The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 3

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 3 Mateo, Lia, Tonio and Benjy d!e in battle with vampires, Baristo saves Malia from Supremo

The order of Supremo was carried out as the vampires devoured female children of seven years just to terrorise the counsel members to reveal the safe house of Mateo and Lia in order for Supremo to destroy the prophesy by getting rid of Malia.

As the news about the missing children broke, the werewolves tried securing the lives of their children, however, supremo and his vampires engaged in a war with them to k!ll their kids.

During the counsel’s meeting, Supremo availed himself with a threat that k!lling of children would continue if the counsel did not heed to his warnings to reveal where Lia and Mateo resided.

Some of the members felt threatened and wished they knew Lia and Mateo’s hideout, they would have revealed it to Supremo. On the contrary, Catleya believed Supremo wanted to kill Malia to continue ruling. A prophesy declared Malia as the chosen one to destroy the evil Supremo’s reign. The rest of the women then understood the whole agony of Supremo.

Baristo appeared in the house of Mateo and Lia to inform them about the danger they were engulfed in. He suggested they leave San Isidro to a new place. Mateo said no one knew where he resided except Baristo and Frederick.

Baristo cautioned him that things had changed and now there was the need to save Malia. Mateo and Lia decided to leave the place for Malia’s sake, even though that was not what Mateo wanted for his daughter. In the world of the Supremo, he brought, Jethro who was now his hostage to reveal the hideout of Mateo but Jethro refused. He told Supremo that he could k!ll him if he wanted.

Meanwhile, Tristan while escorting his friend at the middle of the night came across a creature. He woke up the next day by the call of Tonio. Tonio after opening windows of his son’s room found a picture of Mateo and Lia with a number attached to it.

He queried Tristan where he got that from and the boy told him. Quickly, Tonio went out and instructed Betty and his father to be inside and also not allow Tristan to wander around. He left while talking on phone with Benjy. Unknown to him, Tristan followed him. However, after Tonio waited a while at the fence of Mateo and Lia’s plantation, he left.

Tristan wondered what his father was up to, suddenly, a vampire showed up. Tristan saw it and ran in order to inform his father that the person he was looking for has appeared. He ran home. Elsewhere, Veruska who was not ready to allow the prophesy of Malia to come to pass arrived at Supremo’s place to reveal to him the location of Lia and Mateo.

Lia dressed Malia like a boy and they went to where Benjy was. Benjy in a phone conversation with Tonio was informed that vampires had raided San Isidro, the residence of Mateo and Lia. Mateo wondered how the evil vampires got to know his hideout.

The vampires threatened Veruska that if her two locations she gave of Mateo and Lia did not turn out to be true, she would not leave the place alive. The lady vampire told Veruska that they had gone to San Isidro left with the other one. Tonio reached home to discover that Tristan followed him. He went in search of his son. However, Tristan who was also searching for Tonio bumped into a vampire.

As he was screaming, his father came to his aid and ordered the boy to run while he faced the vampires. Unfortunately, Tonio lost his life in the war with the vampires. Still at the shores, as Malia was playing with the kids, Mateo and Benjy spotted the vampires coming in troupes. Mateo believed they could not fight them all as they were many but Benjy said they would sacrifice their lives to save the chosen one.

Meanwhile, Tristan called his grandparents to help his father as he was being attacked by a vampire. The family went to the woods and found nothing, believing that the kid was telling lies. Tristan could not believe what had happened and he searched for his father only to find his stick and Tonio floating on a river. He swam to be with his father and cried for losing his father.

Mateo and Lia were made to run with the kids as Benjy and the other werewolves face Supremo and his troupe. The vampires k!lled the werewolves. Mateo and his wife reached a dead end while running. Seeing Sandrino Villalobo, Mateo recalled how Sadrino pleaded with him to spare the life of his father, Magnus. He pleaded for a second chance for Magnus but Mateo claimed Magnus’ transgression was beyond repaired.

He then told a counsel vampire member to turn him to vampire to face Sandrino, otherwise they would all d!e. He urged Lia to leave with Malia while he confessed his true l0ve for his family. Lia told him not to but he said it was for their betterment. The good vampire from the counsel bit Mateo. Before he would transform, Sandrino dealt with the good vampire.

Mateo now faced Sandrino, they fought really hard as they screeched and pounced on eachother. As Mateo thought he has defeated Supremo, the evil vampire cast a spell to deceive Mateo and he thrusted his hand into the belly of Matteo through his back and repeated Mateo’s words to him that Mateo’s transgression was beyond repairs.

He then tailed Lia who was holding a child and when he was about to attack him, Mateo appeared from nowhere and intervened. Unfortunately, the stubbing was so deep and it penetrated into Mateo, Lia and the child, leading them to fall. Before their death, Mateo and Lia held hands and d!ed l0ving eachother.

Unknown to Supremo, Malia who he thought he has slain along with her parents was stowed away by a werewolf to secure her life from the cursed ink vampire, Supremo.


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