The Way To Your Heart Episode 50

The Way To Your Heart Episode 50 Dante and Onay take revenge on Helena 

At the restaurant, as Onay left Lucas and Maila alone to go to the washroom, Lucas said he did some wrongs in the past and had to correct them.

He had a call and when he excused himself, Helena walked out with her allies. Onay was also coming, immediately she set eyes on Helena Onay recalled everything Helena did against Dante and Maila. Onay wanted to confront her but Lucas dragged her to an available room to talk to her against what she intended doing.

Maila talked to Nelia to update her about the outing, after the call Oliver also called her. Helena went back to her seat searching for what she lost, while waiting for the waiter to present her phone. She felt like seeing someone, so she turned but her view was blocked.

Agatha came there and Helena was startled. Agatha asked her why she was acting like she had seen a ghost and she said she indeed saw a ghost in the form of Onay. Agatha retorted that it was impossible to see Onay in such classy restaurant.

The waiter brought what she was searching for and they left but Lucas covered the Matayogs up for Helena not to see Onay and Maila.

Onay and Maila were at home informing Nelia about meeting Helena in the restaurant they went. Maila asked if Natalie was among.

They slept but Onay was not asleep thinking about her daughter. She recalled how Helena got Dante arrested and later they were left homeless. She promised to take her revenge.

Dante saw her and she came out to meet Dante. Dante knew Onay was worried about Maila. Dante proposed that they avenge Helena for everything she had done against the family.

Helena stepped down to meet Natalie preparing for school and Natalie thanked her for making Maila’s life miserable and for helping her to gain her vision.

Helena said she was in a hurry so she would see Natalie after school. They embraced and Helena left. Unbeknownst to her, Dante and Onay were keeping eyes on her and tailed her.

Lucas sent Maila to school and the later was grateful to him for enrolling her back in school. Lucas said Maila was a brilliant student and would ensure she gained the necessary education even without scholarship.

In the car, Helena called Agatha and told her she was on her way. Her driver informed her that someone was tailing her. Helena watched but she said it was probably nothing.

At school, Maila noticed that Natalie had regained her vision and had started schooling, Maila was so happy that Natalie’s condition had improved. She wanted to share her happiness but got close to realise Natalie wished her bad and they were the reason she lost her scholarship.

Maila was so hurt and Kiana told her that she already knew Natalie and her wickedness. Maila was hurt that Helena could do that against her.

Meanwhile, Helena found out that someone has written on her car that “You Will Pay  Helena.” She was hurt by the spiteful thing against her and wondered who could possibly have done that. She searched for her driver and the gateman to find out the culprit but to no avail.

Dante and Onay laughed at her, they lay left. Maila who was hurt saw Natalie approaching and she went after her. Natalie went to her favourite park of the school and took pictures with Wendy and Louise but their selfie was ruined by Maila who was hidden in the flowers to open a tap for the water to soak them up. Natalie who was claiming to be the campus queen was upset but did not see the culprit.

Later, Maila relayed what she heard to Lucas, feeling so sad for such a deed. Dante hatched up a new plan with Onay and Nelia almost heard  everything but they denied.

They followed Helena once more to a salon. Helena was at the salon for a new hair style for her upcoming event. Helena told Agatha that Onay did not scare her one bit. Dante said Onay should get ready for their next move. The favourite stylist of Helena was the one who attended to her.

Helena was there for her favourite hair cut treatment. Dante and Onay sneaked in and tricked the receptionist to get to where they could execute their plans. Dante met the one who was missing the hair chemicals for Helena’s hair and went to hide after talking to her to know who that product would be used on her.

As he got the chance, he missed other chemicals to the mixture the stylist apprentice has done and fled. The stylist apprentice had a call so she left for a while to make the call which gave Dante opportunity to implement his vile plan.

Maila recalled how Natalie blamed her for betraying her, also how she ran to her at Marichu’s bar to save her but she ignored her. She also recalled the earlier incident in school and cried.

In the house, Natalie took pictures and posted on social media, captioning it as “I am back.”  Maila commented so Natalie had a chat with her and the former threatened to expose all Natalie’s evil deeds so she should wait and see. Natalie was upset and even tried to rename the block.

The stylist applied the cream on Helena’s hair, suddenly some of her hair cut off, leaving that part of the head bald. She screamed and requested for mirror. She got upset that the hair has pealed off. The stylist said he would do something and she yelled that he should do something right away. Agatha believed someone was sabotaging her hair since yesterday it was her car and now her hair but Helena believed they used cheap products on her hair.

Later, Helena got home and informed Natalie about the unfortunate incident at the salon. Natalie wondered how she could go to the foundation event looking that way and she said she would tell everyone that it was her new look.

Natalie commended her mother for getting away with everything. She showed the dress she wanted to wear to her mother and Helena said she would look gorgeous. Natalie said she did not only want to look good, she wanted to steal the night and get everyone to watch her once she stepped in.

Lucas received invite from Agatha for the Happy Heart Foundation event which Helena was organising. It was an event done to receive donations to help less privileged in the Philippines. Dante was eavesdropping, he had his own plan to execute.

During the event, Helena learnt that a certain donor by name Lady Tower Heart was her top donor of the night and could not wait to meet her.

The MC made an address to spell out what the programme was about and said Happy heart Foundation was in it fifth year and their greatest donor of the night was Lady Tower Heart. The crowd applauded while everyone was waiting to watch that donor.

Meanwhile, Natalie’s friends wondered why she changed her outfit, all the same she looked good in the new one she was wearing. They also rushed in to see the rich donor who was arriving.


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