All Of Me Episode 41

All Of Me Episode 41 Manuel is acquitted from the crime of murder over Carlo’s testimony in court

After saving Vincente twice from the Japanese soldiers, the l0ve of Vicente for Salvacion developed even further. He was so attached to her that there was no single day that he would not come to the forest in hopes of meeting his fairy lady who has stolen his heart.

The feeling is mutual, Salvacion has also melted for Vicente and she has always been around him in the forest but failed to reveal herself for him to see her. She longed for the touch of Vicente and wished to have him. Whenever, Vicente felt her around then she disappeared.

This tortured Vicente emotionally so one night, he went to the forest with his lantern searching for her. He screamed out Salvacion’s name demanding her to appear. After hesitating, the fairy appeared and Vicente voiced out his feelings for her. Salvacion also accepted him and they hugged. The two then became l0vers. Vicente and Salvacion had time together, they bonded and sealed their relationship by eating the forbidden fruit (they had $e×).

They had so many days of intimate moments in the woods, on rocks and in river together. Their bond for eachother grew more stronger and became inseparable. Unfortunately, a day came that Vicente had to carry on with his mission to save his people who were stricken by the pandemic.

He revealed to Salvacion that his journey to the Island was led by an advice from a man who before his death told him that he would get medicine in the forest. It was an emotional farewell as none wanted to separate from the other but they had to sacrifice. As Salvacion disappeared with a brokenheart, the brokenhearted man also cried all night.

The next day, he travelled by the river as he rolled his boat gently down the stream, he kept looking backwards in hopes of seeing his fairy girlfriend. Dr Manuel told Ivan that due to the sacrifice the fairy made by giving in to Vicente that was why he went to the enchanted tree that day he followed him to inform her that he had no problem to fulfill his part of their agreement but needed time since he needed to put things in order to ensure Lena’s safety.

Elsewhere, Henry was upset that his efforts in getting his son and riding Manuel of his happiness failed. Henry, Carding and Dennis thought of desperate measures in finding the location of the Figuerases.

Manuel after the story telling, continued his journey to Manila, Lena showed concern but Manuel assured that they would be safe. In Bulacan, Carlo had a nightmare about Dr Lawrence’s death and even saw Carding holding his sister at a gun point. He screamed and his sister came to his room, he quickly hugged him.

He then revealed to his sister that Dr Manuel Figueras was not the one who k!lled Dr Lawrence and he saw the person who committed the atrocious crime. Carlo’s sister said they had to inform the police about the incidence to free Carlo’s mind. Lena’s family received a visitor in the house, Meanwhile, Manuel went to the pizza hut in search of Carlo but was told his contract ended. He managed to get the address of Carlo.

Lena, Princess an Nonoy rushed to the police station to file a complaint against Carding for coming after the family. As Carlo and sister were going out, they bumped into Manuel at the gate. Carlo was surprised to see him so he mentioned Manuel’s name. Manuel was dumbfounded to know that he has actually met Carlo before in the church at San Isidro.

Carlo sent Manuel in and showed Manuel the video of Carding sh00ting Lawrence. Manuel called Lena and made her passed the phone to Marlon. He told Marlon that he has gotten an evidence that proved his innocence and told Marlon that he would need the police to come for them.

As they came out and went inside the car, Carding who had been tailing Lena all those while followed the police car with his motorcycle and called Henry to inform him about it. Henry instructed him to follow them. Marlon and Lena arrived at Carlo’s house. After watching the video that proved Manuel’s innocence, Marlon said Carlo would have to be Manuel’s witness and testify for him in court.

Carlo accepted and Manuel was grateful to him. He thanked Carlo for his help. Lena hugged her husband finally the days of being fugitive was over. Marlon ushered them into the car to convey them to police station. However, he saw a reflection of Carding who had already informed Henry that Marlon was out of the building with Manuel, Lena and two different people, which meant that Manuel has surrendered.

Marlon ordered one of his officers to go and check behind the van. As the officer saw Carding, the criminal shot the officer and Marlon realised it was indeed Carding. He ran after him while engaging in shoot out with the criminal. Carding jumped over some gate and stole someone’s taxi to flee with it. Marlon couldn’t catch him.

In the house, Ringgo and Ivan were playing and they heard that someone was knocking. As part of a precautionary measure, Bebeng went to hold Ivan but when Ringgo opened the door it was Princess and Nonoy. Bebeng heave a sigh of relief. Princess told Bebeng that Lena and Marlon went to Carlo’s house as there was a new development in Manuel’s case.

Carding called Henry to inform him about how Marlon almost caught him. This upset Henry. Dr Manuel met with his attorney to kick-start the case. The lawyer said it would be easy since he has received good complements from Marlon. Dr Manuel went to the hospital and Greg came to meet him at the office. He was surprised to see Manuel, the latter asked of his leave and Greg called Henry to inform him that Dr Manuel had come to the hospital.

Unknown, to Greg, Manuel heard his conversation concerning the plot he and Henry has layed against him. Manuel was shuttered that he employed his enemies to bring him down in his own facility. He rushed to tell Marlon who escorted him to the hospital about Henry’s involvement with the whole plot and Greg was his accomplice.

As Kristel was cooking, she had a visitor and it was Marlon. Kristel opened up to him that it all started with Bianca when Henry employed her father to get rid of him. She promised to help Marlon to bring Carding and Henry to book. Meanwhile, Henry stormed the ghetto to beat Carding mercilessly for jeopardising the plot which in turn has diverted attention away from Manuel.

Hearing that Manuel has proven his innocence, Bebeng was glad as she celebrate with Lena. However, the dream of Lena kept reoccurring in her mind. She was now bothered about the life span of her husband. Bebeng asked Lena what she was thinking about. That night on bed, Manuel was sad about what was happening at the hospital and how Henry and Greg conspired to get rid of Greg.

The next day, Manuel prepared for the court hearing and the family stayed United wishing him good luck. Soon, he was acquitted and discharged from the crime. There was newspaper publication about his innocence to the crime of murder. Workers of the health facility grabbed their copy of the newspaper and were happy that Manuel’s name was cleared.

Manuel returned to the hospital, later the family had a get-together to celebrate Manuel’s victory in the house. They ate and dinned together.


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