Betrayal (Halik) Episode 22

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 22

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 22 Jade experiences pregnancy signs 

“Yes she did. That woman has everything including the man I l^ve.”

Chari and Ken reached the scene. They ran to Jacky’s defence and with the help of the security men they were able to separate the fight.

Ken threatened to sue Jade for attacking Jacky but she said she would defend herself when she is summoned.

Chari called Lino to inform him about what Jade did, saying she had gone far this time.

Marissa and Jade got home, when Jade was gasping for breath Marissa hailed her.

“I never knew you could turn into a wild beast. You gave that cheap flirt a good beating.”

“Because she messed with a wrong woman. Me I will not back down, I am not afraid of her at all,” Jade exhibited her wildness.

“She may be rich but you… you’re prettier and $3×ier. One more thing what is yours is yours. Don’t let her take your husband away from you,” Marissa advised her.

Jade received a text from Ace. She called him to inform him that Jacky scratched her face when she bumped into her. She threatened him to warn Jacky that she would not back down.

As Ace was talking with her, Paeng was at his back listening to their conversation.

“Jade…Jade who is Jade?”

“Another mistress? You know my stand on these matters. It is fine as long as you don’t make it ruin your life.”

“But Ace, you are becoming sloppy first there was thins Ivory. Now there is Jade.”

“Dad she is not someone nice dad!”

“Yeah! Ace I know you… this is nothing to get worked out about as long as you are being careful.”

“Dad….have you ever thought of leaving mom to be with another woman?”


“Don’t be st^p*d”

“Dad I want to leave Jacky!”

Meanwhile, Lino visited Jacky and said sorry while he promised to talk to Jade. Jacky said due to the scratches on her face she would avoid Jade next time.

“You will do no such thing. This is not about you or Jacky. It is about our company. You understand!”

“Keep f^^ling around but don’t you ever think of leaving your wife.” Paeng warned Ace.

Lino asked her about how the meeting with her father went. She regretted of ever going to meet him and wished she had listened to Ace.

Lino went to Marissa’s apartment and Jade asked him if his mistress had already told him about the fight. Lino asked what Jacky ever did to her for her to drag her into their issue, adding that Jacky has never wronged her.

“Yes she did. That woman has everything including the man I l^ve” Jade cried.

Jacky got home when she was about to k!$$ Ace, he turned away. He asked her how her day went. She cried that her father dejected her when she finally met him and second Lino’s wife assaulted her with her belief that she was involved with Lino.

Lino on the other hand tried to patch up things with Jade to make her realised that he would never cheat on her.

Meanwhile, Ace sided with Jade and scolded Jacky for always seeking for the help of the Bartolomes.

“So you think I am involved with Jacky. You know me Jade. You are being shallow minded.

You know I will never disappoints you.”

Jade still would never believe him. He requested that Jade should go home with him but she did not. With the help of Marissa she was able to break lose from Lino.

Ace then walked out on Jacky after serious confrontation. Jacky cried while in shower remembering all the bad things which happened. Jade also sobbed on her bed.

Lino also thought of his Wife’s action and Jacky’s issue. He texted Jacky again to apologise for Jade’s action.

Jade cried, saying she was burning inside when Lino keeps saying he never cheated. She blamed him for all she did with Ace while Marissa comforted her.

At work, Ace came to visit Jade. Lino came across Jacky at a particular event and when she was leaving, Lino held her and said sorry.

However, Jacky’s mother in-law, Helen saw her when she was explaining to Lino that she once behaved like Jade. Accusing her of having an affair.

At the office, Jade felt dizzy and Ace helped her and drove her with an intention of sending her to hospital but she insisted on going home.

They arrived, Marissa ushered Ace in for food although Jade wanted him to leave. She said she had made an order for food so they took the lead.

Maggie got into the scene, she delivered Marissa’s order and it seemed she saw someone she knew but could not figure out since they went in.

Helen sent Jacky out and showed her Paeng’s ex who she paid her to leave Paeng. She said the woman established the cafe restaurant with the money she paid her.

Jade got upset that Marissa allowed Ace in while she knew she did not want him around her.

Helen advised her to be mindful of leaches and suckers. Jacky went to Mauro’s office and saw him asleep. She said Mauro was right and thanked him in her head for accepting and taking care of her.

Meanwhile, Lino’s uncle promised to help him fix his issue with Jade. Marissa received a gift for Jade.

Marissa wished she was in the shoes of Jade. Ace visited Joel to show him a condo that he bought for Jade and himself. He asked him to help him sell it.

During breakfast, Lino was told by Fe that Dolor met Jacky. Jacky met Dolor and she said she wanted to meet Robert since he was not the Robert that Jacky told him about.

Lino was in a restaurant with Barry and Pinky, he spotted Jade and Marissa from afar going inside the restaurant.

Dolor and Jacky went to the mansion of Robert and called Robert but the man with the disfigured face hid.

Dolor left a note of her contact and the self acclaimed Robert took it when they left. He smelt trouble from afar.

On their way home, Dolor asked Jacky to tell her the truth about how she got her scars. She explained that Jacky never kept secret from her so she should voice it out to her.

Jacky explained that she got into a fight and Dolor knew it was Jade. She advised her not to allow people to step on her like that.

She said in the first place Jade should not hurt her since her allegations against Jacky were false, adding that Robert should stop ignoring her since she was only a daughter who wanted to meet her long lost father.


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