All of Me Episode 29

All of Me Episode 29 Lena and Manuel reunite with Ivan after Daniel endangers the lives of Maria and the children

Aya and Ivan cooked when the rest of the kids were rehearsing for the Barangay dance competition. After the cooking, they packed the food and sent it to the training grounds. There, Ivan managed to win the trust of Isa as Aya told the kids Ivan and her prepared the delicious meal for them.

Ivan joined the dancing rehearsal and Isa was enthused by the boy’s moves. The family while watering the crops even danced. They practiced all day as the competition was near. Isa later came to meet Ivan sitting alone outside and making drawings. She opened up to Ivan how her education was left hanging after her parents’ death. She said Aya had done everything possible for her and the rest of the kids but wished she could go back to school.

Manuel and Henry went to the police station for an update on Ivan. The police did not have any good news. Henry got upset and talked harshly against them. Manuel was forced to drag him out to put sense into his head. They got inside again and Manuel pleaded on Henry’s behalf. He charged the office to do everything possible for them to find Ivan as soon as possible.

Henry unleashed his wrath again and Manuel controlled him. In school, Ringgy was walking with Apple when Sir Michael called him. He got frightened, thinking he would be reproached for walking with Apple but was left mouth agape when the teacher extended his support to him for the sad incident that has stricken his family.

Manuel and Henry came out of the precinct, before they would enter inside the car, Henry who was emotionally drowned by the number of days Ivan had been missing collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and Manuel checked on him.

At the country side, Aya went to a boutique to buy dresses for her grandchildren for them to wear for the dancing competition. The affection she was exhibiting toward the children made Ivan recalled how Lena showered him with l0ve. He began weeping, Aya realised that Ivan has distanced himself and was in deep thoughts.

She asked him of his problem and the boy said he has missed his mother and wanted to talk to her on phone. Since he initially told Aya that he did not know his mother’s contact, Aya asked how possible he could reach his mother. Ivan now apologised for telling Aya lies, he admitted knowing the number of his mother. Aya sent him to a telecommunications centre for him to call his mother.

Meanwhile, Lena returned home with no news about Ivan. She received a call and it was not a good a news. She wept and her family tried comforting her. Behold, another call came through and it was Ivan. Lena was so glad to finally hear from her son. She told him to tell her where he was for her to come for him, so that they could talk about everything that had happened.

The family now heaved a sigh of relief, realising Ivan was safe and sound wherever he was. Daniel and his man planned to take his money from Aya by hook or crook. They drove to pursue Aya. However, Aya and the kids were at the Barangay dancing competition. She was there to support her grandchildren. The competition went on and various groups of children came on stage to display their dancing skills.

After the dancing, Royals were emerged the winner, they gained a trophy and 8000 pesos while Isa’s group occupied the second position with 5000 pesos and a trophy. Realising her grandchildren were sad that they did not win, Aya showed a sign while sitting on her seat to cheer them up that they had performed well.

Reaching the compound of their house, Isa distanced herself. Maria talked with her, Isa apologised for not winning. She wanted to win to gain money for Aya to pay off her debts but she could not get enough to settle Daniel’s debt. Aya assured her that she danced well and they were second, good enough. For Daniel’s money, she assured she would raise it for him.

They went inside the house and were ambushed by Daniel who demanded for his money. Aya gave the money the kids earned from the competition to him, promising that she would refund the rest. Daniel would have none of that and pointed a g√n at her. As the woman was protecting her grandchildren, Daniel hit Aya and she fell. The kids surrounded her weeping for their grandmother.

Daniel tied the kids up while his other friend was destroying things in his search for money in the house. Meanwhile, Manuel who had been driving Nonoy, Lena and Princess all those while in their travelling to the country’s side, finally reached the place which Ivan gave the address that he was living. He told Nonoy to go with him while he made Princess and Lena waited at where they parked the car.

Manuel knocked several times on the door, Daniel’s ally opened mustered courage to open the door. Manuel asked for Ivan, Daniel interfered when Manuel kept saying Ivan gave the address to him. He saw the guys were gangsters. Ivan called Manuel and he hit Daniel’s man and fought them. As he took on Daniel, Nonoy also took on the other guy. They defeated Daniel and tied him up.

Soon, the police arrived to arrest the bad guys. The couple thanked Aya for taking care of Manuel. Ivan handed to them the drawings he made of them and bid emotional good bye to his new family. They travelled to the city and served Ivan with food the next day for him to eat. After eating, he went to say sorry to Manuel for his attitude and also thanked him for saving him, Aya and the other kids.

The later sent Ivan to see Henry at the hospital. There, Henry told Ivan that he was not his father but Manuel was. The confession took Manuel and Lena by surprised. After Henry bonded with the kid, Manuel thanked Henry for helping his son and him to reconcile. As they left Henry face turned, he has another plan.

Carding and Marvin left the ghetto on their motorcycle to go and meet the boss. They called the boss and Henry who was now on his feet told them that there was a change of plan and gave them a new orders. Ivan at the hospital with Lena pleaded with his mother to forgive him for everything he did and for running away from home. He said the act would not be repeated and hugged Lena.

Manuel in the house, continued his investigation to find the reason for his attack. He searched for Dr Raul on net to see if there was anything that could make Carding take away his life as he recalled the days of Edong when driving Raul and Henry met Carding who sh0t to k!l Raul. He also searched for Bianca to know more about her.

Lawrence came to call Lena to have a private talk with her. He revealed that, during auditing, they realised a sum of 15million was stolen from the account during the medical mission.


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