Betrayal (Halik) Episode 25

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 25

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 25 Jade enlists Lino’s help after her life with Ace comes under threat 

“Congratulations Lino. I just watched you on tv I’m so proud of you. You are close to fulfilling all of your dreams.”

Jade ran while crying remembering what Lino said. She went to sit in a car, crying behind the steers.

Elsewhere, Ace and Jacky made l^ve the entire night to rekindle the lost int!ma¢y in their marriage.

In the morning , Jade woke up early to prepare breakfast for Marissa and her but still could not hold back her tears. It was a five-year marriage which she brought to its knees.

Marissa comforted her and asked her not to shed tears.

“You know too much cry can make you ugly, it causes wrinkles.”

“I did the right thing, didn’t I? May be I just have to get used to it that our marriage is over now,” Jade sniffed.

Dolor came to meet Lino outside. He spent the night out. Dolor called Ed and blamed him for Lino spending the night outside since he was repairing Ed’s broken furniture.

Lino woke up and walked passed them. He went to freshen up and did not join Dolor and Maggie on the breakfast table.

Maggie wanted to go with her but he declined the request with an excuse that he had lots of work at the shop, adding that may be another time.

He asked of his leave. Dolor wondered why Lino left without giving her a good day k!$$.

“Is Lino not feeling well, he looks so weak and warm,” Maggie hummed.

Lino delivered some chairs to a client, there he saw an auction motor and Bert sold the motorcycle to him to settle the fees of his son who was studying medicine in school.

He brought the motor to work and Barry asked of his car. He said it developed some fault so it was at repairs.

Pinky broke the good news of a television show which the producers were changing the set and needed a company to design furniture for them in an exchange they would put the logo of Dos Disanyo on tv.

Barry was happy that the deal was a good publicity for Dos Disanyo.

Elsewhere, Jade went inside her new house. To her, owning the apartment was a dream come true as it had been her target ever since she was a child.

Barry asked Lino to reveal the intentions behind the motorcycle. He said Barry had always told him to have fun so the motor was part of his plans to be happy.

Barry indicated that he knew Lino well and he might have a problem either with Jade or Jacky.

“Who are you kidding Lino, just admit that everything you have is worthless if you don’t have your wife,” in soliloquy Lino said when he got down from his motor.

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Jade still could not control her tears and a neighbour who heard the cry of someone knocked Jade’s door.

As she opened the door, it hit the guy she ushered the guy in and gave him a blog to treat his swollen face.

Lino sent Bob to deliver a table but he got beaten by Maggie when she saw her and called him a thief.

Lino and Barry went to Bob’s defence. Later Maggie was compelled by Dolor to apologise to Bob since he was now a worker of Dos Disanyo.

Jade received a a text from Ace to have breakfast with him. On television, Lino was shown together with his designs.

The Publicity of DOS Disanyo 


Marissa on the tv so they watched the interview of Lino, Jacky on the other hand was also watching and felt so proud of Lino while Dolor and family were excited for the designs he created.

Jade attempted to text Lino after she watched, feeling so proud of him but Marissa interrupted that Ace was already there.

Ace gave Jade a flower and said he wanted them to have breakfast together.

“Congratulations Lino. I just watched you on tv I’m so proud of you. You are close to fulfilling all of your dreams.”

“Yeah thank you!”

“I hope you and your wife can patch things up for your happiness to be complete.”

“You should go to her Lino, share the good news to her. She will definitely be happy for you.

I hope you two can solve all of your problems.”

“Alright thank-you, thank you Jacky.” He hanged up and Barry asked him whether it was a client and he said it was Jacky.

“She saw us on tv and she congratulated us ”

“Oh she did? Jacky is a nice isn’t she? Better than other girls at least she is happy with all of your achievements.

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“In my opinion you should fill your life with people like her right, instead of people who never run out of waste to hurt you.”

“You talk too much,” Lino shake with Barry and laughed.

Ace had breakfast with Jade but the later was still talking against Jacky, claiming she might have been spending time with Lino.

Ace asked her to stop talking about Jacky instead she should talk about the time she would be moving into the condo for them to have a morning like the one they were having.

Lino called architect Gusto to kick-start the building of his house. Barry asked Lino whether he would still push through with his house and he said he would push through with it even when Jade had left.

At home, the Bartolomes were so proud of Lino and kept congratulating and praising him for his new designs with Ed saying he looked handsome on camera.

He asked of Maggie and Dolor said she was at work. He told his mom to change.

Jacky discussed Lino’s success with Chari and she was also proud of Lino for being an exceptional designer.

“Lino’s publicity will short live,” Paeng spewed while Mauro questioned Jacky on why she called Lino to congratulate him.

Ace got to the office meeting late so Jacky helped him with a lie for him not to be scolded by Mauro.

Lino got home for his mom and told her that he was sending her somewhere.

Jade packed out from Marissa’s place and the later felt sad that Jade was leaving.

She got to the new place that Ace got for her. As she was being assisted, Ace called her and she told him that they should meet later on but he said it might not be possible.

Jacky came to Ace’s office and asked him who he was speaking with and he said it was Joel on the line.

Jade wondered why Ace was quiet, Jacky said she would wait for him to finish talking to Joel.

She sat in Ace office, due to Jacky’s presence Ace hang up and pretended that he was still talking to the supposed Joel.

He told him that he would talk to him later. He and Jacky then went out to a restaurant.

Maggie asked Gio permission to leave early. She said her brother would pick her up later.

Jacky witnessed a lady who was being treated special by her dad and wished she was in the lady’s shoes.

She told Ace that she had wanted her dad but he drove her away. Ace counseled her, saying that he would always be there by her side besides Mauro had filled in the fatherly gap.

Jacky decried that Mauro had never treated her like a daughter. She said she was sick and tired of everything that was going on and opted to go on a vacation with Ace.

Meanwhile, Lino and Dolor arrived at Maggie’s work place and were introduced to Gio.

Gio asked them to taste some of the burgers. Lino said they were in a hurry and would drive by another time to taste some of the burgers.

Lino realised that Maggie was interested in Gio and even suspected that Gio was taking advantage of Maggie naivity.

Jade had dinner and spoke to Marissa, saying ail things of Jacky. She insisted that Jacky always got in her way. She also expressed happiness about owning a house.

To her, it was a dream come through since there would be no one to gossip about her, having her own television, bathhouse and was satisfied with that.

Lino sent Dolor and Maggie to see his land. Dolor was happy and also sad that Gustin could not witness the success of Lino.

The Fire Alarm that scared Jade to death

As she was sleeping, an alarm blew to wake her up she was scared and wondered if there was a fire.

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She quickly called Lino but later hanged up. Lino woke up to check his phone and realised Jade was the caller.

He was amazed, he texted her to ask if everything was okay. Jade ran and took her lady’s bag with her.


After she descended down from the stairs she bumped into Eric, the guy who earlier helped her to pack in.

Her bag fell and Eric helped her. He also revealed that the alarm was faulty so he called the security to check it.

However, Ace could not sleep looking for an opportunity to slip out of the house. Jade texted him and he read that the alarm of Jade’s new house had developed some fault.

He gently pushed Jacky on the bed and covered her with the bedsheets and left.


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