Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 171

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 171 Cardo reunites with Alyana after Paquito saves him

After realising the wanted cop who has made headline in the news paper is no other than Miguel, Paco and his gang teamed up to hand Cardo over to the police for the million reward. They toasted for their soon to be riches and kept watch on Amado to know the time that Miguel comes home.

Amado’s daughter and Ligaya got home and Amado asked them to go for Chuchu. Chuchu told them to go home as he would wait till his father gets home.

However, Alyana and Jerome was around, still searching for Cardo. When Jerome told Alyana they had to leave since their search had been futile Alyana spotted Onyok. They hugged and Onyok was happy to meet her.

Meanwhile, Joaquin had called so Gener delivered the message to Romano that, Joaquin was reminding him of the shipment.

In Manila, Teddy visited Flora and the latter confirmed from him if Alyana knew the whereabouts of Cardo, Teddy said the contrary.

Soon, Joaquin arrived at the Chairman’s house to inform him about delivering his side of the bargain for their Taiwanese client. Romano was happy that everything went on well and looked forward for a bigger deal.

Cardo descended down to see Joaquin, after eavesdropping for a while, he quickly hid himself before being seen. Jerome told Onyok that they almost gave up and Onyok was glad that they did not give up. Alyana asked of Cardo and Onyok said Cardo had gone to work.

Alyana was glad that nothing happened to Cardo. Onyok sent them home.

“Don’t people around here recognise who Cardo is?” Jerome asked.

“No they don’t!”

“We also did not tell anyone around here our real names.”

“People know me here as Chuchu and Cardo also told them he is Miguel.”

“Everybody here thinks he is my father.”

Jerome asked Onyok the kind of work Cardo was doing and he said he was a driver.

Joaquin and Romano together with some of their workers successfully transacted business with the Taiwanese. Cardo wanted to strike butĀ  his fugitive friends said they were not match to the syndicate members.

During the share of the the money, Romano wanted them to split it equally among them, 600million for each but Joaquin wanted the lion share. He claimed that he met the tight deadline and provided high grade substance hence his demand.

Romano accepted although his eyes suggested something else. He called on Donato to prepare something for Joaquin. Realising the names Chuchu’s Manila friends were calling him with, Cora asked Onyok to introduce his friends to her.

She provided a place for them to sleep since they did not know the time Miguel would get home. Meanwhile, Cardo met Paco on his way to the house and the gangstar told Cardo that he knew his secret: he was a cop who protected a drug syndicate and was a wanted man with a million pesos bounty on his head.

Cardo looked surprised, as he got distracted, Paco signaled his treacherous friends, and they hit Cardo’s head with an object. They tied him inside a net and carried the fugitive into a safe place. All those while Paquito was keeping eye on them as he got the chance to rescue Cardo. Without no hesitation he went in there, and called Miguel till he woke up.

He introduced himself as Paquito the son of Paco, the man who traped him. Cardo asked him why he wanted to help him and he said he was a nice guy and did not deserve how his father was treating him. He quickly untied him.

Paco and his gangsters had returned from the precinct with the police and had reached the ship where they kept Cardo in but they hesitated since he wanted the reward before allowing the police enter the safe place.
His treacherous friends argued with him concerning the money, claiming they all caught the fugitive.

The police said they had received several false information concerning the fugitive and wanted to see him before they talked about the money. They entered the room in the ship where they had kept the fugitive but to their dismay it was an empty net.

The police got upset and left as the gangster friends blamed Paco. They believed it was Paco’s plan to receive the million pesos alone and decided to beat him for going against them. Paco was beaten and Cardo who was hiding with Paquito was asked by Paquito to help his dad.

Cardo got hold of an object and decided to go after the gangsters one by one by hitting them with it.

“Beat them Mr Miguel, beat them all up!”

“All right you got this!” Paquito cheered Cardo as the fugitive cop exhibited his braveness and handled the treacherous gangsters.

“Mr Miguel thank you so much,” Paquito said while Cardo was looking at Paco and Paquito after he dealt with the gangsters.

“Miguel I totally owe you one and sorry for all the stup!d things I have done to you.”

“I know I really screwed up man! So from this day on I’m gonna straighten them up and get them all together.”

“Miguel we are friends now okay….
I mean real ones, just this tight” Paco twisted his two fingers to demonstrate how he and Cardo could now be.

