Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 239

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 239 Jerome and Rigor lock down Gina’s gambling den and arrest her workers, Anton threatens to k!ll Fernan

At the Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, San Isidro, sh00tings preceded after the b0mb. Miguel’s men and Homer’s men exchanged sh0ts. Homer cornered Miguel and the two engaged in fist fight till Homer gained the upper hand to use Miguel as bait.

General Olegario was discharged, she failed to accept the safe house which Director Hipolito has gotten for her. She said her house brought her memories of her son, hence would not leave the place.

At Mt Karagao, Anton rushed inside the hut to inform Romulo that he did a mistake of accepting Fernan and was quite sure that the “face” behind the Dalisay SAF uniform was his, with a reason that he scolded the kids. He explained that Fernan said the soldiers were not their enemies.

“I need you to calm down Anton, don’t be too quick to judge a person based on his opinions. He just have a different perspective regarding the war between the r3bels and the soldiers and besides, he is just new.”

“Look commander! I’m only warning you, I wanted you to know that I don’t trust him at all.”

“Is it possible Anton that you’re saying all of those things out of jealousy.”

At San Isidro, Miguel was held at a g*n point. Homer ordered Sebastian and his men to drop down their g√ns otherwise he would k!ll their boss, Miguel.

“Don’t worry I won’t k!ll you just yet because I need something from you,” Homer laughed at Miguel.

He took half a million from Miguel to spare his life. As Miguel ordered him not to return ever again, Homer issued a threat that he could have k!lled him but would spare his life and in return Miguel would have to give him half a million every month.

At Mt Karagao, Anton who was still not happy with the words of Romulo grew more jealous.

“Who do you think you are, stepping into our territory just like that?

You’re even planning to take everything away from me you better watch your back Agila

I will do everything to take you down myself.”

The group later cooked and Lena told Romulo that Fernan caught the big fish they used for cooking. Hearing his rival being complemented made Anton more furious. Romulo asked Fernan to sit by his side.

As they were patrolling the area, Girona and Soriano passed by Lola Kap’s place to check on Yolly and the kids. They went out only to find on their windscreen a chit indicating a place at 55 Bulcanera Street for them to go.
At San Isidro, Homer silenced his men, asking them not to reveal the money they took from the Enriquez and they split the money among themselves.

Diana Olegario told Gaspar, her driver that she could recommend him to a friend since she was scared of his safety. Gaspar declined the offer and said he would continue working with her, adding that she now needed him more than ever. Renato stated that there were many of them who would like to be by her side irrespective.

However, Manolo told his spy to be cautious as Renato was very smart. Manolo wondered why Renato was so close to his boss. He wanted to fish out Renato’s secret as soon as possible before the power drunk man take him on.

At San Isidro, Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, Javier returned to hear a bad news from Sebastian that they were attacked by the Bloody Sun r3bels. Javier pinned the blame on Sebastian for failing Miguel and allowing their weapons to be snatched by the r3bels. Miguel also told him about the half a million the r3bels took and the blackmail they issued.

He said he only gave the money since he had no option as their weapons were with the r3bels. Meanwhile, Flora was worried as Wally could not reach Paco. Wally believed that nothing would happen to Paco. During the patrolling, the counselor’s workers split ways with Paco and the latter bumped into Jerome and Rigor who were at the place based on the tip off.

Anton told Domingo, father that if by sunrise and Homer and his guys had not returned they would have to go to Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation. Domingo said Anton would go with Agila but Anton did not like it. Soon, Homer and his guys arrived to inform the group about their victory.

Jerome asked a favour from Paco to barge into the place. Paco wet in to discover that it was a gambling den. As Girona called him, he intelligibly revealed to him that the place was gambling den. Rigor called for backup and together with Jerome they stormed the place to arrest the gamblers for violating the Public Act 9187.

Director Hipolito forced Diana to take her medicines, that made her recalled her son. Meanwhile, Counselor Gina pretended that she knew nothing about the gambling den. She thanked Girona and Soriano for their good job. The next day, as Paco was revealing to the family how skillful he was in acting as spy, Gina got there to thank Alyana for calling on her police friends to patrol the area.

She tried to fish out the person who gave the police the tip off but Alyana claimed she did not know the person. At Mt Karagao, Anton formed alliance with Homer to bring Fernan down. Homer promised Anton that he would find information about Fernan.

In so doing he went to where the hostages were kept. Dela Paz who was sick as he had a fever became Homer’s target. Elsewhere, Gina unleashed her wrath on Wally claiming he was the one who ratted her out. She threatened to do worse against him if he dared to reveal her other gambling dens she owned. He made her guys taught Wally a lesson.

Fernan complemented Lena on how she raised Emman and advised her not to crush the future of the boy and strive hard to make Emman’s dream of becoming a doctor come to pass. Homer dragged Dela Paz out while Velasco swore that they would regret for what they were doing to them.

Homer terrorised Dela Paz to compel him to tell who Dalisay was. Dela Paz insisted that he did not know him and Homer could k!ll him. In granting what Dela Paz wanted, Homer dipped Dela Paz head inside the water for period of time. Paco found t bizarre that Wali had not touched his food. They compelled Wali and he finally revealed that Captain Gina owned the gambling den and was also an accomplice to that woman.

He said he was scared to reveal the truth as he did not know how Flora would perceive him to be. Flora was happy that he has now changed for good. At Mt Karagao, Anton called Lena to give him a moment to talk to her. Lena refused and Anton blamed Fernan for the sudden change of Lena’s behaviour. Lena warned him to refrain Fernan’s name from their issue.

Anton queried if she knew Fernan well. Lena admitted she did not know much about Fernan but Fernan had not hurt them in anyway. At Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, Miguel and his father visited the quarry workers who had abandoned the job with an excuse that they were scared that the r3bels would attack them.

Enriquez told the workers to return to work as he would protect them against the r3bels but the workers asked who would protect them against him. They made it clear that they were scared of them than the r3bels. Miguel got upset and kicked one of the workers.

At Mt Karagao, Homer sent Dela Paz to the cage and took away Velasco, leaving Quinto who was trying to defend the female trooper sad. Fernan wanted to speak with Anton but the latter said there was nothing to talk about since Fernan already knew he did not trust him. Fernan said the SAF uniform was not his if he was a SAF officer he would have reported them.

“Sure you would have but people say keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.”
Anton pointed a g*n at Cardo.

“Go ahead, if you really think I’m an enemy k!ll me.”

“I’m gonna call you a bluff Fernan!” Anton warned.

“Go ahead I dare you Anton, just sh00t me.”


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