Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 11-15

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 11-15 

After realising that his furniture shop has been vandalised. Lino fumes when he suspected that Mauro was behind his misfortune.

Meanwhile, Loida tries to make Mauro admit his misdeed against Gustin. Failing to make her husband do so, Loida makes amends to the Bartolomes.

Lino changes upon a magazine article about Mauro and discovers that the latter stole his father’s designs. Infuriated, Lino confronts the Montefalco patriarch and vows to make him pay for his crimes.

After realising that Loida gave Gustin’s sketchbook to Lino, Mauro chastises his wife. Jacky comes to her mother’s defense, leading to an altercation between her and Mauro.

Later Lino decides to cut ties with Jacky. The Montefalcos are devastated by Loida’s untimely death.

Refusing to believe that her mother committed suicide, Jacky blames Mauro for the tragic event. After learning of Loida’s demise, Lino is tempted to comfort Jacky.

Later on Lino drops a bombshell that threatens to ruin Monte Corp Furniture’s reputation. To save the company, Ace sets up a meeting to negotiate with Lino.

Wanting to express her condolences, Dolor asks Lino to give her letter to Jacky. Lino then finds a way to give his mother’s letter to his ex-girlfriend.

However, Ace, and his family manage to intercept it. Finding this act of sympathy unacceptable, they soon send the Bartolomes a threat.

Meanwhile, Jade feels jealous after learning how close Jacky was to Dolor. Suspecting that Jacky is in cahoots with Lino, Paeng advises Mauro to play mind games with her.

Mauro then agreed to bury Loida’s remains in her hometown. Not long after Loida’s loved ones pay their final respects to her. While Jacky stays in Cebu to mourn Loida’s death, Ace secretly flirts with Jade.

Elsewhere, the lawyers of Montecorp try to bribe Lino into retracting his allegations against their company.

Lino burns with rage after Ace tried to bribe him into retracting his accusations against Mauro.

The Corpuzes, however, refuse to stop at nothing to make sure that their company will not face its ruin. After another attempt on his family’s lives, Lino fails control himself and gets into a violent confrontation with Ace.

Later, Jade argues with Lino because of his refusal to accept the money offered to him. Elsewhere, Jacky becomes determined to look for her biological father after finding an old photo of him.

Jacky tried to find information about her biological father. She soon gets a lead after meeting with a family friend.

Meanwhile, Lino decides to accompany Barry to Cebu for a meetup with their investor. Upon arriving, he learns that Jacky is still in the province.

Elsewhere, Ace and Paeng are pressured by Montecorp’s shoulders to do something about the negative publicity surrounding their company.

Jade becomes annoyed upon discovering that Lino and Jacky met in Cebu. Wanting to vent out her emotions, she seeks to spend time with a friend.

In an unexpected turn of events, Jade finds herself having a dinner date with Ace. Meanwhile, Jacky musters up the courage to ask for Lino’s help in finding her real father. Lino, however, declines her request.

Jacky persistently tries to find information about her biological father. She soon finds herself in danger upon meeting a group of perverted men.

Meanwhile, Ken and Chari become worried after losing contact with Jacky. This prompts Ken to ask help from Lino, who immediately sets out to find his ex-girlfriend.

Soon, Lino finds Jacky while she is trying to escape from her pursuers.


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