Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 172

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 172 Carreon makes Jerome a target of Joaquin’s next evil act

At Delfin’s office, he complained about an infiltrator among the CIDG and suspected Joaquin. Carreon promised to investigate. Delfin said from a reliable source he was informed that Joaquin was among of a bigger drug syndicate.

Carreon doubted, saying Joaquin’s name might have associated with a syndicate due to Tomas’ history but Delfin insisted that what he was saying was true and he trusted his source.

“For now you are the only one who knows about this and should stay that way,” Delfin tells Carreon.

“Thank you sir and I promise to keep an eye on Tuazon.”

“But for my peace of mind I really need to know if your source is reliable.”

“I need to know!” Carreon insisted.

“It was Cardo Dalisay,” Delfin revealed.

“He called to inform me about this!”

So you know where Dalisay is sir? the infiltrator retorted.

“He didn’t tell me. The only thing he said was that he was really certain that he can get evidence that will help us prove his accusations against Tuazon. So he can finally clear his name.”

That night, Cardo and Alyana spiced up their relationship in making up for their lost times. Cardo played the role as poet reciting how beautiful the moon was having a goddess body by his side and he caressed her face.

He pleaded for making her caught up in his chaotic life. Alyana who never gave up on her search for Cardo advised Cardo not to allow their love to suffer due to his issue.

“Despite what’s happening you are my life,

You still stayed loyal to me.”

“I can leave everything behind just for you Cardo,” Alyana assured.

“All I ask from you is that you l*ve me, and be faithful to me.”

“Yes I promise you that….

I will always be faithful to you and I will always l*ve you.

And I am going to keep this promise,” Cardo reaffirmed.

The next day, Alyana called Jerome to thank him. Jerome asked when she would inform Cardo about Don Emilio being the k!ller of Pablo. Alyana believed it was not the right time. She was scared that Cardo would go after Joaquin and take revenge on him, which would make their efforts in finding evidence to set him free become useless.

Carreon the “info-traitor” revealed everything Delfin said to Joaquin. Jacob was certain that Borja knew more but had failed to tell Carreon everything even though he trusted Carreon. He proposed that Joaquin gain someone who would always be by his side as a means of beefing up their security.

Rigor was on the neck of Jerome to admit that he was with Alyana. Alyana did the laundry and wanted to help Cora to cook for Cardo.

After the Taiwanese business, Romano received another deal from Joaquin which was from Chinese, a bigger deal. Ramil advised Cardo against going after Isabel. Julian had noticed that Isabel was interested in Cardo and it would be difficult for Cardo to resist a $e×y girl like Isabel. Cardo assured that he would never be tempted, he knew what he was doing.

Jacob introduced his most trusted henchman, Fidel to Joaquin and henchman showed his capability. Fidel was a notorious henchman who has worked for Jacob and has k!lled several cops for so many years.

Joaquin was ready to exceed the amount Jacob was paying him if only he could obey his instructions while working for him. He gave Cardo’s picture to him and told him they might run to him one of these days and when they do, he should bring Cardo to him.

Romano asked Ramil to trust him once their business with the Chinese become successful he would give him his shares. Daniel insisted on Romano to give Ramil’s shares to him since he always complained. Another said Ramil wanted to betray chairman that was why he wanted his shares but Romano doubted.

Alyana tried to fish out where Cardo worked from Amado. Amado said Cardo was working at a furniture export company that was only what he knew. The kids later thanked Alyana for being a good teacher as their grades in school was good.

A neighbour asked Cora if Alyana was not the reporter from Manila which they always saw on television but Cora did not give definite answer.

Onyok sold at the market to help Cora. Paquito sent the sales he made from the polythene bag he was selling. Paco saved the money and promised to find a job and save more money to enrol Paquito in school.

As ordered, Cardo followed Isabel to see her sister. Isabel’s sister did not know the actual job of Isabel. Isabel was sacrificing to cater for her sister and her schooling to ensure she get a bright future.

Cardo was impressed by Isabel’s selfless action. He said if her mother was alive she would be proud of her. Isabel said she would save money to establish a business and get married to Cardo.

Cardo had a call from Alyana and after they said they l*ve eachother, Isabel was disappointed to know that Cardo had a girlfriend. She said she was the jealous type and flirted with Cardo.

Ligaya’s mother was happy with the market and she said she would pay Cardo for lending her money. Amado was also grateful to Cardo for all his help that has contributed in them having a better life.

Ligaya’s mother also thanked Alyana for teaching Ligaya for her to get good grades. Cora had little chat with Alyana to know more about how her affair with Cardo started.

Alyana fed Cora’s ears on how Cardo and her started as cat and dog and followed him for a scoop. Later they got along and realised they even knew eachother when they were kids and she fell in love first.

As they returned from a visit to Charlie, Isabel gained a diamond from her sugar daddy. Ramil advised Cardo once again as Isabel’s interest in him was getting obvious.

“Be very careful Cardo you will start a war if you mess with Isabel.”

After turning his brother’s head against Cardo concerning his woman, Arwin spied on Cardo and Isabel while the latter was seducing Cardo at the pool. He went after Cardo and accused him of having an affair with Isabel behind his brother.

Paco was working extra to gain money in enrolling Paquito to school so he went to negotiate with someone to borrow his tricycle. The person was even shocked with how the once notorious warmonger has changed. Paco said someone inspired him to change, he saw his former gangster friends and hid behind some barrels to listen to his friends who were plotting against Cardo to gain the bounty.

He quickly ran home to inform Amado and Cora. The two planned to hide Cardo when the police come after him. Amado suggested that they put their heads together to find a proper way to support Cardo .

Cardo relayed the information of his altercation with Arwin to his friends and Julian advised him to watch out.

Following Alyana’s orders Jerome visited Teddy and his wife to inform them on Alyana’s whereabouts, adding that he was there with Cardo. Later, Teddy spoke with Alyana and she said she was safe being with Cardo.

She revealed how Joaquin threatened her life, hence her decision but Teddy was worried since Cardo was a wanted criminal who could expose Alyana to much danger when caught.

In making their drug syndicate job goes smoothly, Carreon was poised to get Cardo’s location to make Joaquin’s job easier. He decided to use his office he held to compel Jerome to voice out the hidden place of Cardo after discovering that Jerome knew Alyana’s location in Cebu.

Joaquin might have pulled a fast one on Romano when he said the CIDG Manila in conjunction with CIDG Cebu were haunting all drug lords so their business with the Chinese investors should be done in Manila. Romano of course had his own doubts about Joaquin but had to play along for the sake of their partnership.

Carreon kept tailing and spying on Jerome with his gadgets to get information from the conversations Jerome engaged with people. Since they were not hitting on their target, Joaquin asked Carreon to use threats and torture to squeeze the truth out of Jerome.

Carreon possibly could not give in to Joaquin’s demands since he had reputation to protect but Joaquin hangs up on him.


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