All Of Me Episode 35

All Of Me Episode 35 Manuel escapes Manila with his family, Henry and Greg form alliance to ruin Manuel completely

Knowing he has been framed for the death of his worker, Manuel resolved to running. The doctor’s wife cried while he escaped his arrest. Marlon ran after him, however Manuel was quick to use the elevator.

Marlon could not catch up so he used the stairs. Unfortunately, when he got to the ground floor to open the elevator, Manuel had fled and he left in the elevator Marlon’s g*n.
Marlon did not look cheerful for his failure to arrest Manuel. He rushed to the office to seek for warrant.

Greg escorted Lena to the parking lot and consoled her. Greg assured that he would use his connections to help Manuel so that he did not end in prison. Lena wondered what would happen to the hospital now that Manuel was a fugitive. Greg being the medical director, promised to work to ensure the health facility runs smoothly.

Unknown to her, Henry was hiding at the back of a certain van. Immediately Lena left, he showed his face to Greg, calling him a medical director. He applauded him for the job done in providing hope for Lena in bad situations like that. He asked Greg whether Manuel was nabbed but Greg said he got away which made Henry happy that his alternative plan would manifest anytime soon.

Marlon obtained a search warrant and called some of the officers who were putting Manuel’s house under surveillance that they should secure the place as he was on his way coming. Lena and Ivan prayed for Manuel, after the prayers the boy asked his mother what would become of his father. Lena assured Manuel would be fine and she would ensure to prove Manuel’s innocent.

Bebeng was also in the living room crying over the series of misfortune happening. Princess consoled and knew they Manuel would be able to prove his innocence. While Nonoy and Ringgo were at the back of the house talking about the problem the family was facing, Manuel arrived. He was sent inside and Princess rushed to the room of Lena to wake her up to tell her Manuel has come home.

Ivan followed his mother and they went to the living room. Since Manuel was not ready to cooperate to find a lasting solution to his predicament, Lena decided to leave with her husband together with Ivan. She knew Henry did that to get back at them and promised to stay Manuel’s side till the truth comes out.

They quickly packed their things and left the house through the backdoor. Meanwhile, Marlon has already arrived the house and has given the warrant of arrest to Benbeng, the woman intentionally delayed Marlon at the main entrance just to enable Manuel and Lena escaped. Princess also read the letter, still using the delaying tactics, however, Marlon realised their plans and barged in to carry on with his search.

He heard a noise of the gate at the backdoor when Manuel jumped so he rushed there to meet Nonoy and Ringgo and he asked them about Manuel. They said Manuel had never come there after they learnt he escaped. Manuel was in his safehouse with his son, Ivan was asleep and Lena came in to find Manuel shedding tears. Lena believed the truth would come out as Henry would not go scot free for repaying Manuel’s good act with evil. She hugged and consoled him.

Elsewhere, Greg met Henry to scheme up against Manuel. Greg realised that Henry wanted to collapse what Manuel has worked hard for just to own the health facility. Henry charged Greg to fire and replace all those who would be an hindrance to his plan. Although, Greg felt sorry but had no choice than to continue helping Henry to carry on with his vile plan.

In a car with Manuel, Lena asked him if he recalled anything in Lawrence’s house that could be used as evidence to banter the claims. Manuel then recalled hearing Lawrence making an order for pizza and spaghetti. They then decided to look for Carlo, the delivery boy if he could be of help to them.

While Lena went to the restaurant to find out about the delivery boy, Manuel thought Ivan how to drive. Lena gave the address of Lawrence, 33 capital street and was told that Carlo was the one who delivered the pizza Lawrence ordered. Unfortunately, Carlo was no longer there, Lena asked if she could get his address or a phone number but was told they did not give their workers details out so she left her number and address instead.

Henry remained determine to eliminate Manuel before he could devise a plan to clear his name. The delivery boy Carlo was now in San Isidro. He was still shocked by the incident at Dr Lawrence’s place which he recorded. He was watching the video when a female acquaintance came. He quickly hid the the phone, the lady told him about the birthday of Father Ernesto.

Carlo had been behaving weird so the lady asked him if everything was okay and he said there was no problem. Lena returned to the car to inform Manuel about what she was told in the pizza place. In San Isidro, Carlo went to see the Father and seek his advice on the murder scene he witnessed. Elsewhere, Greg visited the house of Manuel just to get information on the fugitive only to find out that Lena and Ivan had escaped as well.

He wanted a number he could reach Manuel but he did not gain any. Unknown to Bebeng, it was a plan devised by Henry and Greg was helping in its implementation. He called Henry to inform him that Lena and Ivan had gone with Manuel, getting Henry upset about his foiled plan. Henry rushed to his henchmen to inform them about what had happened and they now had to find Manuel’s current location as soon as possible for Carding and Dennis to take the man out.

Marlon thought about everything that Manuel said and began a research to read more about Manuel. He began to have a doubt about the earlier investigation so he called Greg to meet him as the Director of the hospital and Greg gave him the opportunity. Manuel and his family visited a restaurant to eat, Henry called Ivan and Lena advised Ivan not to pick. She then told Manuel about the consistent call of Henry to Ivan.

They knew Henry wanted to locate them. In school, Ringgo was brooding over the tragic incident that has turned Manuel into a fugitive. Obet and Apple came, As Obet was talking to him, Ringgo got upset and left, leaving his friends puzzled about his action.

Marlon went to the hospital to talk to Greg to know more about Manuel and his relationship with the deceased and how Manuel had been behaving with his workers. Apple later came across Ringgo and the guy was shedding tears. She provided a shoulder for him as Ringgo finally opened up to her about Dr Manuel being framed for the death of Dr Lawrence.

Apple told him to take heart, she wondered why police would even think of Manuel being a suspect since he was a good man. She assured Ringgo that the truth would come out. She provided Ringgo an handkerchief to wipe off his tears while she advised him to mend things with his best friend Obet.

Greg sneaked out from the health facility to meet his ally to team up with him on their next line of plan since Marlon was now doubting Lawrence’s involvement in the murder case. Henry shivered after learning that but he changed his strategy to eliminate Manuel. Ringgo found Obet and patched things up with him after saying sorry for his behaviour. Obet understood him and was happy that his good friend has made up with him.

Manuel had decided to visit his hometown, San Isidro with his family. They passed by the church with an intention to meet Father Ernesto. At that time Carlo, the delivery boy was also there as a cleaning was ongoing in the church and Manuel came face to face with Carlo.


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