Article 247 Episode 15

Article 247 Episode 15 Sarah threatens MJ over her beef with Carmen, Jane and Carmen fight

Jane went to talk to Noah to inform him that Carmen was the brain behind the consistent misfortune that happened during Sarah’s birthday party. She told Noah to talk to Elijah to inform him about what Ramil disclosed to her so he called Elijah to inform him about it.

They met with Elijah and Carmen, but the latter denied the allegations against her. In other to clear things up, they decided to go to the balloon supplying shop. When they reached there, Carmen insisted that MJ was wasting their time and told Elijah not to waste their time to listen to MJ’s lies.

However, Noah said MJ was not telling lies and would not allow his brother and wife to brand his girlfriend as such. Aron appeared to talk to them and were told that Ramil, the staff of the balloon shop could not be found.

The manager apologised and said Ramil was having mental condition so his words should not be taken seriously. Elsewhere, Julian was smoking and inflicting physic pains on Ramil to scare him from revealing the truth. He punched him till Ramil fell unconscious.

He warned him to leave the place because if he finds him again, he would not like what he would do against him. Aron apologised to the Borromeos and their ladies and told Jane that he could not speak for Ramil, if he had confessed to her that he was the one who filled the balloons with hydrogen.

He said they did not even have Hydrogen there. Jane was stunned and looked like a foõl hearing that Ramil disappeared after he revealed the truth to her. Carmen demanded for an apology from Jane for unlawfully accusing her. Noah apologised and dragged Jane away.

Jane saw it as an absurd that the guy jas disappeared and told Noah that what if Carmen had paid him for him to keep mute. Noah said she should forget it, besides Aron said the guy has mental issues and Carmen did not have any motive to k!ll Sarah.

When she went home, Jane told Rose about it.
Rose found the issue bizarre yet she thought Carmen might be right and told Jane that Carmen bought lots of wax from her but Jane saw that as something Carmen was doing to cover up. Elijah was disappointed in Jane for accusing Carmen and said MJ was causing problems.

Sarah overheard it and warned Noah to talk to his girlfriend. Sarah said MJ should remember that she was not part of the family and she should know her boundaries. Noah talked with Jane to apologise for peace to prevail. In a lunch meeting, Jane apologised and Carmen offered to serve her, only for her to pour a hot soup on Jane’s hand.

Jane rushed to the washroom and Carmen stopped Noah in order to help Jane. She went to the washroom to warn Jane not to play with fire if she did not want to get burnt. Jane was wondering what Carmen was implying and Carmen said she should see that she has now gotten burnt.

Jane realised Carmen poured the soup on her on purpose and came to report to Sarah, only for Carmen to turn tables against her. She told Elijah that she wanted to be friends with MJ but MJ threatened to hurt her much to the surprise of Jane. Jane was stricken with fear by Carmen’s actions and wondered where she went wrong.

She could not defend herself and Elijah left with his wife while Sarah also left leaving Noah and Jane. Jane tried to explain herself but Noah who was treating her burnt told her not to be persistent on her allegations. Jane said Carmen implied that she spilt the soup on her on purpose but Noah believed she was misunderstanding the whole thing and advised her to apologise.

Carmen went on with her lies that MJ was difficult to deal with, irrespective of how she tried to make things work she kept acting up. She said MJ first mistook her for someone and believed that was the reason for her action against her.

Jane was upset that Noah did not believe her and sided with Carmen instead. Noah asked her whether she wanted him to have issues with his brother and told her that he was tired of standing in for her. Jane also got upset and and left him. Jane told Tania about it and her friend did not understand why Noah would side with Carmen.

Jane said Noah could not be blamed, he did not want to have issues with his brother. Sarah came to talk to MJ and told her frankly that she liked her, simply because she made Noah better and has made her son get back to her. However, she did not like the beef Jane was having with Carmen.

She reminded her that she was not part of the Borromeo and warned her to behave in order to gain her approval because if she did not approve of her relation with her son, she would not be able to live with him.

Jane showed her hand to Rose and told her that Carmen confessed to have done that on purpose. Rose got furious, saying she would pour hot wax on Carmen next time. As her mother turned the issue trivial, Noah got there to plead with MJ. He told her to get along with Carmen and she also apologised to him and accepted to do that.

Tania told her not to allow carmen to bully her. Jane was told to search for a file in the office of Carmen. While she was in the office, she overheard Carmen gossiping with Chichi about her and she even called her a gold-digger who was following Noah due to his family’s fortune. She availed her face and dared Carmen to tell her on her face. Carmen tried to deny and left her.

After Jane found the file, she came out and Chichi intentionally pushed a table for Jane to stumble on it for her to fall. She confronted Chichi and she claimed it was an accident. Jane doubted but Carmen told her not to blame Chichi, Jane has been accident prone lately and she should not blame anyone for being so clumsy.

Elsewhere, Elijah while playing poker with Noah wondered why Carmen could not get along with Jane while she was very friendly with everyone. Noah said he has spoken with Jane and believed the two would try to get along eventually.

Jane warned Carmen that she would not allow her to bully her since she believed she encouraged Chichi to do that to her. Carmen denied but warned MJ to watch her back. She poured dirty water on her and told her that was not an accident and it was intentional. Jane also spill a stinky soapy liquid on her and the two began to fight.

Elijah and Noah got there to separate the fight. Each asked his girl in a different rooms the reason behind their fight. As Carmen told her husband lies, Jane told Noah the reason behind their fight and assured Noah that she was not a gold-digger and never dated him due to his money.

Noah said he already knew that. Carmen claimed Jane wanted to be the favourite of Sarah, the reason she was unnecessarily fighting her. Elijah hugged her and assured that things would be fine.


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