The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 4

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 4 A massacre hits the world of the werewolves after Mateo and Lia’s death

Mateo vanished and Supremo gave the La Liga Unida (LLU) 24 hours to inform the rest about what has happened. He threatened that what was about to happen to the world would be worse. Veruska came out of Supremo’s cage, she bumped into a vampire in the counsel.

She discovered that the vampire was a traitor and had been working for Supremo all those while. Veruska asked about her husband, Frederick and the vampire said nothing happened to Frederick and her son, Jake as she agreed with Supremo. He volunteered to show him where Frederick was, unknown to her, it was a trap set to k!ll her but she managed to redeem herself.

She k!lled the vampire in their fight. She called Frederick and she made up for ratting Mateo and Lia out. She told Frederick the hideout of Supremo. The wolves launched attack on the vampires and managed to get rid of most. However, Supremo used charms to k!ll all the wolves Frederick went to his cave with.

The vampires with Supremo set various houses on fire, rendering both the werewolves and humans homeless. As the chaos was ongoing, with Supremo now claiming no one would stand him as his reign has begun, the LLU members gave up the fight. Frederick appeared and apologised for his inability to save the counsel. He gave the members opportunity to decide for themselves.

Before the members could talk, Baristo appeared and everyone wondered who the child he was carrying was. Frederick announced to them that the chosen one was still alive and Baristo raised Malia high as the chosen one, much to Veruska’s surprise. Frederick said Malia would be the one to end the reign of Supremo and his brutalities.

Tonio was finally layed to rest and Rica’s siblings came for Tristan. Tristan wanted to stay with Betty but was forced to go with his mother’s siblings. As they sent her away with a promise to take proper care of him, they rather kept him in a storage room.

Elsewhere, the werewolves left to occupy a new territory due to the massacre. During the night, Tristan wished Betty, Apple and his grandpa goodnight in the storage room and promised to avenge the death of Tonio once he grows up. In the car, while traveling, Malia felt sad that she could not properly wish her father and mother farewell. She prayed that wherever her parents were they would look down on her to help protect her, especially being the chosen one.

14 years later, Malia has grown to become a refined young lady who was skillful. A truck with goods arrived and a Luna Soldier informed Veruska and Frederick the news in the outside world. Per his investigation, Supremo has increased his forces and has people in government and in renowned businesses. The vampires had become affluent with the aim of Supremo to have power to rule over the world.

The wolves lamented how they had been hiding all those years but the fortunate news was that Malia would celebrate her 21st birthday the next day and soon their freedom would be restored as she was the chosen one to end Supremo’s reign. Baristo was glad as he declared himself the father of Malia.

Elsewhere, Tristan was a young mechanic but drives a jeepney which belonged to his aunt. He got upset with a driver who recklessly drove along his lane. In the car, a thief robbed him and his passengers so he ran after the thief till they reached the thief’s ghetto. He engaged the robbers in a fight and managed to retrieve the bag. The robbers called all their members to run after him.

The police came to his rescue and he discovered that the thief has pulled a fast one on him. His aunt queried him on the sales he presented, he told her to add the money to the amount he was owing her. The aunt was upset that Tristan wanted to prove himself as hero simply because he could not save his father. She also blamed him for Tonio’s death, claiming Tonio wouldn’t have died if Tristan had not gone to the woods.

Malia was trained and Jake, Frederick son was his counterparts in the fight. She fought pretty good but the powers in Jake made him defeat Malia. The werewolves were waiting for the vampire and wolf’s blood in Malia to bond in her on her 21st birthday for her to gain her power to save all of them.

However, Veruska was still upset with Frederick for believing in the prophecy since Jethro could not be found. Just like Lia and Mateo abandoned their fate to marry, Veruska believed Malia could also abandon that fate and prophesy which the La Liga Unida (LLU) members interpreted. Frederick knew what Veruska wanted but made it clear that he would relinquish his title to Malia if the need arises.

Tristan had a video chat with his family in San Isidro, he wanted to bring his sister to Manila to make her school there. The day was here and Baristo, his wife and Catleya surprised Malia while she was asleep. She woke to find them lighting up the birthday cake. Baristo made a wish to make the two blood in Malia merge to reveal her power in taking down Supremo in order to fulfill the prophesy.


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