All Of Me Highlights Episode 31-35

All Of Me Highlights Episode 31-35 The Figueras and Damaculagans rush to hospital after their house is set ablaze, Henry k!lls Lawrence and implicates Manuel

During their family’s outing, Manuel fails to contain his happiness as Ivan finally acknowledges him as his father. Henry orders Carding and Marvin to discover the identity of the woman Manuel has been meeting with, unaware that the woman is Bianca. While Manuel, Lena and Ivan rejoice as a complete family, Henry resolves to take back his family from Manuel.

Soon, Manuel confronts Henry regarding the issues surrounding the hospital. On the other hand, Lena resolves to uncover the truth behind her dream through Madame Estrella. While looking deeper into the case, Manuel starts seeing the truth behind Henry’s involvement in the controversies surrounding the hospital.

Henry approaches Bianca for help in his plot, thinking that she is Manuel’s mistress. At school, Ringgo starts avoiding Apple after failing to get Mr De Asis’ permission to court her. Henry sets in motion his plots to take back his family as he instructs Bianca to seduce Manuel in order to destroy his reputation toward Lena.

However, Bianca sides with Manuel and foils Henry’s plan to her newfound ally. Soon, Henry takes on more drastic measures as Carding and Marvin set Manuel’s house on fire. The Figuerases end up in hospital after barely surviving the terrible fire that destroyed their home. Henry, on the other hand, castigates his henchmen for their careless act, and vows to get even with Manuel by destroying the things he loves the most.

After gathering enough evidence proving Henry’s involvement in the stolen hospital funds, Manuel decides to terminate Henry’s access to the hospital while he resolves this problem. An enraged Henry confronts Manuel about this, which results to a scuffle between the two doctors. Meanwhile, Kristel becomes extremely worried about Carding after witnessing the authorities arresting Marvin.

As he finally loses Manuel on his side, Henry changes his plans, resolving to eliminate Lawrence and use Kristel to set up Manuel. Soon, Manuel checks on Lawrence, upon learning from Kristel that the doctor’s life is in danger. Unaware that this is part of Henry’s plot to ultimately bring him down.

Despite Manuel’s effort in warning him, Lawrence eventually meets his death at the hands of Carding. While everyone is shaken by the incident, Henry reveals to Carding his plot to frame up Manuel for Lawrence’s murder. Manuel cooperates with the police as they investigates Lawrence’s murder, while Henry proceeds to the next step of his dire plot against the doctor.

With her family being threatened by Carding, Lawrence’s maid makes up a story, pointing the finger at Manuel as the person who murdered Lawrence. The police then set their eyes on Manuel to arrest him for the death of his former worker and colleague. Manuel manages to escape his arrest at the hands of Marlon and later goes into hiding with Lena and Ivan.

Meanwhile, Henry learns that Greg has been appointed as the new medical director and plans to use him against Manuel and the hospital. Resolving into what they can while in hiding, Manuel and Lena resolve to find Carlo, a delivery man who may be the key to uncovering the truth behind Lawrence’s murder.


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