The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 5

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 5 Malia reprimanded on her 21st birthday over her inability for her power to manifest

At their new hideout, Malia joined her surrogate father and mother, Baristo and Lydia to help them. However, Baristo wanted her to stay inside and rest since it was her big day. Malia indicated that hardworking was also part of her training so she could not sit idle, moreover she was feeling nervous.

Lydia said it was normal for her to feel nervous, and they could not wait for her to gain her powers during the full moon. She explained that Malia was having the blood of a powerful vampire and a great she wolf, making her formidable if her power manifests.

On the contrary, Catleya hoped she would not turn as monster like Lucas who also was an hybrid of a wolf and a vampire. Baristo stopped her there, saying, Malia comes from a vampire with a good heart and a wolf with an equal good heart, that was why they were his friends.

Elsewhere, Tristan solved a mechanical problem for his friends. He was surrounded by lots of people who wanted to help him solve his financial problem. Some offered to make him a model, while the other wanted a one night experience with him and asked him to name his price.

He went home to discover that his aunts knew about the offers he received the day. They urged him to accept the one night experience offer. Tristan was not ready to let go of his dignity since that was the only thing he was left with. His aunts said he had nothing to lose as a man so he should accept and get his pocket loaded.

Malia was called to see an old woman who wanted to see her before her death. The woman was stricken with illness and wanted to celebrate Malia’s big day. The camp had run out of medicine and there was nothing they could do since they were scared to be attacked if they seek medical attention for the woman elsewhere.

Malia became distressed and told Jake how she was affected by the fact that she could not help the people who needed her the most, being a powerless person and promised to set them free once she receives her powers during the blood moon. The night came and Malia was dressed for the big day.

Meanwhile, Tristan has spoken with the woman and he was mistaken that the woman wanted him to be her boyfriend. Actually the woman wanted him to escort her daughter who was dumped by her boyfriend to a party. He accepted and he went to the saloon to wash his hair, he dressed for the night and went to the woman’s place only to find out that he was stood.

The woman was crying that her daughter has gotten back with her boyfriend and had left to the event with the boy. Tristan asked of his pay but the woman actions proved otherwise. He returned home so down and realised there was a person in his room. He took a stand to hit that unknown person, the person turned out to be his friend who was speaking with Tristan’s family on phone through a video chat.

He spoke with his family and Apple said he was looking handsome, his friend said he was not only looking handsome for the night his pocket was also loaded. At the wolf’s camp, the werewolves surrounded a place to carry a rite starting from Nora under the glare of the full moon. Nora magically transformed into a wolf and it was left with the chosen one for them to carry her rite.

The rite was performed but Malia remained mortal. Baristo tried his best to coach her on what to do to make her transform, she tried, tried, tried and tried but she never transformed. Baristo now subscribed to the belief that she was not a werewolf but a vampire so he coached her in a way vampire behaved yet she could not transform.

Baristo then told Frederick that Malia’s case might be a unique case, since she comes from two different creatures. Frederick made the Waya Council vampires fight with her to revive her powers but to no avail. She was rather beaten and could not even stand on her feet, her face was swollen. Baristo and Jake called off the fight to go to her aid. She was carried to the camp for her to be treated. Malia cried and felt sorry to have disappointed them.

In Manila, Tristan blamed the vampire that caused his father’s death. He said the vampire crashed his world and was the reason his grandfather could not get the best treatment for his eyesight. The boss of the auto shop stopped him from blaming a vampire as he believed there was no creature like that.

He was sure it was all in the head of Tristan, adding that kids imagined things which were not real but Tristan insisted that he knew what he saw on that day. Later, he thought about what the boss said and began to confuse himself.

However, an incident happened during a conversation with two friends during a video chat. It was an incident of a vampire so Tristan began an investigation to prove to himself that vampire did exist. At the camp, a Luna warrior appeared and in a conversation with Frederick, they believed Malia’s power might manifest later, perhaps during the blood moon just like how Lyka and Lia’s powers kept long before manifesting.

They made plans to regulate the council, Frederick said he had already had a conversation with some wolves and were ready to join the battle against Supremo. As the Luna warrior was leaving, some of the wolves said they would join him and alight somewhere, to pick their lives from there but the Luna warrior reminded them of the werewolves who left the camp ten years ago.

No one knew whether they were attacked by Supremo or they were still alive. He said being in the camp meant that their security was guaranteed. Jake was holding Malia, helping her to walk into her room but the women attacked her verbally that they were all there, thinking she would be the person to save them and all those 14years they had been with her, protecting her, believing her as a saviour but she was powerless.

Malia ran to her room and Jake followed her. She blamed herself and cried but Jake said it was not her fault. She was not the one who gave the prophecy and she has no power to transform herself to save the people so there was nothing for her to be sorry about. Since she was depressed, Jake stayed by her side.

Later, Baristo and Lydia could not find Malia, they searched everywhere but could not find where Jake has sent her. Elsewhere, Jake carried Malia at his back in his wolf state and placed her somewhere. Elsewhere, Supremo while driving came across some men who wanted to r@pe a certain lady. He saved the lady and sent her to his kingdom. Being indebted to Supremo, she gave herself to him.


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