The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 6-10

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 6-10 Mayumi is employed at Coco Line, Hernan starts to date Luisa

After Isabelle destroyed Mayumi’s reputation for her to lose the job she recently gained, Sasha advises her to accept Hernan offer to work for Coco Line. Due to their inability to pay off their loan coupled with Aunt Baby’s health threat, Mayumi is forced to accept Hernan’s offer to work at the company.

Soon, an incident happens and the boss of Mayumi has to resign from her post, making Isabelle the right candidate to occupy the position. Realising Mayumi is her subordinate she begins her evil act and fire the poor girl. However, Hernan intervenes and Mayumi has to rely on her fate to successfully accomplish a task given to her by Isabelle before she will be remained in Coco Lin.

Fortunately, Mayumi is able to maintain her job after a second try in fixing the beauty product task Isabelle gave her. She is soon invited to a party organised by Coco Lin. Elsewhere, Luisa learns the truth that her daughter got fired from her first job and is now a worker for Hernan.

She storms the event to accuse Hernan of dating her daughter. she does not want to accept her daughter’s explanation, claiming she lied to her concerning the job she is doing and wants her to quit but Mayumi refuses, asking her to look at the brighter side of the story.

Luisa is almost knocked by a passing vehicle with the help of Hernan, she escapes unhurt but Hernan suffers the pain instead. This incident brings Luisa close to Hernan. At Coco Line, Mayumi stumbles on Isabelle k!ssing Francis. Isabelle and Francis have dated before and Isabelle called it a quit, however, she wants her former fling back into her life.

The act of Francis who is now a supervisor of Mayumi creates an altercation between the two. Earlier, Francis has accused Mayumi of being unprofessional and she is only hired due to Hernan being an acquaintance of Mayumi. Mayumi also sees this as an opportunity to get back at Francis for the earlier insult. She also accuses francis of gaining an employment through romantic affair with the owner’s daughter.

Mayumi is saddened and goes to a eatery, there Francis shows up his face and the two make up for the misunderstanding. Isabelle sees the two and gets jealous. She later attacks Mayumi and accuses her of seducing her boyfriend which Mayumi denies. Isabelle later sees the two in a compromising situation and she fights with Mayumi.

As Hernan and Luisa’s relationship flourishes Hernan sends Luisa to his Coco farm and shows her the tractor he names after Mario. Gaining Luisa’s trust, he soon k!sses her making Luisa to slap her. Hernan reveals to his friends that he has interest in Luisa. He visits the grave of Mario to plead with him for showing interest in his wife.

Luisa who is upset for not hearing an apology from Hernan receives a surprise of her life when Hernan proposes to her in all sincerity. At the office, Daphne, the aunt of Isabelle who has a crush on Hernan advises Isabelle to sabotage the work of Mayumi to get her fired after multiple attempts of firing did not work.

Isabelle pays off a secretary to mix an acid to a beauty product Mayumi will test it on someone, this leads to the person to have burnt face and fire her instantly. Soon, the truth came out and Isabelle quickly covers her deeds and hires Mayumi back before she gets to know the truth Francis and others knew about her.

Luisa had a dream about her late husband demanding her to move on. She then relies on a sign before she will accept Hernan into her life. Hernan who has been waiting for Luisa in a restaurant to get an answer to his proposal leaves after being stood. However, he bumps into Luisa outside the restaurant and Luisa who is approaching to turn down Hernan’s proposal sees the sign she waited all day for and she accepts to be with Hernan.

Eventually, Mayumi learns the truth about the project sabotage and confronts Isabelle. She also confronts Francis for failing to open up to her when he discovers the dirty work of Isabelle which she did trough Marigold, her accomplice. Francis explains that he did that to be on the neutral side since he made Isabelle employ her back and agreed on keeping the issue at bay for Hernan not to hear.

Unfortunately, Hernan learns what his daughter did when he overhears Mayumi informing her mother about what Isabelle. This leads to an altercation between Isabelle and Hernan. Francis also chastised Mayumi for going against their agreement. Soon, Mayumi discovers that Luisa has been cooking for Hernan and asks her mother about it.

Luisa and Hernan agree to meet in a restaurant to reveal their affair to Mayumi. Fortunately or Unfortunately, Daphne who is looking for an opportunity to take her sister’s place in Hernan’s life, discovers that Hernan is seeing a woman and decides to follow him secretly. She loses track of Hernan and calls Isabelle who happens to be traveling on the same route to follow her father to know that secret woman.


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