Article 247 Highlights Episode 6-10

Article 247 Highlights Episode 6-10 Noah begins to date Jane, Jane ruins Carmen’s wedding to Elijah after she drops a bombshell during the nuptial party

The friendship of Jane and Noah develops to another level. As they become closer to eachother, Noah changes the Miss Jinx (MJ) name he gave to Jane to Ma Jorie (MJ) since Jane does not like the Miss Jinx. Noah succumbs to his grief one’s again and drinks pain k!llers as means to heal himself but it almost caused his deàth.

Jane arrives in time to find him having convulsion and is able to save him. After the doctor treats him, Jane nursed him till he recovers. During that nursing job, Noah gradually develops feelings for Jane and begins to pursue her.

Jane is however not ready to fall in l0ve but Noah courts her and makes her know, she is the reason he is still alive and fighting against his fears after Shaine’s deàth. He sees Jane as a person with a big heart who never gives up on him even when his own family neglected him.

All his charming words makes Jane accepts him into her life. Tania becomes happy for her to have finally accepted Noah. Elsewhere, Klaire who is in disguise and has changed her name into Carmen works hard to be on Sarah, Elijah and Noah’s mother’s good side in order for the woman to support her marriage to Elijah.

Elijah pays a surprise visit to Noah at Laview Resort to invite him to his wedding. Soon, Noah sends Jane to the family event of the l0vers who are yet to marry. Carmen sees Jane and rushes to the bathhouse to call Julian, her accomplice to inform him about setting her eyes on Jane.

Jane goes to the washroom and hears her voice. She quickly recalls Klaire but the latter runs once Jane came there. Jane also searches for her and stumbles on Noah who has been looking for her.

Bothered by the issue, Jane asks whether Klaire is around and she is Carmen but Noah seems not to know Klaire. Elijah appears in the scene to ask Noah to be his best man for his wedding. Jane tells Tania about her suspicions of Klaire posing off as a different person.

She once again tells Noah about her suspicions but Noah believes she is being paranoid, Carmen and Klaire are two different people. He says during the wedding, she will see Carmen’s face to know that she is not Klaire.

Later, Sarah comes to the resort to have a hearty talk with MJ to thank her for bringing Noah back to how he used to be. She narrates how her son distanced himself after the deàth of his father but Shaine light up his world which provided opportunity for her to bond with her son till Shaine’s untimely demise.

Sarah deems it that all hope was lost for her son but Jane torch a new light of hope, hence she is grateful to her. As Carmen is thinking of means to get her wedding through unnoticed by Jane, Jane is also determined to delve into what she saw.

Carmen out of fear tries to talk Elijah to withhold their marriage for a while but Elijah refuses. He believes he knows her well enough and is dying to make her his wife. Fast forward, Carmen dresses up to attend her grand marriage and she receives what her heart has been yearning for.

Sarah presents to her the legacy necklace which Klaire has been eyeing ever since she was married to Alfred. She is so enthused to have that expensive necklace on. She braves up to fight her fears when she hears MJ (Mary Jane) is the girlfriend of Elijah’s brother, Noah. She believes Jane will not be able to ruin the wedding and walks down the aisle to exchange her vows.

Seeing her face, Jane is convinced that Carmen is Klaire, she gets drunk at nuptial party and accuses Carmen of being same as Klaire, who múrdéred her ex-husband after cheating on him.

This revelation causes a huge scandal at the grand event as Carmen tries to prove innocent. Elijah, Sarah and Noah now begin to doubt the actual person Carmen is. What will happen next? Subscribe to the site for your daily update.


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