that Maria was calling him. Ivan wanted to make Isa his friend but Isa showed him attitude and left.

In the city, Bebeng recalled her grandson when he played with the fishes. Princess joined her and they wished Ivan could return soon. Ringgo was at a burger shop still thinking about Ivan. Apple and Obert arrived, since the two discovered that Ivan had not return home, they promised to help Ringgo to search for the kid.

At the country side, Ivan suddenly woke up calling his mother’s name. Maria woke up and asked Ivan why he was still awoke. She told him to go to bed. Lena could not sleep, she was watching Ivan’s pictures. She went to Ivan’s room and took Ivan’s uniform and wept. Bebeng also prayed all night for Ivan’s safety while Princess was also comforted by Nonoy. Ringgo on the other hand posted the boy on social media asking anyone who sees Ivan to report to the family.

The rooster crowed and Ivan woke up to find that all the grandchildren of Maria were not there in the room. He saw a chit that said he could cook something and eat as the family was going to buy foodstuffs from the market. Bebeng opened the door for Henry. Henry was there to see Manuel. Princess expressed her doubts about them opening their doors to Henry.

Bebeng indicated that Henry had been with the boy and in moments like this, he could be of help to the family. Manuel told Lena that he and Henry were going to find the boy but Lena was still not happy that Manuel was counting on Henry for help. She did not want Henry to be entertained, Manuel asked her to trust him. Lena and Manuel came to the hall and the former greeted Henry. As Henry and Manuel left, Lena and Princess also prepared to go to a radio station to make announcement about her missing son.

At the country side, Maria and her grandchildren bumped into a man who was blowing his Jeep horn on them. He came out to have a talk with Maria. Maria left them as she was uncomfortable with the man’s threat. Lena and Princess arrived at National Radio Network to appeal to the public to contact the Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital number or her personal contact line should anyone finds Ivan. She cried while making the appeal, Ivan who was preparing food in the kitchen heard his mother’s voice on air.

He left the oil in the frying pan on fire and rushed to the room to listen to the announcement. He also wept, the Damaculagans and Ringgo’s school mates listened to the announcement Lena made on radio.

Maria and the her grandchildren arrived home. They sniffed smoke and they rushed to the kitchen to find the place on fire. They managed to put off the fire. Ivan heard the commotion in the kitchen and rushed there. Isa got upset by Ivan’s doing and scolded Ivan. She queried Ivan whether he wanted to render them homeless by setting the house on fire.

Ivan said sorry, Isa asked him why he would leave an oil on fire if he had no intention to burn the place. Ivan ran out to cry while Maria called him to return. Elsewhere, Henry sent Manuel to Madame Estrella’s place. They opened the gate and knocked on her door. In school, Apple and Obert helped Ringgo to paste posters on the walls and various places.

In Madame Estrella’s house, the woman read her cards and said the boy would find himself in constant dangers but his biological father would save him.


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