Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 240

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 240 Homer slaughters Quinto, SAF troopers discover Cardo as a member of a rebel group

The members arrived to the camp to meet Anton pointing his g*n at Fernan. The friends of Fernan told Anton to stop as Fernan has never wronged him in anyway. Homer kept on molesting Katrina and he searched her to find the family picture of the female trooper.

He threatened her using her family just to compel her to sell Dalisay out but she said she did not know him. She was sent back into the cage. Still at Mt Karagao, Fernan’s friends told him that they would inform Romulo and Father about what Anton did but Fernan refrained them. His friends were scared that either Anton or Homer might get rid of him which Cardo said they should try.

Homer went for Quinto and he tortured him. He sent him to a place and showed him Fernan, asking whether he was Dalisay. Quinto thought carefully about it, knowing all that Homer wanted was the truth and could voice it out to save Gerry and Katrina. However, recalling how Cardo had covered them up and saved them, he believed he had infiltrated the camp to revenge and prayed he finds them soon. Quinto then denied knowing the man, he insisted that it was the first time he set eyes on him.

Homer kept torturing Quinto till the trooper had enough to fight back. He got hold of Homer’s g*n and asked Homer’s allies not to follow them. He threatened to k!ll him but Homer pulled a fast one to gain the upper hand. His allies reached there and he told them he got him.

At Manila, Director Hipolito went to check on General Olegario. The intelligence boss told the director that the next day was Joel’s birthday and before his death they had so many plans to celebrate the birthday. Director Hipolito assured that he would take the Bloody Sun Group down by himself.

Elsewhere, Manolo met with his spy who told him that Hipolito was with General Olegario. Manolo said initially their plan was to eliminate his boss but Hipolito went behind him to save her. He was also protecting Bloody Sun, although the group was initially useful to them but currently it was not useful, yet the director has chosen to protect them.

His spy then cautioned him that he might be the next target of Hipolito. Manolo indicated that he would not allow that to happen and would ensure he gained the position of Olegario.

Homer told Quinto that he was useless to him yet he was giving him a hard time. Quinto said they could k!ll him if they wanted but, he had nothing to say to them. Homer pulled a knife, claiming he was granting the wish of Quinto.

“Hey Spider take a video!” Homer odered.


“You better make sure I look good.”

“I gatch you” Roldan assured while he recorded the act.

Homer cut off his head while Quinto’s comrades were still worried about him. They wondered why the guy was still not sent back. Soon, Homer arrived with a sack and threw it on them that stubbornness attract such. Velasco wondered what was in, she checked and realised it was Quinto’s head. She cried and Dela Paz also took the sack to watch, both mourned their friend.

Homer went to the camp and was queried by Father and Romulo. He told them lies that Quinto tried escaping and he k!lled him in self defense. Roldan praised Homer for winning the trust of Father and Romulo. Pilo was scared that they would be exposed since they were extorting money from the Enriquez but Homer took comfort in the fact that he would not be betrayed by his allies.

They went to San Isidro for money and Miguel doubled the amount to use their services to terrorise the workers who no longer wanted to work with them.The workers were forced to accept working for the mining sector. After k!lling one of the workers, Miguel sent Homer and his team to meet his father, Javier Enriquez.

At Mt Karagao, they ran out of food stuffs so Lena asked Romulo permission to go to the market. Romulo told Fernan to escort her. Anton availed himself to follow Lena but Romulo refused, claiming he was needed at the camp. Lena and Fernan together with his two new friends were appointed to escort Lena to the market.

In the van going to Sta Ursula, Cardo learnt that there were some politicians, individuals and sellers supporting the group with money and foods so in the market some sellers would give them free food stuffs.

After Alyana went to confront Counselor Gina for setting up various gambling dens, the captain went to the eatery to query Wally why he was spreading rumours about her while she was the captain of the area.

“Captain come clean already,” Wally cried.

Wally told Otep to confirm it since both of them worked for Gina but Otep denied, claiming he did not even vote for Counselor Gina for him to be her ally. Alyana told the counselor not to worry although she trusted Wally but she would investigate the issue to find the truth.

At Sta Ursula market, one of the r3bels was not cautious and some sellers saw their weapons. One of the sellers quickly alerted the soldiers at the check point for them to be at the local market. The soldiers arrived and started an inspection.

Elsewhere, General Olegario arrived at the place where she always celebrates her son’s birthday. She told Gaspar and the rest of her bodyguards to excuse her. While she recalled Joel’s previous birthday at the place and she was toasting, Director Hipolito arrived to join her in the celebration.

Manolo was called by his spy to inform him that Director Hipolito and General Olegario were getting much closer. Catindig told him to get evidence which they could use against Hipolito when the need arises since he had nothing in his archive which could be used to incriminate him.

At Sta Ursula market, things got messy as the r3bels started to defend themselves to escape. Their action attracted a g*n war with the SAF troopers. One of Fernan’s friend was sh0t, Lena tried to fight back, leaving Cardo wondering what to do to secure the lives of the r3bels in his protection.

“This is not the right time for my cover to be blown. I have to disperse my SAF comrades and save Lena and the others. I need to find a way to get out of here immediately,” Cardo thought.

He took a gun to trade sh0t with the troopers while he ordered for Lena and the others to be sent to the car for him to watch their back. While sh00ting, an officer spotted Cardo and was shocked. Since Cardo was sh00ting the officer hid, he raised his head again to check if his eyes was not deceiving him but Cardo had gone. Another trooper saw Cardo and he looked shocked.

The r3bels managed to be in the car and Cardo ordered the driver to step on it.

“Sir I’m I seeing things or was that Dalisay?” a trooper asked another SAF trooper.

“I’m not so sure!” the other trooper could not believe his eyes.

Meanwhile, Delfin received information from a SAF officer about the r3bels found in the market. Guzman wanted to be there to check things out.


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