Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 153

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 153 Onyok exposes stepfather’s scam work 

Cardo is dragged back into his cell and Estong nursed him back to consciousness. Ramil cautions him that they’ll never stop torturing him until his body can’t take it anymore.

Cardo says he’s not afraid to die but of the possibility of them going after his family and the Manager states that Joaquin would definitely be going after his family to seek revenge.

Alyana informs her family of how her boss has restricted her from handling any news about Cardo and the Tuazons. She however makes clear her intention of continuing the investigations on Cardo’s case.

At camp Crame, Delfin questions Joaquin about Cardo’s accusation of him having had him tortured. The jack’ss denies it and Col. Carreon vouches for the scumbag, saying that he had talked to the new prison Director and found out that there’s no record of Joaquin ever being in Bilibid.

While Cardo worries about his family’s safety, the family discuss how Joaquin had been able to get into the national penitentiary. Elmo mentions that the jack’ss probably has an accomplice inside. Benny suggests that they arrest him but Delfin points out that they don’t have enough evidence against him.

In San Antonio, Rowena starts harbouring some unpleasant ideas to get her son all to herself and away from Cardo. In Bilibid, Director Acosta is ranting and giving unnecessary orders at the prisoners, declaring himself as king while enforcing his own rules.

Meanwhile, Billy shows Delfin the evidence he’s gathered against Jacob and reveals the time he had seen Joaquin talking to him.

“There’s no reason for him to talk to Joaquin,” states the General. “He’s not his supervisor.”

“My thoughts exactly, sir. Tomas Tuazon might have been paying him back then. So that he can protect him. ”

Joaquin the jackass has a talk with his partners in crime, vowing to kill Cardo before he gets to him. In Bilibid, Ramil goes to see Guillermo, asking him to allow him continue his gambling gig in prison. The impossible old man throws a fit and threatens him before kicking him out.

General Delfin talks over the phone with the members of camp Cardo. He brings up the sudden disappearance of Director Olarte and Pinggoy says they’d probably killed him to silence him. Delfin mentions that it’s not the first time an official associated with a criminal from the drug world went missing.

“I remember chief superintendent Almario,” Delfin states. “He was on the watch list…protecting drug lords. But he suddenly disappeared into thin air. And I remember Don Emilio and I had an argument. Because apparently, he and Almario were friends.”

Alyana informs her father about the new lead they’ve been able to come up with regarding Jacob, as well as her investigation on Don Emilio.

Meanwhile, Rowena goes to see Cardo with a pathetic sob story. She mumbles and talks him into helping out so she could have Onyok all to herself. A moment later, the covetous woman brings the boy to see Cardo. Onyok is excited until Cardo demands that he never come to see him again.

“Stop visiting me,” Cardo says. “Don’t ever come back here again. I never want to see you again.”

“You don’t mean that,” Onyok sobs.

“I meant every single word.”

“You’re lying.”

“I never l*ved you before. Your being hardheaded, your stubbornness…I just tolerated it. Do you understand me? I never wanna see you again.”

Onyok is heartbroken. “That’s not true, Cardo. I know you’re just lying to me.”

“It’s all true.”

“It’s not true. I know you’re lying to me.” Onyok hugs Cardo as he cries and the mother of the century comes to pull him away. Before dragging the boy away, Cardo hands her a note.

Cardo torn with conflict over Onyok

Onyok is in a mood during the drive back home. Rowena reads Cardo’s letter where he mentions how much the boy means to him, as well as the reason why he had agreed to her wish – so she could give Onyok a bright future and ensure his safety.

“Onyok’s life has been in danger so many times. But I was always willing to risk my life for him. He’s the one who brings me joy and happiness whenever I’m sad. He’d even tell me off whenever I did something wrong. So if I ever do get out of prison, I wouldn’t know how to start over without Onyok in my life. Please, don’t you ever forsake him.”

Cardo explains his reasons for pushing Onyok away to Flora and Delfin. The next morning, Onyok goes along with his new family to the park for some fun time.

In Bilibid, Guillermo catches some inmates fighting and the corrupted officer makes Cardo pay for it. Later, Estong tends to his wounds and commends him for not fighting back.

“But how long are you able to withstand what they’re doing to you?” Ramil asks.

“Until I can assure everyone’s safety. And my family’s safety.”

“But…Tomas Tuazon’s son will never stop trying to kill you. And us too.”

Onyok helps out Marcelo as he’s fixing a car. Marcelo finds out that he had learned what he knows from Cardo. Rowena comes out and talks the little boy into making some of his special Binatog for them later.

While she’s feeding him, Flora watches from afar with Benny. Upon arriving home, she mentions that Cardo was right to give the boy away since it seems like he’s been accepted and is now happy with his new family.

While the family discuss the situation with Onyok, with Flora pointing out how the law demands that the boy be with his mother at his age, Onyok dishes out some Binatog.

His meddlesome sister comes to offer him assistance but he says he can handle it. Meddlesome little girl who can’t seem to put down her puny ‘ss goes ahead to touch the lid of the cooking pot and the thing burns her hand. Marcelo comes over to throw a fit as Onyok apologises.

Marcelo is working on a car as Onyok watches. He takes out the carburetor and replaces it with a different one. The car’s owner comes to check up on the work and Marcelo claims that the carburetor is broken and thus, they need to change it.

“What?” Onyok says, confused. “But Uncle Marcelo’s wrong.”

“Just go back inside,” Marcelo demands.

“Your carburetor’s here,” Onyok says, undeterred, pointing it out to him.

The owner confronts Marcelo over scamming him. In Bilibid, Guillermo announces his new rules and a curfew as well. He throws in some threats for added effect.

Meanwhile, Marcelo verbally abuses Onyok for meddling in his business and costing him money which didn’t belong to him in the first place. Onyok apologises. Rowena calls out her wretched husband for his deception and the guy begins ranting.

Onyok takes his memory box and knocks over his mother’s bag in the process. He puts it back in its place and fails to notice the note that had just fallen out.

In Bilibid, some corrupted guards announce that the inmates would only be allowed to shower twice a week and wash their clothes just once a week to conserve water.

Meanwhile, Onyok stares at a photo of Cardo and Cocoy his brother from Botolan, wondering why so many misfortunes have befallen him. In the process of placing back the box, he finds Cardo’s letter on the floor and proceeds to read it.

“So Cardo still loves me,” Onyok says. “I have to go to him right now.”


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