All Of Me Episode 30

All Of Me Episode 30 15million ₱ gets missing in Manuel’s clinic, Henry plans to get rid of Manuel for good

Manuel in the house, continued his investigation to find the reason for his attack. He searched for Dr Raul on net to see if there was anything that could make Carding take away his life as he recalled the days of Edong when driving Raul and Henry met Carding who sh0t to k!l Raul. He also searched for Bianca to know more about her.

Lawrence came to call Lena to have a private talk with her. He revealed that, during auditing, they realised a sum of 15million was stolen from the account during the medical mission. Manuel spoke with Henry but Lena entered forcing them to end their conversation. Lena was upset that Manuel was still entertaining Henry. She told him about the missing funds and she believed Henry was the culprit who stole the 15million from the medical mission funds.

Manuel told her not to jump into conclusions without any evidence. Lawrence and Greg thought about the missing funds, thinking of the possible person who had stolen it. In school, Apple asked Ringgo how Ivan was doing. Ringgo said he was alright and thanked her for all the help and support. They decided to go to the school library to read.

In the house, Bebeng and Princess talked about what Ivan did and now the calmness restored in the family. Princess was happy that their search for the boy has ended and they were also happy that the family reached Aya’s place early otherwise they wouldn’t know what would have happened to Ivan when Daniel infiltrated Maria’s home.

The truth about Henry began to unfolds when he recalled his involvement in Manuel’s death. Henry’s furiousness with Manuel grew when the doctor sided with the rest of the doctors to transfer him to manage Dr Vincente hospital, a medical outfit set to provide free health care needs of the people. Before Henry would pack his things, he met with Carding providing the picture of Manuel for them to get rid of him.

As he was thinking about his evil schemes, he received a call from Ivan who talked to him since he missed him. Lena ordered the secretary of Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital to get her all the medical mission documents for her to have a second look at it to check the means the funds got missing. Elsewhere, Carding told Marvin the works he carried out for the boss with Tonio and believed there would be more work for them.

He said Henry one night stormed the ghetto to present the picture of Dr Raul who was a director of the Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital. He and Tonio as ordered delivered. Carding also recalled how he took orders from Henry to k!ll Dr Manuel after Henry connived with some of the police officers to free him and Tonio.

Manuel spoke with Lawrence concerning the missing funds. All the evidence was pointing towards Henry’s lane. Manuel took a time to think about the issue well. He gathered the pieces of how the hospital management team earlier blamed Henry’s action that would affect the improvement of the clinic which made some of the doctors decided to resign.

The reason, Manuel rather demoted Henry, he also thought of Lena claiming Henry should not be trusted as his attitude and everything was bad. Henry called Carding to meet up with him, however, Kristel who had been following and monitoring Carding was caught by her father. Carding warned her to leave since there was someone coming it would put her and Manuel in danger.

As Apple and Ringgo were studying, Sir Martin appeared to talk to Ringgo and was glad that due to Apple Ringgo was taking his lessons serious and urged Apple to continue having positive effect on Ringgo. In the ghetto, Henry asked for the g√n that he made Carding got for him. He inspected it and left with the gun for his own mission. He want to take Manuel down by himself since Carding could not deliver the job to his expectation.

As Ivan was packing his books, Bebeng got there to tell him not to ever run away from home again as they were worried when he left. Ivan said sorry to his grandmother and he promised the incident would not repeat again. Bebeng hugged him. Lena revealed to Princess the funds which has gone missing. Both believed it was Henry’s handiwork. Lena promised to get to the bottom of it and when she finds evidence with her former lover, she herself would put her behind bars.

Meanwhile, Henry who was driving, thought of his revenge plan and how he would sh00t Manuel without missing the target. He swore that his friend should wait and see. He recalled how Raul decided to delay his retirement which compelled him to make Carding get rid of him.

It was revealed that he intentionally got in the way to take some of the bullet for it not to look like, Raul was the only person who got sh0t. He tried to come in between the investigation that was why he declared bounty on the head of the culprit.

Manuel ready to get to the bottom of the issue and his death to see how low Henry could go,
He called Bianca, introduced himself as Dr Manuel Figueras. Bianca in astonishment asked whether he was Lena’s first husband and he said yes, explaining that Kristel gave him her address. He told her that he was at the back of her gate.

At the hospital, Lawrence queried Henry about the funds and he denied embezzling the funds. He said the director was incharge of such finances and told Lawrence that shouldn’t be his problem. Bianca opened her and he pleaded with Bianca to help him find the involvement of Henry in his murder attempt. Bianca remained mum and sacked him from her house.

Marvin had also been employed to spy Manuel and his movements so he saw the doctor from Bianca’s house. Later, Lena came to the hall to find the family eating and Manuel was not there. She went to her husband’s room and he left to change himself. Lena saw his hourglass necklace and she questioned him. Manuel told her that Salvacion gave to him, and Lena asked if it was a charm and he said it was no charm.

Soon, Lena went to change herself and return to Manuel’s room only to meet his absence. She went out to find Manuel talking to the fairy in a glare night. Lena spoke with salvacion and the fairy explained to her what the hour glass meant. Now knowing her husband dire situation, Lena cried and hugged him. She did not want to lose him and pleaded with the fairy to help them.


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