“Alright!” Cardo agreed.

“Thanks a lots!” Paco hissed as Cardo helped him up and sent him home.

Cora wanted to know why Chuchu was called Onyok and she recalled that Miguel’s friends earlier called him Cardo but Jerome told her to wait for Miguel to return and explain.

Speaking of the devil, he appeared with Paco and Paquito. Alyana quickly hugged him as Jerome called him Cardo.

With no hesitation, Cora queried Miguel what he had been keeping from them and he finally voiced out the truth. His real name was Cardo and Chuchu was Onyok. He came to Cebu not to look for his wife as that was also a lie. The police were after him that was why he came to Cebu.

“Wait the police are looking for you?”

“You are a criminal?”

“Yes Amado… but I was framed and sent to prison.” Cardo asked them to trust him. Jerome introduced himself as a cop and reaffirmed what Cardo said while Alyana also introduced herself as a journalist and Cardo’s girlfriend.

Paco defended Cardo as he came clean with his plots against Cardo which backfired and Cardo even saved him after all that he did against him.

“You’re alright dude” Paquito thumbs up for Cardo “a cool guy!”

Cardo pleaded with the couple and asked them to keep the secret between them. Isabel began asking about Cardo and Daniel wondered why she was searching for him. Romano was unhappy with how Daniel was addressing his queen and warned him.

Daniel blew an alarm that the Chairman had to watch out for Cardo and his closeness to Isabel. Chairman said Cardo was Isabel’s guard. Gener assured that Cardo was trustworthy.

Alyana and Cardo were alone outside. The visit made Cardo feel like Joaquin had done something evil against his family. He swore to take the law into his hand should Joaquin hurt his family. The reaction of Cardo made it difficult for Alyana to reveal what Emilio did against Cardo’s dad. She assured him that his family were safe. Jerome together with Amado, Cora and Paco appeared.

Amado assured Cardo that he was safe with them but Jerome was worried about Paco’s friends who had seen that Miguel was Cardo. He was scared that they would get the policeĀ  after Cardo. Amado assured to protect Cardo while Paco also asked Cardo not to worry, they would shield him from the cops.

Romano split the money among his allies and Ramil was not interested. Romano said he had kept his shares since he wanted him to be in the group. Daniel insisted on Romano to give Ramil his shares since the group was better without him and his fugitive friends.

Ramil wondered why Daniel was against him but Romano said what matters was how he sees Ramil. To him, he sees Ramil as brother but Daniel said his brother was Arwin not Ramil.

The family gathered around one table to have dinner. Paco and Paquito appeared. Paco pretended not to be interested in joining the table. Cora saw the strategy and called them over to eat yet Paco wanted to play gentle but gave up on his gentility when his son joined the table.

Amado told Jerome and Alyana how Cardo helped to provide a shelter for them and gave them money to start a business. Later, Jerome queried his fugitive friend on how he got the money to help the couple. Cardo came clean with his job and said he only joined the syndicate job to gather evidence against Joaquin and Emilio. Jerome told him to be careful.

Delfin was hinted on the night operation by the drug syndicate and the Taiwanese. After fishing out the information from Borja, Roy informed his allies and Joaquin called Romano to stop him from their scheduled trade of the night. Romano’s camp delivered the message to the Taiwanese and they fled.

At the CIDG’s office, Billy reported that they went on the operation and did not meet anyone but saw a money which meant that the syndicate were tipped off. Carreon, the infiltrator acted so innocently and even asked questions.

Joaquin called Romano to thank him on behalf of the Taiwanese but Romano said the Taiwanese should be grateful to Joaquin instead. Joaquin explained that he gave Romano the tip off for the sake of their partnership and asked for fifty-fifty shares of their transaction.

Romano told Isabel that if not for the fact that he needed Joaquin at the moment he would have finished him off for demanding fifty per cent of the shares. Isabel believed the fifty per cent shares also made Joaquin the leader.

“There’s only one leader and that is me!” He pulled Isabel to him and they made l*ve. Alyana and Jerome bid Cardo farewell. after the tearful goodbye, Alyana turned back from the boat to hug Cardo. She pleaded to stay with him even if she had to cook and sell to be with him, she would.

She explained that the moment she steps foot in Manila her parents would sent her away and would never set eyes on Cardo again. Jerome then decided to leave alone, assuring Cardo that he would take care of his family back in Manila.


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