Legally Blind Episode 23

Legally Blind Episode 23 William k!lls Marcus after he escapes from prison

Joel visited Marcus at the the cell to remind him of the need to tell him the truth concerning the r@pe case he was handling. Marcus indicated that he never touched Grace and everything that happened was orchestrated by William. He revealed that William was Grace’s rap!st. Joel exclaimed after hearing that.

William came to talk with Grace in the car. Grace told Marissa what transpired during the hearing. She was hurt that Marcus pleaded not guilty to the r@pe issue, claiming he was not the one who r@ped her.

At a restaurants, Joel met with the lady boss to talk about Grace case. He wished to withdraw for being attorney for Marcus. The lady did not understand Joel for what he was doing.

While being escorted to the police station in a car, Marcus recalled how Grace blamed him and promise to ensure he rot in prison. He also recalled how William trapped him with Grace’s r@ped case. Feeling all hope was lost for him, he fought the police men and took their gun and sh0t them. He fled to his house to call Joel but could not reach him so he left a message behind.

He took his laptop and checked on the profile of Grace to check where he worked. Grace was at the temple praying. She bumped into the woman who gave her the benediction necklace for protection and she thanked her. She told her that the necklace had brought her luck ever since she gave it to her.

The news of Marcus’ escape was aired. William who was chopping vegetables was called by Charie to watch the news. William who acted as he did not care thought of a plan. Edward heard the news and had a hunch that William would go after Grace so he called Grace several times. Grace left her phone inside the car so she could not answer.

She got inside her office, only to open her bag to realise her phone was not in. She went out to go for her phone from the car. She knocked on the car to call the driver but he was not there. Edward after failed attempts to reach Grace called John to check whether Grace has reached the office. John went to check and her things were there but she was not.

Edward heave a sigh of relief since it meant that she was in the building. However, Marcus appeared behind Grace and called out her name, Grace realised it was him and she shivered. She began to shout but Marcus covered her mouth, saying he wanted to talk to her. As the two were struggling, the benediction necklace piece fell from Grace’s neck.

Marissa was setting the table but her thing fell all of a sudden. She had a hunch that Grace was in trouble so she told Nina to call her sister. Marcus dragged Grace to a corner and he told her that he was not the person who drugged her drink. He was about to reveal the truth when someone on motorcycle sh0t him multiple times and he died at a spot.

Grace cried out, she screamed for help. Soon, Edward and the police got there. Grace revealed to them that someone on a motor shot him. Grace was shocked by the incident so Edward consoled her. William arrived home and looked so agitated as Charie was expressing worry about him. She was scared that the fugitive friend of William would attack him for revealing his hidden secret.

William shouted at her but apologised and headed to the shower, there he recalled how he took a g*n and left to Marcus house to discover from the drug addict’s laptop that he was searching for information about Grace. It turned out that William was the k!ller of Marcus as he was scared that his friend would reveal him as the rap!st.

William called Edward to find out if Marcus was dead but Edward said he did not die. He was in a coma and was admitted. Grace wondered what Marcus wanted to say. Marissa reminded her that the boy was an addict and believed he was suffering from crisis.

Marissa believed someone Marcus had offended was the one who took his life. Edward arrived at the hospital, to his dismay he saw police officers guarding Marcus’ ward. Before he could leave, Edward came from the ward and saw his brother. William covered up, saying he came to check on him.

Edward told William that it was quite unfortunate that the drug addict would be shot. He find the issue as conflict of interest, he believed someone wanted to get rid of Marcus so that the truth would be hidden since Grace said Marcus declared he was not the rap!st and was about to mention the culprit’s name when someone sh0t him.

William indicated that Marcus was cunning and was doing everything possible to escape prison. Edward promised to get to the bottom of the issue and was sure he would find the truth.


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