The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 10

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 10  Moonchasers discover the truth behind Lemuel’s death, Malia penetrates into the mortal world to take Supremo on

In the woods of the LLU Camp, Diana, a r3bel vampire did not see or feel the presence of Malia. The other vampires also arrived with no positive news about Malia so they decided to leave to inform Supremo.

Tristan received small amount of money from Summer, his aunt. He pleaded with her to help him out to help his grandfather but Summer turned deaf ears to all his pleas.

While inside, thinking about what to do, his other aunt came in to give him money to use it to help his grandfather. Tristan promised to work and pay her. Piolo came to call him and they went to Moonchasers’ meeting. The agenda on their list was about DJ Lemuel who who died of an overdose after his party.

However, the anti vampire group had received an information from the family of the DJ that the deceased was not an addict. It was rumoured that he died from the hands of a vampire. They decided to make his death a first case for their project.

Meanwhile, Supremo received bad news from his vamp!res. They could not find Malia and he asked them how did she look like. They could not tell since they did not know, one told him that he was the only person who came face to face with Malia. Supremo got upset and said would he have asked if he had seen her face. He charged them to go and k!ll any young girl they see in the woods.

Jake was with Catleya, attending to her wounds. Catleya told him that she could take care of herself so he should go and find Veruska but he refused. He said he would take care of her since he did not know what would happen if he leaves her.

Malia ran and reached a water, she watched her reflection then she went to sleep. Some stains of blood dribbled from up under her eyes. She dubbed it and saw someone fallen on her, it was a vampire she struggled with the creature and she woke up to find out that it was a dream. She then ran from there and saw the presence of vamp!res in the woods.

She followed them and a girl who has camped there, singing became the target of the medical creatures. Malia intervened and k!lled them. The rest who saw the face of Malia decided to go and inform Supremo how Malia looked like but Malia k!lled them before they could leave. The girl realising the creatures were vamps got scared, Malia told her not to panic and she left the woods with her.

Baristo woke mentioning Malia’s name. He prayed that she would be protected. He blew the wolf’s alarm, Jake and Catleya were happy, they were sure that since Baristo was alive, Malia would also be alive.

After their failure, Supremo vent his anger on Veruska. He had kidnapped the ambitious werewolf and forced her to leak where Malia was. Veruska revealed to him that, Malia did not have any special powers like her parents.

Malia joined a car going to Manila and she recalled Frederick telling her that Supremo was fast like a whirled wind and has extra ordinary powers which only Malia could k!ll. Malia used the wolf fang to cut her hair, promising herself that she would infiltrates the camp of Supremo and when she succeeded she would get rid of him.

Jake, Catleya, Gael and Baristo met in the woods, Jake wanted to go back to the camp to check his mother but he was advised against it. Catleya and Jake were not happy that Baristo partway with Malia. He told them that it was the only option and they should trust that the chosen one would be fine wherever she was. He told them not to follow her for now but he knew they would meet her again as she promised to take good care of herself.

The members of the Moonchasers after attending the burial service of Lemuel Ruiz, late in the night went to exhume his body and found out that he was bitten by a vampire.

They decided to look for more evidence before revealing the existence of vampires to the world. Piolo followed Tristan to the house and Tristan showed his friend the wolf’s fang Tonio left for him. He said his father actually knew the existence of vamps and he used those weapons against them.

Piolo indicated that they had gotten themselves involved in a dangerous task as he did not know that things would get dangerous like that. He said they would have to appoint a leader for the task.

Supremo told his camp that whether or not Malia had no special powers like what Veruska said they would continue to search till they find her. During the night, Lemuel broke his grave and woke up from dead as a vampire.

Soon, a man, Prof T travelled along the road and the thing flashed on his eyes like a wind. The vamp!re appeared to take him out of his car. Prof T hit him with a door , he fought the medical creature and another appeared. He now became serious with a fight, as if it was a magic, a knife from nowhere got into his hand and k!lled both. He asked for more as what he did was just a warm up.

The young men and women belonging to the Moonchasers trained themselves in fighting techniques with Tristan leading them in the fight.

Arriving in Manila, Malia while walking ft the heartbeats of all those she came across. She found herself in a market, she saw a food since she was starving she wanted to buy some but she had no money. She saw an available job but the owner needed strong men to do it and doubted Malia’s ability.

Thinking she was a boy, the woman was surprised how Malia carried the bags of rice and load it for her buyers. Malia received pay for the work done. She done went to buy a food to eat. She became a worker there and continued working for the shop. Supremo kept on promising himself that he would find Malia no matter what. Later, Malia went to a barbering saloon to have a professional hair cut.


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