Article 247 Highlights Episode 16-20

Article 247 Highlights Episode 16-20 Noah proposes to MJ after Helena reveals her secret, Carmen poisons a drink meant for Jane at Jigs’ birthday party

Carmen pulls some strings for Helena, Afred’s mother to be at El Cielo to reveal the deepest dark secret of Jane to Noah. Before MJ will explain things to Noah, Sarah overhears that Jane is a mistress and vents her anger on her based on her personal experience.

Noah asks his mother to give MJ the benefit of a doubt but Sarah takes the issue personal. While MJ is suffering humiliation, Carmen stands aloof to gloat. This in many ways affects MJ’s job at the resort and her relationship with Sarah.

Since Noah is not ready to bear the pains of losing the lõve of his life after it is revealed that she was a mistress, he proposes marriage to her and gives her a ring. Jane cries as she confesses that she did not deserve the kind of löve Noah since day one has shown her, much to Carmen’s suprise as she was thinking she has gotten rid of Jane from her life and that of the Borromeos.

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Carmen releases another ace under her sleeves to steal from the Wellness centre. She creates a fake supplier account and gives credit card access to Julian at La Bellega Salon. The two celebrates their success against the Borromeos in the form of lõve making.

Least did they know that MJ is lurking around. MJ unaware Carmen is making lõve calls out her name which alerts Julian to take cover. MJ presents a wax from Pinky Rose to Carmen since Rose orders her to deliver.

Due to the presence of her lõver, Carmen throws Jane out once she receives the wax to continue enjoying her intimate moment with Julian. On her way home, Jane is upset with Carmen and doesn’t know what to do to expose her true colours to the Borromeos.

Carmen after her lōve making, drives Julian and stumbles on Jane. She attempts to knock her down with her car. MJ is quick to jump to a safer side which she almost hurts herself. That, reminds her of her experience with Klaire.

The next day, Jane sees Carmen alighting at El Cielo from the same car and she confronts her for attempting to run her over. Carmen denies doing that. She assures Jane that she will not destroy her expensive car just to hit an homewrecker.

Elijah and Noah stumble on the two exchanging words and Carmen is quick to blame Jane as the starter of the problem. She has once again accused her of attempting to k!ll her without any proof.

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Sarah intervenes and stands by the side of Carmen, compelling Noah to jump into the defence of his girlfriend to tell his mother that, his father might have had a good reason to cheat on her.

Sarah slaps Noah for disrespecting her due to a girl who is just a mattress for the master (Mistress). Elijah then gets Jane demoted and it leads to misunderstanding between him and Noah. As soon as Jane gains her position, she begins to find some anomalies in the account of El Cielo.

Working together with Elijah draws her closer to him and once they were left alone, Chichi calls Carmen to inform her about Jane’s closeness to her husband. Since it has happened before, Carmen rushes to El Cielo to find Jane in a compromising situation with Elijah and pulls her hair in a fight.

Elijah separates the fight and leaves the office with his wife to assure her of his fidelity. The experience once again reminds Jane of Klaire and how she fought her when she was closer to Alfred. However, she saves her skin from acting so paranoid to accuse her of being Klaire.

Due to the previous incident, Elijah is worried and tries to keep his distance from MJ. MJ apologises for the misunderstanding between him and his wife while Elijah was only helping her after she slipped. Tania invites them to Jigs birthday and Carmen gets an opportune time to forever gets rid of Jane.

She secretly mixes a drink which the guest would be served with some drugs to make it a concoction. Unknown to the waiter, he adds ice cubes to it in preparation to serve the guests. What will happen next? Will Carmen be able to k!ll Jane or she will change tactics and turns the table against Noah and Elijah to fight themselves over Jane?

How will Noah reacts if he finds out that Elijah is closer to his girlfriend?


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