Article 247 Episode 24

Article 247 Episode 24 Jane is arrested for frustrated homicide, Carmen attempts to cut off the oxygen supply of Elijah

At the house of the Ortegas, when Noah came to meet Jane and Carmen, he asked MJ why she was holding a guπ. Carmen cried that MJ wanted to k!ll her after she caught her in bed with Elijah. She pointed at MJ that she k!lled Elijah and the police who came to meet her holding the guπ arrested her without listening to Jane.

Some of the neighbours rushed to inform Rose who was talking to Pinky that her daughter was arrested. She and Pinky rushed there. Sarah and Noah rushed to see Elijah and they rushed him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Carmen lied to them that Jane was sleeping with Elijah when she found them so she became upset. That, she said made Elijah regretted his actions but Jane did not want to allow him to go so she made Elijah choose between her and MJ. When Elijah chose her, Jane went berserk and shōt Elijah.

Jane equally wanted to shõōt her and she thanked God that Noah came there at the nick of time to save her. Noah did not believe in her words, since everything about Jane were proven to be false. He told Sarah that Jane would not shōot Elijah and even the sëx video was fake.

Carmen went on with her lies that she also believed that the video was fake and was willing to give Elijah a chance but MJ destroyed everything. Meanwhile, Jane also narrated the whole incident that transpired at her house to the police but she was tested positive for guπ residue so the police detained her at the precinct as the investigation was on going.

Her lawyer came and promised to get her out.
The health practitioners rushed Elijah to the emergency room to operate on him. Carmen who had been pretending to be crying felt relieved seeing Elijah in that state.

“Don’t you dare live Elijah d!e d!e d!e,” Carmen exclaimed.

She told herself that she would not allow Elijah to destroy everything that she has been working hard for. As the Borromeos were sitting patiently, the doctor came to inform Sarah that Elijah lost lots of blood when they arrived, the reason he had a cardiac arrest.

Sarah pleaded with him to save her son’s life. The doctor said they were doing their part, however, there were blood and air which went into his lungs. At the precinct, the attorney went to tell Jane that she was charged of frustrated homicide, which meant that Elijah was alive and Rose was quick to add that he was operated on.

The Ortegas saw that Elijah was their only key to clear Jane’s name and prayed for his recovery. Back to the hospital, Noah told his mother that he was going to the precinct to find answers to questions boggling his mind but Sarah protested against allowing a woman to take over his life again after all that Jane has done to Elijah.

Once Noah left, the doctor appeared to inform the Borromeos that they would transfuse blood for Elijah. Carmen kept turning the minds of Sarah against Jane for the woman to say that Jane should be dealt with for what she has done.

Sarah said she was almost convinced at a point that Jane was good for Noah but the next day, Jane began acting all wild and almost k!lled her belõved son, Elijah. Carmen assured to do everything to make Jane pay for her deeds.

The police arrived at the hospital to invite Carmen to the precinct for questioning and to also undergo a guπ test. Noah arrived at the precinct in order to talk to Jane but once he reached there, he began thinking about all the unbearable words against Jane and rescinded on his decision to talk to her.

Jane was told that she had a visitor and to her dismay, it was Carmen. She asked Carmen what she was doing there. Carmen who was there to mock her confessed to have tested positive for the guπ residue. However, her alibi was that she struggled with Jane over the guπ. Carmen said Jane was a criminal and she was at where she belonged.

She claimed that Elijah would d!e and MJ would pay for it. Jane attacked her in furiousness: she dragged her face on the prison bars and the police came to Carmen’s defence when she screamed. Carmen told the police that he was okay and told him to go. She told Jane that she would get her behind bars forever.

Jane told her she would not get away with it as there was no secret that would be hidden forever. Carmen laughed and told her she should watch her get away from her crimes.
Carmen went to see Julian and they burnt the evidence Elijah had against Carmen. It turned out that, Carmen went to take the documents when the police arrested Jane.

Carmen said what happened was not part of the plan but it was better than article 247. Julian told her not to be happy now since Elijah was still alive. He advised her to go back to the hospital and pretend to be a lõving wife whose husband was dying.

Once Jane was released, she told the attorney that Carmen and Klaire were one and the same. Tania showed the picture of Carmen to the attorney and he was surprised to see that Klaire was alive. Jane told him that Elijah did an investigation on her and it was established that she was Klaire. The bizarre aspect was that Klaire had a deàth certificate while Carmen had a birth certificate.

Jane said Elijah had to be protected and led her team to the hospital. Sarah was really upset with Jane for asking to see Elijah after everything that she did to her son. Noah sebt his mother into Elijah’s ward and he listened to Jane. Jane told him that Carmen and Klaire were one and that was what Elijah found out and came to her house.

Noah failed to believe her. He said he saw her in only pant and bra and was pointing guπ at Carmen. Jane said that was when defended herself to get the guπ. Noah regretted of lõving and Jane told him that she knew in his heart, he knew she would not k!ll anyone. Noah made the officer throw Jane out.

The Ortegas and their lawyer settled in a room, Jane was so hurt by Noah regretting to have fallen for her. Rose told Jane that it had been hours since the police left their house so they could go back home to find the files. The attorney told Jane that they should first have medical examination conducted on her now in order to prove what Klaire was saying she and Elijah having an affair as untrue.

Noah returned to the hospital and Sarah could not believe he went to talk to MJ. Noah asked his mother that what if Jane was telling them the truth and Carmen was their actual enemy but Sarah said between MJ and Carmen, she would believe in Carmen because Carmen did not lõve only Elijah but her as well. Elijah had an episode again and Carmen pretended to be crying just to excuse herself to talk to Julian.

She told Julian that Elijah had woken up but his situation was delicate. Julian said they could not take chances, she should k!ll him ASAP. She should cut off his oxygen supply or suffocate him with a pillow. Carmen lured the two Borromeos to go home to rest while she was left alone with Elijah at the hospital.

Jane and her family began to search for the files but did not find it. Jane had a strong feelings that Klaire was having the files in her possession. Jane said she believed Klaire was alone with Elijah and if Elijah had risked his life to save hers, she would not allow what his family was doing to deter her from helping him.

She would go to the hospital to ensure he was okay for them to get to the bottom of the issue. At the hospital, Klaire attempted to k!ll Elijah and she was ready to pull off the pipes connecting to his oxygen.


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