Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 219

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 219 Fierce fight erupts after two rebellion groups ambush a police convoy for Luis Mangubat

At Dalisay’s house, Amanda and Gedong arrived while Cardo asked what brought them there. Amanda brought him food since he did not show up at the eatery. The kids were stunned staring at Amanda and listening to her conversation with Cardo. Amanda blackmailed Gedong to do what she told him otherwise she would not be his friend.

Gedong apologised, claiming he beat Cardo up and was sorry for his act. Cardo laughed and accepted his apology while he shook hands with him. He offered to ride them off. Alyana served the kids food and gave some to Wali to send home. Dang told Alyana to teach her how to prepare spring rolls. Alyana then told her tales about how she used spring rolls to win Cardo’s heart.

The family began to tease Amor by pairing her with Paco. Meanwhile, Capili called his ally to inform him to wait for few more hours as Alligator would soon be transferred. The Pulang Araw team walked around to wait patiently while the men in black also matched their way to the location. At Camp Crame, alligator in police and military escort was sent into the car. As they went on a convoy to the National penitentiary.

“That fellow Mangubat is useless to us unless he begins to talk,” General Borja told Diana while on the road.

Diana believed he was protecting a powerful group but Catindig wanted to convince them otherwise. Cardo fixed his eyes on the convict while driving his jeepney with his guests.

“Cardo it looks like they are escorting VIP look at all those cops,” Paco wondered but he realised it was Luis Mangubat, a r3bel member. The two parties on the mission were alerted about the presence of their target but the black force began throwing b0mb$ at the middle of the road compelling Borja to call for a reinforcement team as they were losing their SAF men through the b0mbing.

Romulo was surprised asking desperately to know the person who fired. The black force kept on with their attack while Mangubat looked so cheerful feeling he was a step to escape. Meanwhile, Cardo and his guests seek for cover while Cardo trying desperately to protect Amanda. Jerome and Rigor who were patrolling received the info for backup and rushed to the scene.

Elsewhere, Alyana and the family were waiting patiently for Cardo for them to eat together. They were worried that Cardo might have run into trouble or saving someone. Alyana accepted that it was Cardo’s nature to help those in need and believed they only had to pray for his protection.

Cardo later got down asking Paco to take care of his guests. Romulo and his men were compelled to face the black force. The police also traded $h0ts with the black force. Alligator attacked the military men keeping him. Leon had a chance and he quickly went to open the door of the police van which Mangubat was in. He was about to run with him when he saw Aurora was sh0t. He quickly left Mangubat behind to Aurora’s rescue.

Mangubat then ran but could not go far when he got shot on the leg and was nabbed. The black forces were about to $h00t Romulo but Cardo saved Romulo by fighting with the black force. Catindig got scared, knowing what Cardo was doing would make him end up being exposed. He ran to fight Cardo, Cardo beat him off and was forced to brandished a g*n.

“Catindig don’t, he is my grandson,” General Borja rushed to save the day.

“I thought he is one of them,” Catindig covered up.

“SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay?” General Olegario was so happy to meet Cardo.

The news about the convoy which was transporting Mangubat to the penitentiary and got ambushed at the middle of the road went viral. Elmo scared the family when he said the street on which the incident happened was the regular street Cardo ply his trade on but Grandma Flora tried to calm them. Joel rushed to the scene after hearing the news. General Borja sacked Cardo from there and told him he would talk to him later at home.

Cardo sent Amanda home and were offered a lunch. Cardo asked Amanda to forgive him for taking the wrong route but Amanda said it was not his fault. Alligator was bed arrested at the police hospital since he sustained a g*n wound on the leg. The intelligence leader and CIDG boss tried to fish out from him the truth about the Pulang Araw and how they got to know about his transfer.

They also asked about the black force but Alligator said since they were good at their job why were they asking him. In Bilibid, Don Emilio vent his anger on Ladronio, claiming the money he has given him did not serve its purpose since he did not know what to do after begging him time and again to get him out of Prison.

“How many times must I explain to you Don Emilio, now is not the time,” Ladronio opposed.

“But when? When your hair has grown back?

I am telling you for the last time get me out of here or else…”

Director Ladronio realised Don Emilio was threatening him. Don Emilio retorted that he could always divulge the millions he had been given the prison director.

“I will tell everyone that we are partners.

Partners in crime, are we not?

or would you rather match my uniform?

I’ve been starting to think the orange also fit you very well.”

Ladronio walked out on him but Don Emilio assured his allies the method he would use to get Ladronio to cooperate.

Director Hipolito called General Borja to point accusing fingers at him and his guys for leaking the top secret of the transfer of Magubat. However, Delfin assured him that his men were trustworthy. Delfin suspected a traitor in their midst.

General Olegario arrived home and scolded Joel for going to the restricted area and wondered why. Joel said she already knew he wanted to be a military but Diana was against it since she feared he might lose his life just like his father.

At Mt Arayat Pampanga camp, Lena took care of the wounded members. Cardo got home and Paco ratted him out, leading Alyana to be upset with him for not thinking about his family. That night, Cardo apologised to her and they made up while Alyana expressing the pain of Cardo rejecting her food. The next day, She surprised Cardo and the rest of the men with happy father’s Day home party.

Alyana later left to work and Cardo left to work with Ricky boy and Paco. Elsewhere, the guys at the eatery informed Amanda about Cardo having a wife who was even a reporter. Amanda looked sad but later left the eatery to fight for the man after her heart.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga Romulo was bothered that the black force group got on their way, making it impossible for them to rescue alligator. He wondered where the black force came from and suspected them to be a group who were destroying their good name. He believed eventually they would find who they were.

In Bilibid, Mangubat was in his cell consoling himself after the encounter.

“Bloody Sun will never give up even if I am locked in here.

They will never give up. They will never abandon me.”

Later, Director Hipolito went to visit Mangubat at Bilibid only to slap the terr0ri$ts who was limping on a leg. He beat him up for failing to reveal the one who informed his group about his transfer.


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