Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 238

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 238 Bloody Sun takes revenge on the Enriquez for attacking Domingo

At Mt Karagao, Romulo gave orders to Homer to ensure the encroachers in San Isidro pay dearly for everything they did to Father, Domingo. At the Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, San Isidro, Miguel ordered the miners to increase the patrol team.

Meanwhile, at Lola Kap’s eatery, Alyana discovered that Sampson was beaten up but the guy failed to talk since his attackers who were present threatened him. Alyana went with Pinggoy to the Barangay office to report the incident and suggested to Counselor Gina to double the officers who patrolled the area.

She also suggested they engage the services of the police but Gina said the incident was minor one and the police should be allowed to deal with the bigger crimes, like kidnapping, drug abuse among others. Delfin spoke with Director Hipolito to inform him that they were doing everything possible to find Cardo and his comrades in order to fulfill his sworn duties.

“They are wasting their time searching for nothing, they won’t find what they’re looking for,” Director Hipolito told Manolo.

At Mt Karagao, Homer addressed the camp about the revenge mission and he chose his allies to join him in the operation. The two new friends of Cardo were having long faces for not being chosen by Homer. One said Homer hated them, meanwhile, they were the ones who encountered the encroachers.

Cardo said perhaps they were not good enough for the battle. Alyana told Pinggoy that what she was doing was part of her promise to Cardo to secure the family. She called Girona and Soriano to inform them about the mishapenings within her area and Girona promised he and Rigor would add the area to the lists of places they were patrolling.

Alyana believed those who beat Sampson up were the same people who attacked Paco at the parking lot and compelled him to pay money. She also told them that there was no update yet on Cardo.

Counselor Gina scolded one of her guys for attacking Sampson. She was scared that such issues would make them gain bad publicity in Alyana’s scoop. She warned that if she falls into hot waters they would go along with her. Gina told the guy that he was not in trouble due to her but warned him to be cautious.

At Mt Karagao, the members of the group were making merry. Viewing them, Cardo told Lena that the guys were happy but Lena said there were tears behind those smiles. She explained that all the members had lost a family, being it a mother, father, a child or a distance relative due to the affluent and the power haunters in the society. Cardo was in deep thoughts due to his lost son.

Elsewhere in the forest, Quinto replaced himself with Velasco when the guys were terrorising her to compel them to reveal the identity of Dalisay. They believed that Dalisay was a threat to them and wanted them to talk.

Director Hipolito visited Diana with a bouquet and told Diana who had been asking the doctor for her discharge to continue with her duty to lay low and recover completely.

At Mt Karagao, as Romulo was assuring Anton that Homer and his guys would get rid of the San Isidro encroachers, he saw how jealous Anton was getting, seeing Lena being hospitable to Fernan. Lena wanted to feed Fernan with a corn but it was hot so Fernan was blowing air on it, making Anton grew in fury while Romulo stared Anton in discomfort.

At San Isidro, Enriquez complemented Miguel for how he has learnt everything from him but prayed they would not use their lives to protect everything they had worked so hard for. Miguel assured that he would protect everything his father has secured with his sweat and would not hesitate to fight for his father’s safety.

Manolo after meeting and confirming Renato’s involvement in securing the life of Olegario, he pledged that:

“I will find out what you are hiding from me Hipolito, I will be one step ahead of you.”

Homer and his allies got drunk and promised to make Enriquez and his men taste his sting. At San Isidro, Miguel told his father that their profit kept increasing, more reason they had to do everything possible to secure their territory. Sebastian suggested they forget about the r3bels since they had not heard anything from them.

Enriquez said that was more reason they had to be afraid of the group since they did not know their intentions. Miguel suggested they go after them but Enriquez said they did not know their hideout but the r3bels had known their hideout all those while.

Fast forward, the gang beat Quinto, making his SAF comrades cried for what they were doing to their friend. Alyana taught Dexter Mathematics, soon, Marikit went for him. After Dexter said he wished to be the son of Cardo, Alyana remembered Ricky boy. At Mt Karagao, Homer and his guys left for the war.

General Olegario spoke on phone to make Manolo took charge of things during her absence. Manolo told her he was doing everything to find the master brain, meanwhile he was checking on the profile of Hipolito. General Olegario was later discharged from hospital and Hipolito was there with her. As he was about to declare his real intentions of helping her and securing a safe house for her, Gaspar intruded.

Sebastian ratted out the workers at the quarry who were expressing their displeasure about Miguel and his father and the manner they treated them. Miguel beat the worker mercilessly for inciting other workers against him and his father. The worker explained that one of them was seriously sick and was coughing blood but he could not ask for leave to seek better medical care due to how they were treated.

He only wanted them to be treated well but Miguel kept beating him, calling him ungrateful. Meanwhile, Fernan expressed regret in the revenge attack. He was scared that some of the Bloody Sun members would lose their lives but Lena could not do anything about it.

Homer and his guys reached Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, San Isidro. They ambushed them and hid within the sands. Enriquez left to do a business transaction with some foreign investors, leaving Miguel in charge. Enriquez was however scared that the r3bels would launch an attack on them.

“Let’s them try to step inside our territory, we will bury them alive,” Miguel assured as his father built hope in his son to entrust everything to him.

At Mt Karagao, Emman and his friends were playing and with his wooden g√n he attacked soldiers in his play but Cardo told him that the soldiers were not the enemies. Anton overheard and almost engaged in fist fight with Fernan. Lena intervened and later apologised to Fernan for Anton’s behaviour.

She seemed to like the broader way Cardo thinks and believed he would be a good help in raising Emman and the other kids after Fernan said the kids should not be involved in the fight. Elsewhere, the hostages found a glean of hope as they believed Dalisay was looking for opportune time to save them. Dela Paz gave Velasco a pocket knife to defend herself once Homer tries to have his way with her.

Homer and his men stayed at the mining sector up to the night and threw the grenade to launch an attack on the Enriquez workers, most of them fell to the explosion while Miguel looked on wondering what was happening. Homer and his allies began firing.


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