The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 6-10

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 6-10 Frederick, Lydia die, Supremo holds Veruska as hostage, Malia changes her identity to infiltrates Supremo’s camp

Malia wakes up to discover that Jake has granted her wish of staying outside the camp. They are in Manila but she is scared of the punishment they will attract for disobeying Lord Sentinel.

Jake reveals to her, where her mother is buried. With the help of Jake, she goes to the cemetery. However, the driver Jake pays to send and return her in a rush leaves Malia behind.

At Supremo’s palace, he bites the girl he had an affair with to save her from suffering. Supremo actually feels sorry for the girl since she is suffering due to her family, and her cry touches his heart. Supremo now recalls how his mother maltreated him, starves him and locks him up with no food. The treatment forced him to feed on the blood of live animals. He even bites humans to suck their blood.

His mother becomes scared of him and pushes him off the balcony to hit the ground. As she thought she has gotten rid of her monster son, the boy reappears and the evil force in him leads him to k!ll his mother by mistake. He tries to k!ll himself to be with his mother but he did not die.

Meanwhile, Tristan who attracted a butterfly that day with a belief of a good luck chances on Malia in his Jeep when he also alighted some mourners at the cemetery. He offers to alight the lady with a swollen face at her destination but his plans get ruined when his aunt calls him to go for certain people who has hired the Jeep to go to a club.

He goes for the people and the passengers were attending DJ Lamuel’s party. There, Malia had a second thought about Tristan and rushes to the club. Tristan is then compelled to join her in there. Malia finds herself in the hands of a vampire but Tristan saves her.

Eventually, Tristan loses hand on her and when he is reaching to her hand, their forces merged and they fall off, leading Jethro who is kept as captive to release another prophesy to confirm his earlier prophesy.

Later a vampire bites the DJ and Lemuel gets missing. Supremo is consumed with fury since he has been lying to himself that he has gotten rid of the chosen one. He now forms an alliance with a senator to lead him to the werewolves new camp after the 14years ago massacre.

Since, she fails to show up at their agreed place, Jake begins to search for Malia and finds himself in danger when the vampires sniff his presence. A fight ensued among them and he defeats the evil vampires. He eventually sees Malia when the lady presses the alarm to make everyone leaves the club due to the presence of vampires.

In the camp, Frederick discovers that Jake and Malia have left the camp unnoticed. He plans to ban them from entering the camp which forces Veruska to leave the camp in search for her son. Tristan is followed by Nelly, a girl who falls for him at the club and gains his address when tailing Tristan and hit his Jeep by mistake.

Jake and Malia arrive at the camp but the LLU vampires scout through the territory all night to ensure the two are not followed by the evil vampires into camp. Jake is now punished by his father.

Malia feels sorry after seeing the marks of whip Jake receives for disobeying Lord Sentinel and blames herself for it. The Luna Soldiers hold a meeting in preparation towards the war with Supremo and one breaks the hidden truth of the Senator’s alliance with the Supremo.

Tristan gaining a website from Nelly concerning the existence of vampires browses to find Moonchasers. the site provides a history of the existence of werewolves and vampires. Soon, Tristan gains an offer to join the Moonchasers after the experience of vampire encounter comment he leaves on the site.

Elsewhere, Noel Domingo popularly called Doc is saved by the presence of Tristan when Madame Star, the fortune teller tries to scam him.

Feeling sad about events, Malia is ready to sacrifice her life for her clan with a quest to infiltrates the evil vampire’s camp. Baristo sees the need to allow Malia to fulfill her dreams. He convinces Lord Sentinel to allow Malia to go out of the camp. However, Frederick did not grant the wish so Baristo helps Malia to escape the camp.

Tristan finds out that the offer is only a prank spearheaded by Nelly, eventually he gets in touch with the real Moonchaser members and he meets Lauren Catapang, Joey Martinez, Rocky, among others who sought to save mortals from the dangers of vampires after losing their relatives to such creature.

In her search for her son, Veruska finds herself in trouble bumping into other vampires. She manages to secure herself from them but falls victim to Supremo’s plot. Thinking she has k!lled Supremo in a fight with him, she unknowingly, goes to the camp to inform the members that she has finally gotten rid of Supremo, hence they are all free to embark on their normal lives.

Least did she know that Supremo actually followed her to the camp in order to destroy her clan and k!ll Malia with his own hands. Malia follows the address given to her by Baristo, she sees Yago only to discover that Supremo is looking for her everywhere and has left letters all over. She declares intentions of fighting against the Supremo.

However, the Luna Soldiers’ leader talks her against her mission and drives her away. Proving stubborn Malia returns and soon, becomes a good use for the Soldiers in their mission to destroy Supremo’s revenge against the wolves and humanity.

Having been living with both werewolves and vampires, Malia detects the vampire presence at a grand event and through her, the soldiers stop Supremo’s plan of bombing humanity. Since his plan is foiled, Supremo now resolves to attack the new camp of the Waya Council. Malia overhears the vampires’ conversation and makes plans to save her clan.

The Luna Soldiers throw their support behind Malia and decide to go to Camp Bagong for backup. However, their members are smitten by Supremo’s r3bel vampires. In his quest to search for his daughter at a time a grand celebration is on going to hail Veruska for k!lling Supremo, Baristo detects the presence of vampires at their territory and rushes off with Lydia and Catleya to inform Lord Sentinel.

Veruska doubts them since she believes she has k!lled Supremo. Frederick charges them to fight the vampires. This leads to a great massacre as Frederick, Lydia and other werewolves as well as the Luna Soldiers who supports the LLU in the fight all lose their lives in protecting the chosen one.

Malia who has now come into contact with Supremo is taken away from the camp by Baristo. He tells her to go far away so that both of them will not be k!lled at the same time. Lost in the woods, as Baristo tries to take attention from Malia to attract the vampires chasing them to himself, Malia prays not to the stars but the moon over the horizon for her wish to come true to avenge the death of everyone who lays his or her life to save hers.

Now, the moon shines on her with a certain supernatural form of sight and super listening power. She now could see and feel things far off. She saves a girl who is almost k!lled by a vampire due to her. She survives and goes to Manila.

During the massacre, Veruska is captured by Supremo and he threatens to k!ll Jake and the survivors if she fails to lead him to Malia. Veruska reveals to Supremo that Malia has no special power. However, Supremo is not ready to give up till he gets rid of Malia.

A search is launched by the Moonchasers to find the actual reason behind the death of Lemuel Ruiz. The group exhumed the body of the DJ and they discovered that Lemuel is k!lled by a vampire. They then train to get more lead and evidence to fight off vampires.

Elsewhere, Prof T, a scientist comes across some vampires on the street. He uses his scientific force to smite the vampires. In the woods, Baristo wakes from his sleep and calls other survivors which in turn wakes Jake and Catleya. Catleya and Jake now believe Malia is also safe.

Malia arrives in Manila market, she takes an available job to buy food to eat. She later stumbles on SMV Corporation, a business owned by Supremo. Malia plans to infiltrate the evil vampire’s camp with a new look. She cuts off her hair to fulfill the prophecy.


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