Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 56-60

Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 56-60 Alberto blackmails the Fiscal to throw away Ella’s complaint against Jigs, Raven steals Jigs laptop to retrieve complete video of the affair to support Rica’s rape case

Troy and Rica cement their father and daughter relationship in an hearty talk. Kyle makes his stance clear on the allegations against Troy after a visit to his mother, Consuelo in Manila.

Kyle and Rica make up and the former is willing to help Rica to pressure the justice system to work on his girlfriend and Ella’s case. Alberto reaches his limit with Troy and plans to give the final blow that will hit Troy for him to fall off from his position as Mayor.

Seeing the pains his wife has endured due to him, Troy is ready to let Audrey go without them working on their marriage anymore. Bearing the grief of the break up threat, Audrey receives pictures of Troy and Kakay which the unknown person is fueling her anger against Kakay who used to be an escort.

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Bea, on the other hand, gets Ella and Rica on social media and trains them to use it to their advantage. Alberto releases the secret affair of Fiscal Leticia, the prosecutor in an attempt to dissuade her from pushing through with Ella’s case.

Elsewhere, Raven double crosses Jigs to find evidence for all the allegations against him. Kyle begins an investigation to ascertain the real involvement of the mayor in his father’s untimely demise. Unknown to him, Consuelo has already revealed to Axel that she has given Kyle all documents on the collapsed building so he followed Kyle and tagged Rica along.

The young couple begin to fight in favour of their respective fathers. Kyle wastes no time to confront Axel for his real intentions of coming there with Rica. After seeing the pictures, Audrey confronts Kakay for her contribution in her marriage failure.

Karla uses that opportunity to beg and apologise for everything she did in the past, however, she never meant to destroy Audrey’s marriage that’s why she moved on.

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She advises Audrey to mend her marriage to how she wants it to be. Coming to her senses, Audrey calls her friend owning a troll farm not to leak the pictures but it was too late. Bea who is treated as a star in a birthday party she attended of a school mate ends up being trolled for her mother’s past life.

Nico also has to fight due to the viral pictures. Bea confronts her mother for all her actions which has brought her children misery. Rica has a hearty talk with Bea on the reason their mother has to do that for survival. Troy while talking on phone with Attorney Dizon blames his father for the leaked pictures of Karla.

He is left speechless when his wife admits to the act and comes clean. Seeing the pictures, Kyle gets rid of his anger to check on how his girlfriend is doing. Rica then proposes to help him delve into the truth of the matter against Troy.

Realising the mayor is coming in the way of Kyle’s investigation, Attorney Dizon confronts Troy when she discovers that Troy has been shielding all Alberto’s shenanigans to implicate Philip.

Troy says he regrets his actions since he was young and Alberto manipulated him to cover all his tracks but once he realised himself, he begins a charity work to cover for all the bad things he did in the past in the name of Alberto. Raven never relents her efforts in supporting the affirmative course when she discovers the opinion of Alberto and Bobby on the women agenda Rica and Ella are pushing.

Rica and Ella’s movement get celebrities to endorse and empower it on social media which sends shivers to the camp of the enemies. Since Alberto is using threats on the Fiscal, he thinks there is no cause for alarm.

However, Raven and Audrey give the final blow when the mother and daughter team up to go against the family that they have always protected. When Bobby makes up his mind to burn the old laptop that contains the unedited video of Jigs and Rica’s affair, Audrey arrives in tears to woo Bobby.

Bobby falls for her seduction and she directs her daughter to secretly go for the laptop.
After pulling a fast one on Bobby, they fled with the laptop and uses another skillful tactics to escape the clutches of Bobby.

Troy presents the evidence to Attorney Dizon. The evidence becomes key to Rica’s case to prove that she is indeed rapéd. Rica then thanked Raven and Troy also thanked his wife for helping Rica out. Elsewhere, Jigs weeps for Raven and Audrey’s betrayal and begins to hurt himself for losing the only two special people in his life.

Audrey blames herself for Jigs’ behaviour after seeing all the red flags on how Bobby and Alberto raise him, she feels so sorry that Jigs was like her son but she couldn’t take full custody of him when his mother abandoned him to direct him on the right part to become a better person.

Troy equally blames himself for not helping to raise Jigs but included him in his grudge against Bobby. He felt so bad for their negligence which made Jigs turned out who he is now.


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